Awards Announcements!!!

TVB just held their award ceremony!!!!! I am happy with most of the results but not all though.
Here are the WINNERS!!!

Best Series: Rosy Business
Haha no surprise but a really deserving win xD I actually thought that TVB was gonna give it to Beyond! Lols, I am fine with either cause they're both great series which are quite rare for tvb xD

Best Actor: Wayne Lai
I am really happy that he won!!! After so many years in the entertainment circle, he got the Best Supporting Actor last year and now the Best Actor one too!!! I am definitely happy about it and supports him all the way!!! Go WAYNE!! xD

Best Actress: Sheren Tang
Like Wayne's I am not surprise to see her win xD At first I was a little bit nervous cause there seems to be a tight competition between her, Tavia and Charmaine but I am really happy that she won xD She really deserve the award!

Favourite Male Character: Wayne Lai
I am happy to see that Wayne won but I honestly felt Dayo should of won instead. Maybe cause Dayo's not contracted with tvb and that's why he didn't won :/ But I am happy for Wayne anyway^^

Favourite Female Character: Tavia Yeung
Lols, same as the fav. male charater, I was actually hoping for Charmaine (You're Hired) to win. Again, I am not upset with Tavia's win but then I also want Charmaine to win :/ Argh! I hate it when there are so many competitions in the nominee list!! Sometimes you just can't choose who to win when you like most of them! A hard decision to make but either way, I am happy for Tavia to win the award!

Best Supporting Actor: Michael Tse
Haha, after the hype of Laughing's role and the movie too!! No surprise again xD He was also the one I chosed to win this award because I feel he really deserves it to! Yay!

Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse
Happy to see her get the award too xD This catergorie seems to have alot of competition like Susanna and Michelle. I don't know why tvb but Michelle in this catergory! She won the BEST ACTRESS last year but now they're demoting her to supporting!! Argh, nevermind.......back to Susan. Her stares in Beyond just scares/creeps me out xD A deserving award!

Most Improved Actor: Pierre Ngo
I thought that it was between Pierre and Raymond to deserve this award so I was fine with either of them winning^^ Pierre had indeed improve in his roles! He mostly played evil role which makes me hate him, but luckily only his character not 'him'. His roles are mostly evil and I wished that he'll be able to have some 'nice' ones in the future^^

Most Improved Actress: Aimee Chan
I actually wanted Sharon to win but I kinda knew that tvb was gonna give it to Aimee.


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