Happy Halloween^^

At my place right now.....TODAY is HALLOWEEN!!!! Haha, the time of the year where you get free candy^^ *sigh* Sadly, I'm not going trick-or-treating. Why? Well, I don't like the cold and honestly, I don't like to eat candy too much. Of Course I like CHOCOLATE!! But I don't eat it too much either :/ haha, I prefer icecream^^

Wish you guys a happy and safe Halloween xD

Random Photshop.....Again

Haha, remember the post for Steven's B-Day?? I just saw some pics of him (with Fala and Linda) and I really like it. Hehe, mostly seeing him pairing with Linda and Fala now right?

Nomination Lists

Best actor:
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business
Moses Chan - The Gem Of Life
Dayo Wong - You Are Hired
Wong Hee - Burning Flame III
Kevin Chen - Burning Flame III
Bosco Wong - Burning Flame III
Roger Kwok - D.I.E. Again
Gallen Lo - Born Rich
Ray Lui - Born Rich

Best actress:
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Charmaine Sheh
- Beyond The realm Of Conscience
Tavia Yeung - Beyond The realm Of Conscience

Anita Yuen - Born Rich

Jamie Chik - Born Rich
Kenix Kwok - Born Rich
Teresa Mo - Off Pedder

Sonija Kwok - D.I.E. Again

Liza Wang - When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny west

List credits to R.E.D @asianvn

I know it's a little late putting this list up :/ Since I think everybody would've already saw it. Anyway, when I looked at the list..........Rosy Business, You're Hired, and BF 3 are the only series I've seen :argh:

Anyway, I'm not so sure who I want to won yet....well I kinda know, but still quite unsure since I haven't seen BR. So currently.....Best Actor I want is either Wayne or Dayo. Not really a surprise right? Chai Kau got pretty famous so I'm really thinking if tvb's gonna give him an award. It's probably this or the Favourite Male Character one. Hmm, for me, Dayo would fit into 'My Favourite Male Character' more^^ So I wish Wayne should get the Best Actor one xD

Hmm, 'Best Actress'. I think the highest people to get the award is between Sheren, Tavia Charmiane and maybe from BR. Since I haven't seen BR, I'm not so sure and only one 4 eps of Beyond :/ But I'd be happy if Sheren win though^^ I think she deserved it xD

The list is kind of dominated with Beyond's and BR's cast. Haha, no surprise though xD Since this list isn't finish yet, I'm wondering who's gonna be added? I can't wait to see the nominations for the other catergories xD

Beyond Ep.1-4


Hey guys! Haven't been posting for 2 days? Ugh, lately our english teacher decided to do a scary story contest. I still haven't finish it cause I absolutely have no ideas. Sad how a contest is mandatory T.T

Haha, back to the happy things xD I just started Beyond the Realm of Conscience!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo!!!! Haha, it's really great, but I'm watching it really slowly.....since it seems forever for the subs to come out :/ And.....the website where I usually watch from is....GONE? I'm not so sure....I think the forum still exsist, but I just can't seem to find it!!! If anyone knows anything, the site is called 'PhimWorld'.

*sigh* Anyway, I'm gonna be telling you guys a bit of Beyond xD So.............SPOILERS!!!! Please don't read if you haven't seen it. I'll try to not spoil too much though, just my thoughts?

First of..........the story is mainly focusing on Charmaine so not too much Tavia :/ But at least I really like there sisterhood ;) It's sad how they're gonna become enemies later on :(

Charmaine also met Kevin and Moses. Not too much of Charvin so far, but I think that the story between Charmaine and Moses is quite sweet. I feel really sorry for Moses though. Seperate from his mother since young and have to pretend.......

Surprisingly, the story that I'm most interested in right now is the story behind Susanna and Michelle. They would show-off in front of each other, and there seems to be a problem between the 2 of them. I'm guessing that they were sisters before (like Tavia and CHarmaine) but something happened (?) I really wanna know what happened between the 2.

P.S. I'm not sure if I'm able to get the pics done by the end of the week, but I'll try. Hopefully though.

Haha, tomorrow's gonna be Steven's B-Day!!!! (Oct.26) He's one of my favourite actors in tvb xD I really can't wait for his new series (when is it realeasing!!!??!!!!) Legend of Pu Songling, A Watchdog Tale, The Stars of Love, and Transferred Connection Temptation. I also like his personality too^^ .....(no, I haven't met him :P) Haha, it's just from the articles I read about him and seeing his blog xD I just kinda sum up all those things and I just think he's a really kind person.

Legend Pu Songling - Out of all the series, I'm looking forward to this one the most xD Guess it's maybe cause of the cast?? Haha, I love both of Linda's and Fala's costume. I think Steven's singing the themesong for this xD I really can't wait to hear it!! I remember loving the themesong of A Journey Called Life, where he sang with Linda!!!

Haha, I'm really wondering who's he gonna end up with!!! There's gonna be a love triangle between him, Linda and Fala right?? He look so sweet with both of them (in the pics) and I love both of them too, so I don't really know who I want him with T.T (I know, I'm thinking abit far ahead..)

A Watchdog Tale - Argh!!! TVB postponed this series 2 times!!! I've seen the trailer in mandarin and I really can't wait for this series to air!!! Hehe, I only remember seeing Steven act as a bad-ish guy once in Better Halves. I can't wait for his role in this one xD

The Stars of Love - Ok, really anticipating for this one cause the story really interests me.....and....TAVIA!! Stevia didn't have a good ending in Land of Wealth and only an ok-ish one in Sweetness. Really hoping Stevia will get a better ending in here xD

There's was a clip on youtube where they saw Tavia and Steven filming in Disneyland! I can't wait to see that scene xD

Transferred Connection Temptation - Haha, Fala, Yoyo and Steven's gonna be having a love triangle in here! Hmm....even though I'm not excited for this series as much as the others, I'm looking forward to Fala's and Steven's pairing in here! I've seen some new article for their filming, and there's some really cute scenes between the 2 of them xD BTW, I LOVE Fala's hair xD

Pics Credits: tvb.com, Simply FungYi....and other

More Photoshop @_@

Haha, did more photoshop-ing xD

Votes IN!! xD

Ok, the voting has ended^^ And I'm gonna be drawing the top 3.......and gonna be coloring them too^^ So the top 3 are....................................

3rd Place - A TIE :ha?:

Love Bond and HSDS 2000^^

Haha, I kinda guessed that Bermo's gonna make it in xD A famous pairing there xD And I'm glad the HSDS made it in^^ I REALLY love Gigi's costume, so I really wanted to draw it xD And Charmaine's is pretty too xD Like her color blue costume best^^

2nd Place - War of In-Laws :inis:

Haha, I'm gonna be drawing Bosco in the costume with the mask xD I LOVE the parts where he get jealous of Myolie liking the "mask guy" better than her "husband" xD

1st Place - FORENSIC HEROES!!!!!!!!! :inlove:

Haha, the famous team from Forensic Heroes!! I was so sad that this team was torn apart in Foresic Heroes 2. (one of the reason why I stopped watching it) Haha, I can't wait to draw them together again xD

I'm just wondering if anybody have a pic for the full costume of Myolie in War of In-Laws, Charmaine and Lawrence in HSDS, and of Bermo?? It would be a great help if you guys can give me a link to those pics. Thanks in advance xD


1) Kingdom Yuen
2) -Have 3 sons
-Forced to abandon her third son
- Husband married a second wife
3) -Phoenixes

More Banners

Haha, I was just making more banners xD I'm playing more in photoshop more then before


:antok:Haha, today I was bored in french and decided to draw xD At that time, it was near lunch time and I just oddly wanted a cookie! Haha, I love the drawing where she cried xD My french class is all about work.......so that's why tears are there xD

:sobrakana:STRAWBERRY!!??! Haha, despite the angry face you guys see, I LOVE STRAWBERRY!!! I espeacially LOVE strawberry smoothies *stare* and strawberry cheesecake *drools* Haha, anybody else like them beside me? (I should start a food category to post about food xD )

Poll: End in 2 days guys xD

As mentioned before, TVB Lighting Ceremony was held. For pics please visit Hyn5 (sorry, have to finish my math hw, so no time to post them myself :tsk: )

Good night everybody :sleep:

Random Banners

As previously stated, I wanted to make a new banner.................but while on photoshop, I just got distracted and did random ones. I did finish the one that I wanted to put up though, and it is Beyond the Realm of Conscience themed.....but don't really wanna put it up :tsk:

...Anyway.....I'm just gonna show the ones I 'randomly' made^^ Haha, hope you'll guys are gonna like it xD

Technically, the one with Raymond (big) was the first one I made......but then I thought it looked a little crowded, so then I made the second one. Personally I like the second one better. Which one do you guys like better??

Ok, I'm seriously obsess with Linda's new hairstyle xD I just LOVE it xD and that's why I made this banner. Hm, it just seems a bit plain though. Haha, but I still like it xD

Ok, total randomness on this one. I just saw the pics and was only playing around with them until this popped up xD Haha, I really like it too xD


TVB Awards

Ok, recently there have been lots lots articles regarding who's gonna be winning tvb 'queen' and 'king'. I'm extremely excited for the award ceremony which is gonna be held on December 14 (2 months away :wala: ) But then the Lightning Ceremony's gonna be tomorrow xD (hopefully I'm right) Haha, can't wait for the pics to come out xD But personally......I don't know the differences between the different ceremonies.....

EDIT: tvb award ceremony is actually on the 4th (I accidently added a one and changed to 14 :hilo: )
Finally the weekend came!!!!!!!!! :puppyeyes: I'm really sorry for being busy all week:sorry: Hmm, let's do a recap of some stuff I originally planned a post for.......

Recap 1 - The Poll.....Thanks for all the votes so far guys xD Haha, seems like most of the votes are going toward the Forensic Heroes team! I've decided to keep the poll up until next week (cause of my wonderful 3 day weekend xD) So remember to vote if you haven't yet^^

Recap 2 - You're Hired.....I know, I know, this series have finished a month ago?? I think.....but sadly I barely did any posts on it, even though I LOVE it ::( Luckily I did do an mv xD and here it is^^ Hopefully you guys will like it, since this is only my 2nd attempt to make an mv, it's not that good :ha?:

Recap 3 - OMG I forgot!! .......The 9th of October was Roger Kwok's b-day, but somehow it totally escaped my head that day, so now I just wanted to wish him a HAPPY BE-LATED B-DAY!!!!!!

Recap 4 - Go to the sites for clips, pics and other stuff xD
Born Rich Official Site!!!!! ---> http://programme.tvb.com/drama/bornrich
Beyond's Official Site!!!!! ---> http://programme.tvb.com/drama/beyondrealmofconscience

Recap 5 - Linda's MV :inlove: .......I LOVE her new song xD Hehe, would anybody like to translated what she was telling him on the papers/book?? Cause I really wanna know what she wrote to him :sigh: Thanks in advance^^

Recap 6 - Raymond Cho's B-DAY.....I really love Raymond! I think he's a really great actor, too bad his roles are really small :sigh: Eh, anyway...has anyone seen A Great Way to Care??? His role in there was great :inis: Considered kind of...well.....bad, but you would actually pity him more...... Anyway, his b-day was on the 16th!!! HAPPY BE-LATED B-DAY RAYMOND!!!!

Recap 7 - GUESS THE SERIES........OMG, how long have I forgotten about this???
1-Bernice Liu
-Ran away from an arranged marriage
-Took another's identity
3-A really long series
4- (jade stamps)

Recap 8 - New Banner??? ......I'm thinking of a new banner right now....but then I really like the one right now too:waaah: Hmm.....guess I would try to make one a decide to change it or not later??

Recap 9 - HMM.....I guess that's all guys! Lately I just don't know what to post, since my interest with tvb is highly at risk of being gone! *sigh* Hopefully Beyond's and BR's airing gonna help me :argh: