Linda's Fans??

I'm sure you guys have heard of Linda Chung's Fans forum. Recently, it has launched a site where all fans can upload Linda's media files. There, you can see Linda's videos that the members had uploaded, and of course you can also join too^^

Since I'm also a Linda fan, I'm happy that this site was created and decided to share this news with you guys, but I haven't joined yet=__= Definitely gonna join soon though, so you'll probably see me there soon too xD Even though I have no media skill, whatsoever, I'll just be there floating around xD ...haha...

Click the pic to go there^^ ---->

School's Back!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, September is here, and school is back xD Haha, half excited and half depress. Hmm, guess it's a good thing though, since I haven't been doing anything @__@

Anyway, the banner is just a bunch of photos put together representing 'friendships' which is the main reason that I like school xD The 'Ready..Set...Go!' thing was really random, and it really has no reason.....Also the leaves represents autumn, which is actually my favourite season, tieing with winter. It's one of my fav. season becuase I like the wind^^ and the colourful leaves too xD

Haha, there's also Bernice at the side as the photographer. Then Bosco, Linda, and Raymond getting excited for school!!!!! Yay...

The Comeback Family Costume Fitting

Title: The Comeback Family (tentative)
Genre: Modern
Cast:Ha Yu, Shirley Yeung, Toby Leung, Sammul Chan, Christine Ng, Benz Hui, Pierre Ngo
Info: The story is about a man who remains optimistic when facing the financial crisis.

Info Credits: Asianfanatics
Picture Credits: takungpao, baidu,

This post will be edited when I find out more.....

Thoughts: Not exactly excited about this series.

Series No.17^^

1)Sharon Chan
2)-bad childhood
-Knows how to play the guzheng (chinese harp)
-long-lost brother
3)Fighting (kung-fu) series


Drawing (You're Hired)

Ok, after drawing the picture for Tavia and Ron, I began to like drawing again^^ Before that pic though, I haven't drawn since March???

So I began to draw human portraits...yah, that's what I think that's what they're called. The first one, I wanted to try and draw Tavia....and actually hope to post it on her b-day turn out to be an epic failure T__T I kept on redrawing and redrawing it, but I finally gave up today *tears*

Since I gave that up, I decided to draw more cartoons^^ and the first idea I had was Dayo and Charmaine in You're Hired^^ I really like them in You're Hired even though I've only watched 3eps. but this comic is just something I made up, not relating to You're Hired storyline, just their characters. Not a very good one though........beginning to get bored with drawing again =__=

No shading either -_-

Random Wong He and Linda Pic.

Well, came across these pictures at Linda Chung's forum and thought of posting them here^^

"Awww..this pic looks really sweet xD Doesn't Linda look cute in here??!!!?"

" Haha!!! Wong He is wearing a wig xD Now he have the same hairstyle as Linda!!! ....LOLS...."

Pics Above Credits to: , SIEW WAI at Linda Chung's Forum

---------------------Other pics (random search on goole^^)----------------------


"Hmmm, I guess these pics are taken while filming 'Across the Boundary of Exploration'?? Not quite sure. But I know the guy with the black hat is Raymond Wong!!! Haha, I didn't know he was in the series^^ which he IS... ..I began to like him after A Great Way to Care, so is looking forward to seeing him in here^^"

"Ok, I think that is Kingdom Yuen in the 1st pic in the pigtails??? Haha, she looks really funny there with Wong He xD And the 2nd pic looks cute too^^ I think Linda and Wong He are trying to make the puppy dog faces xD They are both cute!!!"

Pics Credits to their rightful owners.
From 2009







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Ok, haven't been on for the last day(s)....Reason is because my interests in the series were turned off (sorry for not replying the tags :( ).....but now it's on again!!!! Mainly because of 'Beyond the Realm of Conscience'!!!!!! Haha, got so excited when I saw KristyKream's message of seeing Beyond's trailer on Hyn5's blog xD

My power is all charged up now that I saw the trailer xD Even though I didn't understand what they were saying....but still loved it!!! Just can't wait to see it xD *faints*

Haha, that also inspired me to look for more series trailers on Found 4 more.

These trailers are in Mandarin. (I think)

Born Rich ---->

Beyond the Realm of Conscience ---->

A Watchdog's Tale ---->

Beauty of the Game ---->

In the Chamber of Bliss ----> (think Chamber's is the same as the old one in the sales presentation, but can't remember.)

Credits Tudou, hyn5

1) Beyond look soooooo good xD
2) Why can't Watchdog's Tale air instead of Chamber?? I was really looking forward to this series!!! But not mainly because of Linda though, but actually Steven xD I really wanted to see his character in here!!! His character in here is going to be totally diff. from the others he did before (beside Better Halves)
3) Beauty of the Game actually looks pretty interesting...
4) Is really looking forward to Born Rich too xD

Tavia's Cameo Roles

Was actually suppose to post this a few days ago, but was quite....well..lazy. Yup, that was the reason....*cough* A-hem, annyywayyy.....I've got some pics to show you guys^^ These are the screencaps which I've captured (beside one) when Tavia were cameos in different series. Of course I didn't got all of it, but only a few series.

Finding her in them was really tiring +_+ My eyes almost popped out when I was on the last one. If you guys are wondering if I just naturally saw her in the series or would be a not. I actually went to wikipedia to see what kind of cameo she played in the series, and only chosed the ones I've seen before to search for her.

Tavia is in the white box:

The Dragon Sword and Heaven Sabre: Tavia plays as a nun in here. Ok, I hope you guys can recognize Tavia in there, since it's actually pretty hard to tell too. Anyway, this series was the one where I almost gave up to search for Tavia, since I only knew that she was a nun and there were way tooooo many scenes in here with nuns!!!! I was sooo happy when I found her, which I thought at first was impossible =__=

The Legend of Lady Yang: Tavia played as a maid in here. Actually, at TVB Musings, Metal had already had a post of Tavia being in here and that's why I kinda got the idea of which scene she was in.

The Legendary 4 Aces: Can't remember exactly what she played in here...ehh, my memories is going blurry now, but I think she wanted to be one of Nick's wives or something.

Gods of Honor: Sorry for the blurry picture. In here, Tavia plays as a concubine, who only has one line..... (this was actually the series that I naturally saw Tavia in wayyy before I started this blog. First time I saw her, I was confuse.....because I didn't know that she played cameos before. I kept on rewinding it until I was confinced that it was Tavia)

Pic. Credit:
Street Fighters: Ok, don't know what Tavia lays as in here since I haven't watched the series. I actually found it at