Year End Round Up 09

I can't believe how fast time goes! Technically this isn't the 'end' of the year yet, but still it is since the TVB awards are over.

TVB Horizon's Hits!!!!!!

On December 10th TVB Horizon had reached 12 683!! I kinda missed the 10 000 but Thanks so much for all the hits guys xD I really appreciate for all the visits. Hope you guys will continue to come and support TVB Horizon!

*Bold and cross out are the series I've watched and finished.
*Half crossed out are the ones I didn't finish.
*Small ones that are not bold nor cross out are the ones I never started.

Hm, I think this year is ok but the surprise of EU and RB with Beyond made it became a good one xD I never expected EU to be good but it proved me wrong. RB...haha, I only anticipated for Wayne and never thought it to be such a great one! Beyond is kinda obvious so I won't comment xD

Other surprises also include A Great Way to Care and DIE Again. First of all, if you look at Great Way's poster you'd think it will be a really boring series like I did. But if you give it a try, it will become a pretty good one. I truly enjoyed it with the scenes between Raymond and Vivien and all the interesting cases.

DIE Again. To tell you guys something, when the prequel of it came out (DIE), I did not watch it until my sister made me. I didn't thought it would be interesting and that's also the same thing I did to the sequel, DIE Again. After reading reviews from others though, I changed my opinion and began to watch it. It was a great series with great comedy!

Haha, I haven't mentioned YH yet?? To me the series with Dayo in it is perfect xD Not to mention the lovely pairing between him and Charmaine! The story mostly revolves around them and not too much about other characters but they were just so cute together to complain xD Haha, great comedy between these two xD

Burning Flames 3 had a pretty good start but it drags on and on in the middle :/ The only thing I like are the fire scenes xD

I can't really remember much from Sweetness in the Salt :( Only the part where Raymond died!!

Man in Charge and Greatness of the Hero is consider ok. I'd say I like the Greatness of the Hero more though. The most touching scene to see in there was when Sonija got executed. Technically, she chose to die in order for Lee Heung Kam and Bernice Liu to live. It was so sad when she started to recite the poem of hers and Kent. I also like Bernice and Sunny cause I think they were cute together but Sunny's death was so...argh!!! They could could've made a better death!!!

Here are the final votes for the poll xD

New Polls Up!! Please vote guys xD


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