The Exorcist's 2nd Meter: Ma Gwai and Thalassa

The name Thalassa came from the Greek meaning, "the sea". She is the goddess of the sea. I tried to look up more information about her but there is not much. It is said she take the shape of the sea itself, which was shown in the drama. Furthermore, she was blamed by humankind because of the dangers of the sea. You can read the brief summary of her here (

Back to the drama, we were first introduced to Thalassa (Zoie Tam) when Tsz-Yeuk (Mandy Wong) got transported back to see what the life of an exorcist's wife is like. At that time, the exorcist went to sea to fight Thalassa but never returned. In the end, the wife "went to find him" by jumping into the seas. Fast forward to the present time, Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) bumped into Ms. Law (Zoie Tam). She is always drunk when he meets her and is constantly saying she is waiting for someone. They soon developed a friendship.

As we get to know more about her, it is revealed she is Thalassa who took the face of the exorcist's wife back then and has been waiting for him because they never finished their battle back then. Lastly, Ma Gwai turned out to be the reincarnation of the the exorcist she has been waiting for for 700 years. This lead to their final battle in episode 25.

The anticipated battle was lackluster as it showcases nothing from Ma Gwai's side and very little from Thalassa as well. I was expecting a fight but that wasn't the case. When Ma Gwai could've drive into her and 'win' the battle (which would've been lame anyways), flashbacks of them spending time together came up and he just couldn't do it. In the end, she decided to be the one who loses and gave up her powers to him. As she said, she wants him to be the one who remembers her for the next 700 years this time. When you think about it, I think this continues with Ma Gwai's curse. His friends and family will continue to leave him and he will never to be happy. He will always be alone.
In conclusion, Thalassa HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL to be more than what was given to her. In particular, she has a very powerful ability. Everytime she hums her song, it would compel humans to act on their greatest desires. The tune is so addictive! It's interesting how Ma Gwai was never affected by it though? He was usually with her when she hummed it but acted normal. While others, like Bear Bear, were greatly influenced. I was hoping that this would turn out more exciting so it's a pity she had to disappear in the end.

Hubert Wu: 凡人不懂愛 (Mortals Don't Know About Love) Dance Cover ft Mandy Wong

Moon Lau recently collaborated with Kayee Tam to sing one of The Exorcist's 2nd Meter's subsong, "There is Love (原來有愛)". Now, there's a dance cover by Mandy Wong and Hubert Wu! It's interesting to see these collabs between the cast members. In particular, it was refreshing to see a dance cover because we don't often see that at TVB. While I feel that their dance moves didn't really fit the mood of the song (I was expecting a more romantic dance), I did enjoy it. So I am hoping to see more in the future!

The Exorcist's 2nd Meter - Bear Bear's Closure

Bear Bear (Moon Lau) finally got her closure in episode 20. Despite the fact that I felt her story was dragged out, I'd say that her ending was well done. I like how Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) finally ACKNOWLEDGED HER FEELINGS. He did know about her feelings but it always felt like he was trying to rub it off because he did not want to face the situation. In their final scenes together, we can see the relationship (on his side) is a bit deeper than just friendship but not to the extent of lovers. Here are some specific scenes I'd like to comment on:

Bear Bear: "This world is fake...but the feelings are real. In reality, this will never come true. She's already dead, can't she continue to dream?"

Bear Bear's last wish is to to spend a day with Ma Gwai as the girl he loves the most. To make it come true, she asked Tsz-Yeuk (Mandy Wong) to lend her her human body for a day. Tsz-Yeuk agreed and Bear Bear was able to spend a day with him. For some reason, the time they spent together kept on rewinding. After he realized that things kept on repeating, he thought it was this ghost (played by Jeannie Chan) who was trapping them inside. He was about to exorcised her when Bear Bear stopped him.

Up to this point I did not realize that Bear Bear was the one who created this alternate universe. Later it was explained she was affected by the water demon, which caused her to act on her greatest desire and that is to stay with Ma Gwai. She did not want to leave him and gladly, he played dumb and went along with it until the very end.

Bear Bear: You can say we are both the same.
Ghost: No, I feel like you're much more unfortunate than me.
At least he remembers me and I can feel it. But when you're beside Siu Ma, he never knew that it was you. He does not truly love you. Right now you're just using someone else's identity to stay with him.
If you never wake up from this dream, is that eternal happiness or an eternal punishment?

That last line by the ghost HIT. To be with someone you love is a blessing but what if you're just a replacement. If Bear Bear was not in Tsz-Yeuk's body, would it still be the same? It's hard to love someone who cares for you so much as friend but can never see you more than a friend. It's heartbreaking. It hurts. And moving on is almost impossible because you want to stay by their side. Sigh, it's a cycle of sadness and tears!

Bear Bear: There's something I want to ask you. I want to you have any...just a little...very little...feelings for Bear Bear?
Ma Gwai: I don't have the right to love her.
Bear Bear: Does that mean love or no love?
If I did not caused her to die. If she is still alive...bickering with me. If she still rides my car every night. If I knew her feelings earlier. I would have cherished her and give her happiness.
Bear Bear: Then that means its not fated.
If only we can go back in time and start all over again.
Ma Gwai: There's no if in reality.

Since the beginning, we all believed that the one Ma Gwai loves the most is Tsz-Yeuk. Bear Bear also knows this as well. While this was established in the first season, I don't think it was a strongly presented in this season. I personally felt that his relationship with Tsz-Yeuk in here was more like friendship (from his side) than the infatuated love in the first season. That is why this episode made Ma Gwai's feelings even more unclear! As he said, he didn't realize how important Bear Bear is to him until it's time for her to leave him. I do not think he said it to be nice but did he mean it romantically or like a family member? So confuse.

This scene was so touching and emotional. You know for sure by the end of this scene, everything is over between Ma Gwai and Bear Bear :(

In conclusion, I think Ma Gwai doesn't really feel love any more. Tsz-Yeuk is more like an old friend/memory and Bear Bear is a question mark. Maybe it's because he lost too much in the first season and he knew that he can no longer love anyone due to the curse in the previous season. On the other hand, it may be just the writers failing his character cause he has zero development ON ALL DEPARTMENTS. Either way, I'll choose to believe that he feels like his character cannot love any more because that's what he has been saying.

The Exorcist's 2nd Meter - I Can't Forget About You 我未能忘掉你 by Hana Kuk

One of my favourite character from season 1 is Bear Bear (Moon Lau) and she remains to be my favourite in season 2 as well. Maybe due to her popularity in season 1, she got a pretty hefty screentime in season 2. I don't want to say that it draagged, but it definitely dragged. Despite that, I enjoyed every time her story shows up. You can feel how much she does not want to leave and it hurts to know that her feelings for Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) will not be reciprocated.

I have done a few posts on Bear Bear already and will do one more, but before that I wanted to say how much I LOVE Hana Kuk's subtheme. Whenever a sad part of Bear Bear's story was onscreen, this song was in the background! AND it HITS every emotion strings! I think one of the charms of the first season is the quality of their songs and the second season definitely does not lack in that department either.

I Can't Forget About You 我未能忘掉你 by Hana Kuk

If anybody have the English translation to this song, please let me know!

The Exorcist's 2nd Meter - Bear Bear's Parents

I don't think I have cried so much before! This episode evoked so many emotions and that's big credits to the actors who played Bear Bear's parents.

Starting off, we were introduced to Bear Bear's (Moon Lau) parents. We see how heart broken the mother is and she went to confront Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) about it. On the other hand, the father wanted everything to go on as normal and ignore Bear Bear's death. This has put a strain on their relationships and they were ready for a divorce.

At this point, Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) appeared and the father began to reveal more of his emotions. We got to see how much Bear Bear's death affected him. He would often turn on the tv in hopes of seeing her and re-listen to her voice mail. After punching Ma Gwai, he broke down and turned towards to his wife:

Husband: Dear, we can never be like before...
Wife: ......let's end it here.

*both walks off to the opposite direction*

This scene was sooo well done! The way they separated off and the background music, everything was was perfectly done. Bear Bear's death did not tear them up individually, their relationship was no longer rectifiable. Literally broke my heart.

Initially Bear Bear thought that her death did not hurt her parents that much but after witnessing how her parents have become, she realized she was wrong. The reason why they never hold a funeral for her is because it was hard for them to accept her death. This episode helped the parents resolved their final wish, and that is to see Bear Bear get married. The father was able to hand over his daughter to the groom and they were able to see Bear Bear happily "leave". 

I feel like this story arch could've made a good ending for Bear Bear but in the end, Ma Gwai is her sole purpose for staying and so it does not just end here.

The Exorcist's 2nd Meter - Thoughts on Bear Bear and Ma Gwai

 One of our most beloved character returns in The Exorcist's 2nd Meter! Moon Lau plays Booi Booi Na/Bear Bear, an aspiring reporter. Now she is staying in the real world to continue to work on her dream and to stay by Ma Gwai's (Kenneth Ma) side. There were so many chances up util episode 18 where they could have finished her story and help her move on, but she could never leave because of Ma Gwai.

In this scene above, we have Bear Bear questioning if she should let Ma Gwai go or not. To him, she isn't as important as his mother, Ho Jai (Hubert Wu) or Dr. Chong Tsz-Yeuk (Mandy Wong). Despite that, all she wants is to stay by his side. Love is interesting isn't it? Bear Bear is completely devoted to him even though she knows he would never be able to reciprocate her feelings. It can be seen as foolish but soooo relateable! LOL

On the other hand, Ma Gwai is always looking Bear Bear to help him and just wants their relationship to be as it is. In one scene, Ho Jai confronted him about this issue. Ma Gwai knows that Bear Bear is unable to move on to the next world because of him. So if he truly wants her to be happy, he needs to understand that their current relationship is not ok. I guess you can say Bear Bear's behaviour is enabling him to act that way because it is also her choice to stay beside him. Base from how things are going, I am foreseeing a very tragic ending for Bear Bear. She will probably sacrifice herself for Ma Gwai somehow.

Yes, go and reflect sir. She will die for youuuuu!

The Exorcist's 2nd Meter - Thoughts on Ma Gwai and Ho Jai

Like with most TVB sequels, things are just getting messy. Too many characters, underdevelopment of old characters and a scattered plot. I have watched up to episode 18 so far and while I am still invested, I still have to fastforward some parts. There is actually so many things I want to talk about but first off, let's talk about Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma), Ho Jai (Hubert Wu) and their mother (Susan Tse).

Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) - Ma Gwai has become such an irritating character and it is so unfortunate to see that because I was expecting a much more grounded person after Shek Gam Dong sacrificed himself. The drama did start off well as we see him investing a lot more time and effort into becoming a demon exorcist. Unfortunately after episode 8, things went completely downhill and his character got thrown into the background. Furthermore, his constant fights with Bear Bear and Ho Jai made him more dislikeable as you can see he is solely focus on himself and his needs. In particular there was one scene where Ho Jai purposely drove Bear Bear away, he asked Ma Gwai why he is constantly holding her back knowing that he cannot return her feelings. I was like, "OMG YESS LIKE WHY." I can't even deal with Ma Gwai. What is it about him that could make the people around him care for him so much?! He is so whiny.

Overall very poor character development. I wish we got to see more of him building his superpowers, but it just ended up as a big family quarrel.

Return of Ho Jai (Hubert Wu)
Ho Jai returned to aid Ma Gwai in his missions. Contrary to Ma Gwai's, his character arch is very intriguing to watch. He drowned as a young kid and when he was able to "escape" the depths of the water, he was unable to return as it turned into a curse that he needs Ma Gwai to help break.

It was sad to see a child return home and realizing he is dead. He deeply cares for Ma Gwai and his mother. He never blamed Ma Gwai for anything and solely just wants him to care for her. While I found the present parts between Ho Jai, Ma Gwai and their mother rather annoying because it dragged until at least episode 18, I really enjoyed the childhood flashbacks between the three.

I became especially invested in Ho Jai through the flashbacks and am intrigued to see how he can resolve the curse. Though I can see why Ma Gwai wanted the family to reunite so badly, isn't the curse just a tiny bit more important right now? Ho Jai already explained to him that because of the curse, he could easily lose control of who he hurts and that is why he did not want to reunite with his mother. So why spend 18 episodes to drag out that story instead of focusing on the curse!?!? Smh. Can't even deal with all of this.

Draggy Storyline between Mother and sons - What a mess. Dragged on for 18 episodes. More screentime for Susan Tse and that's good, but tragically annoying. I was so glad to see the family issue resolved in episode 18. Now there will be time to focus on other stuff.

[Comments] TV Awards Presentation 2017

Best Series
"My Ages Apart"

Comment: I am glad that 'My Ages Apart' received the award. For a 50 episode drama, I was pleasantly surprised at how it remained entertaining until the very end. It was quirky, comedic and engaging throughout the whole drama. I remember laughing out loud at a few parts of the series and honestly, I have not done so with a TVB drama in awhile :) The whole cast also gave a great performances with a group of endearing characters. I personally loved Moses and his random spurts of English, along with Paris' ditzy but pure-hearted character. The trio of Bobby, Moses and Louis was also a charismatic bunch to watch whenever they appeared together.

My memorable mentions for 2017? The other hot contestant for best series in the media was 'The Exorcist's Meter'. Honestly I would've been happy if this drama won as well. While 'My Ages Apart' kept me entertained on every episode, the latter was endearing, emotional and managed to pull a few of my heartstrings. In particular, the music scores in here were especially memorable.

My personal runner-ups for this year would also include 'Destination Nowhere' and 'My Dearly Sinful Mind'. Kristal Tin and Kevin Cheng were just great in their roles in 'Destination Nowhere'. Honestly, Kristal Tin performance in here should've earned her the Best Actress award as it was phenomenal in my opinion. As for the drama itself, story was engaging and the anticipation to see how it would unfold was rewarding. For 'My Dearly Sinful Mind', I found Kenneth Ma's character so odd with the obsession over his girlfriend's death but rather enjoyable as he began to find more clues to his questions. Grace Wong's character in here was especially intriguing to watch and was probably the highlight for me.

Anything else? I did not watch 'Tiger Mom Blues' or 'Legal Mavericks', where both series were very popular as well.

Best Actor
Vincent Wong ("Legal Mavericks")
Comment: I did not watch 'Legal Mavericks' and so cannot comment on Vincent's performance in here. On the other hand though, he has been a very capable and dependable actor so I am very happy for his win! Personally a fan hehe :D

Special mentions for this year? Moses Chan in 'My Ages Apart'? I personally loved him in there and thought he did a great job. After so many bad roles, I'm so glad to see him taking on a more interesting role. He does so well in roles that has a mixture of comedy and drama.

Best Actress
Natalie Tong ("My Unfair Lady")
Comment: Wait what? I thought she was a supporting actress in there? It is so sad how few real contenders there are in the Best Actress sector, whether it's this year or prior years. Kristal Tin hands down got my vote for this award.

Most Popular TV Male Character
Kenneth Ma ("The Exorcist's Meter")
Comment: Yups, can't argue here haha

Most Popular TV Female Character
Sisley Choi ("Legal Mavericks")
Comment: Interesting...was her character popular from here? My personal favs are Moon Lau in 'The exorcist's Meter', Grace Wong in 'My Dearly Sinful Mind' and Ali Lee in 'My Ages Apart'.

Best Supporting Actor
Joel Chan ("The Unholy Alliance")
Comment: cool

Best Supporting Actress
Rebecca Zhu ("A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch")
Comment: I just can't anymore....I am not happy with any of the female recipients this year.

Most Improved Male Artiste
Mat Yeung ("My Dearly Sinful Mind", "Bet Hur", "Love and Construction", "All Work No Pay Holidays (Sr.2)")
Comment: Interesting...he've been acting way too long for this award I think haha. Was definitely expecting Matthew Ho cause there was just so much rave over him.

Most Improved Female Artiste
Mayanne Mak ("Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2017", "Sammy on the Go", "Line Walker: The Hunting Game", "TVB Anniversary Gala")
Comment: Who is she? Q.Q

Most Popular TV Partnership
Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho & Matthew Ho ("A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch")

Most Popular Series Song
到此一遊 ("The Exorcist's Meter") - Hubert Wu
Comment: I have it downloaded onto my phone so yes, I approve of this award haha

Global Netizens Favourite Series
"The Exorcist's Meter"
Comment: yehhhh

***List of awards and recipients credit:

Over Run Over: Vincent Wong's and Tracy Chu's Confessions

(Long overdue post and more to come cause I absolutely fell in love with this drama haha)

Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu is absolutely adorable together!  Their relationship did not reach its romantic point until the last few episodes, but it did not feel rushed at all.  From foes to friends and then into something more, I personally really liked how their relationship spanned out through the series and how it remained on the sideline without distracting the overall plot.  Despite that though, their romance became the most touching element of the series.  It's been awhile since tvb managed to tug my heart like how they did in Over Run Over and lets say, I am genuinely surprised.

Vincent isn't perfect, like k-drama perfect but he still caught my heart and obviously, Tracy's as well.  The two started off as bickering enemies but was forced to work together to find the black cop.  As the two work together, Tracy is beginning to see him more than a friend:
Tracy: Yes, he has a foul mouth, is sneaky and messy...but he also have a kind heart. He is very good to his brothers, a filial son, a devoted man. Because of you, he is willing to do anything. He has given up a lot. Men like him are rare nowadays, if you've found him, you shouldn't let go. 
Christine: If you say he's that great, why don't you take him. 
Tracy: If I have a boyfriend like him, I will definitely cherish him.
The level of awkwardness that Tracy is feeling...7/10.  It's an indirect confession haha.

Tracy's engagement day and Vincent sent her a necklace as an engagement gift.  The necklace is the one that day spotted at a shop before where the clerk mistook them for a couple.

First off may I say that Tracy looked amazing in the white dress!!  She is super pretty!!  It's rare to see her smile cause she is always so grumpy in here, but she smiled so happily when she saw the necklace :)

Since she sensed that Vincent is in danger, she headed over to him instead of her engagement party.  During the conflict with the black cop, an explosive knocked Vincent and Tracy down.  In critical condition, Tracy hauled Vincent back to the power lines before the midnight in order to travel back in time and save him.  On the way back, she reveals how important he is to her.

Back to day 1 (time travelled back), Vincent ran straight to Tracy to tell her he loves her.

This is probably one of the cutest scene, especially since he ran to her in his pyjamas :D The smile on Tracy's face was so genuine and expressed how much she loves him.  Haha they're both adorable together.

[Thoughts on Episode 1] Click Link Here