The Last Steep Ascent Thoughts 2

So I said on my last post that I'd talk more about Joel Chan's and Samantha Ko's character here you go!
Boss Chai (Joel Chan) is an arrogant business man, whom view himself as the number one of Canton.  Of course that description does not justify who he truly is.  Even though he may look down on people, he's not all that bad as he's only being frank.  Even though he is a man of great status, he still knows how to acknowledge those that he sees talent in and truly values them.  Boss Chai was the reason why Miu Tin (Moses Chan) got given the chance to transform from a country bumpkin to a well-known manager.  

In fact, Boss Chai can also be depicted as a man of a great sense of brotherhood.  Even though Miu Tin left him, he still treats Miu Tin like a brother (underneath all the mocking anyways...).  Lols you can say that he cares for Miu Tin, but just denies it because Boss Chai is all about "saving face".  It's something that I really like about him x)

Especially during the scene where numerous businessmen were bad talking about Miu Tin and Sun Yuet (Maggie Cheung), he stepped in right away and told them to shut up :P  Basically, I can pick on him but if you do...I'm going to kill you.  Lols like a big brother.

Another scene that I found to be very cute is the one where Miu Tin brought Boss Chai a "present".  At first, I was kind of confuse...but it eventually cleared up.  Not wanting to show everybody that he's not mad at Miu Tin anymore (don't want to lose face), Boss Chai played "hard to get" haha.  He refused to see Miu Tin, who've been waiting downstairs for a while.  So that's when Madam Yim (Samantha Ko), Boss Chai's third wife, acted as a mediator.  Madam Yim is a woman that likes to flirt with others, but only for fun, and both her and Boss Chai knew they never gets mad at each other, which I personally find very sweet.  I also like her alot because she doesn't act "traditional" but at the same time, is a very nice person...not the typical kind that turns slutty.

Miu Tin asked her to pass on the gift to Boss Chai, and intentionally spoke in a loud voice to let Boss Chai know what he's saying.  He said, "I, Miu Tin have yet owe Boss Chai another favour etc".  Haha Boss Chai still refused to go down but instead, was standing nearby his door to listen to Miu Tin :P  Of course, Miu Tin knew that haha.  How cute are they?!

The reason why Miu Tin said that is because it was Boss Chai who referred a big client to Ho Ching Tong (the declining Chinese medicine shop that Miu Tin switched over to).  This basically saved Ho Ching Tong.  

Hehe guess what the gift is?  It's a board/banner that said, "Number one in Canton".  Miu Tin just knew Boss Chai so well :P  Even though they may be competitors in business, Boss Chai generally respects those who he knows are worthy of the deceased boss of Ho Ching Tong.

To wrap this up, Boss Chai and Madam Yim basically acts as the comedic relief of the series :)  Hehe that is why I'm very happy to see them onscreen!  

Vincent Wong Singing

After reading, Vincent Wong Has An Extraordinary Eye For Beauty, I was curious in Vincent's singing since I never knew that he was a singer before. So I searched up some of his songs to share it with you guys! hehe...

This video was uploaded back in it's been awhile.
I like this song, but I wish Vincent's hairstyle was different :P Haha I chuckled a little looking at it x)

Judging from the quality and the hairstyle, I'm just going to assume that this video is newer than the other two...personally like it the best too! Love the melody :D Though I admit I like the girl's voice better :P Haha can you guys spot a really weird expression Vincent made though? hehee.

War of In Laws 2 - sub theme
Sang by Myolie Wu and VINCENT WONG!!! I never knew that o.O

Am I personally bias against duets? I think so because I also really like this song!!:D

Live Version

Vincent Rapping?

LOLS!! Omg...haha. I am no fan of rapping :P He sings a non-rap song later in the clip though.

[News] Kenneth Ma gets High at the Bar & Girls Surrounding Him,

Kenneth Ma has been in the industry for 12 years and rarely had any rumors. His list of rumored girlfriends only switches back and forth between Margie Tsang and Nancy Wu. Kenneth's good boy image left a deep impression on audience and plus he has been frequently given important roles in the recent years, which gradually help his career grow. Since Moses Chan was taken by Aimee Chan, it's no wonder Kenneth is now seen as the last 'best deal' within TVB.

Since Kenneth broke up with Nancy two years ago, he hasn't had any new girlfriends. His ex-girlfriend Nancy recently made her new relationship public, but Kenneth is still a lonely single man. Many of his good friends are concerned of when this 'best deal' will be able to settle down, therefore often arranges him to go on blind dates. On Friday night, Kenneth was spotted at the bar in Kowloon Tong with a bunch of friends and meeting girls.

That night reporters spotted Kenneth sitting near the corner of the bar surrounded by four girls. The funniest moment was Kenneth still maintained his good boy image at the bar, as he avoided alcohol and only had lemon tea the entire night. During the night, girls of all ages approached him, there were some matured women, middle-aged women and some young ladies. Kenneth seem to have enjoyed himself that night and chatted happily with the group. Then he even took out his phone to take pictures with them. At one point, Kenneth even danced in his seat to Psy's Gangnam Style. The girls around him were laughing loudly.

At 1am, everyone paid for their own drinks and left the bar. Outside the bar, he politely gave the girls goodbye hugs and then picked up his car at the nearby parking lot.

Kenneth Ma explained today: "Actually, an old classmate from Vancouver came to HK. She hasn't been back to HK in over 10 years, so we had a friends gathering. She already went back to Vancouver, but I was happy to see the report. It was the first time I got followed like that, and I'm happy because they (the media) reported the truth. I really did only drink lemon tea, since I had to drive that night."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

LOLs Kenneth only drank lemon tea :P He's so cute! Hope that he can find his other half soon ;)

[News] Vincent Wong Has An Extraordinary Eye For Beauty

That day during the interview, a 'sick voice' was heard from Vincent Wong, but once the discussion topics unfolded, Vincent's voice started getting louder and louder. First topic was "beautiful girl". Vincent developed this discussion on his own...

"When I was young and there were a lot of girls around, I would only focus on their outer appearance -- if they looked attractive and if their body figure fit my standards? But when I matured, I began to think, just by looking at the girl's outer appearance is not enough. Girls with wisdom are even more beautiful."

Married a Beautiful Model

Saying Vincent has an eye for beauty is definitely not an exaggeration. His wife is Yoyo Chen, who is considered one beautiful woman. "It is such sunshine fate to be with her. Back then before I entered the industry, I already knew Yoyo was a very popular model. One day, I was on the streets and saw a poster, the girl on the Ad was Yoyo, who was less than 20 years old at the time. I was immediately attracted to her looks and qualities! I thought to myself, if such a beautiful girl like her could be my wife, that would be wonderful." Today, Vincent's dreams came true and after dating her, he had discovered Yoyo's inner qualities.

"Yoyo is indeed a girl with the good looks and wisdom. She is not only attentive in what she does, but also plans everything in detail. Also she doesn't get anxious when there are changes in the situation, she remains calm. Compared to her, I feel ashamed because I'm impatient. Fortunately we are opposites and it's really a match from heaven." That day, Vincent was performing in the musical Barefoot in the Park (辛辣人妻) and publicly proposed to Yoyo. She was so touched, she agreed immediately. The couple were married on November 11, 2011 (11/11/11). The couple made a life promise, "one partner for life". Marrying such a beautiful wife, what more can Vincent ask for?

"Siu Long Lui" Wong Jing Kiu Comes Into The World

"Happiness" is written all over Vincent Wong, but this is only the first half chapter of his perfect family. When Yoyo gave birth to a beautiful little princess (Wong Jing Kiu) earlier this April, their newborn made his relationship with Yoyo even richer. Her father's a handsome young man, while her mother is a beautiful woman. Little Miss Wong possess the qualities of both parent, how can she not stand out in public? Everyone, please write down this name, you never know, she may be the Miss HK winner 10 years from now!

When speaking of his daughter, Vincent sweetly said: "Her looks changes day after day, so I take pictures of her daily and capture her every move on video. It's truly amazing!" Vincent frankly expressed his parents had a business when he was young, and didn't have too much time to be with him. Thus, now that he's a father himself, he's grasping every opportunity and cherishes every moment to hug and kiss his daughter during these few years. Time flies, in a blink of an eye, she'll be all grown up.

Vincent's daughter is already 7 months old, but when asked of the most memorable moments? He said: "Till this day, the moment Jing Kiu came out of her mother's womb, it is still very vivid. This will be my Top One memories -- I accompanied Yoyo into the delivery room and videotaped the entire process. When I personally cut the umbilical cord, one cut at a time, I was so nervous, my hands started sweating. Yoyo held onto my hand the entire time and didn't let go, while I was on the side constantly supporting her. Watching my daughter come into this world, from not being able to make a sound, to crying out loudly, then to her little hands grabbed my finger, all these events touched me to tears..."

Since little "Siu Long Lui" Jing Kiu stepped into Vincent and Yoyo's life of two people, as the father, Vincent felt the responsibility on him was even greater. Whether to his wife or daughter, he has a lot more responsibilities. "Actually I had always thought I would have my own family and children. Today, it has all come true, right before my eyes."

Hard to Pull Out of Tiger Cub's Role

Vincent had an outstanding performance in 2010's TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey. He gained much popularity from the role, and was honored with the "My Favorite Most Promising Actor" award at the MY AOD Favourites Awards Presentation 2011. Also, his latest drama Tiger Cubs was well-received as well. In both series, Vincent played a police officer, but has he ever thought of becoming a police officer in real life? Vincent smiled: "I believe becoming a police officer is a dream job for many guys because in movies and TV series, they are always heroes with a positive image. I've considered going to police school and becoming a police officer too, but my family thought the job was too dangerous, so they didn't allow me." Vincent frankly expressed after Gun Metal Grey and Tiger Cubs, a lot more people would call him 'Ah Sir'. Because Vincent had gotten too into character with his 'Yau Chun Hin' role in Tiger Cubs, it was difficult for him to get out of the role. We can see how great of an interest he has for acting.

Hong Kong Style Love Songs Is His Favorite

In reality, Vincent's familiarity with music didn't start from acting, but in fact when he was working as a graphic designer, he was already humming to songs at his company. His colleagues also knew he could sing. Later when he was at karaoke, a manager at Neway Star, spotted him and took him in for auditions. In 2008, he officially became a singer and released his first individual album. After his contract ended, he worked at TVB8 as the host for a music program and recently he started focusing more on TV series. "All along, I thought my favorite music genre was R&B, but recently I found my true love. I actually like Hong Kong style love songs the most, like classic songs by the Heavenly Kings -- Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lau, Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung and many other seniors." As the 2012 Miss Chinese International guest performer, what song will he choose to perform? He said he will keep that a secret, but reveals: "I guarantee, it be a memorable performance." We will have to wait and see then.

Source: PLEM (Popular Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine), KuangaiTVB
Translated by: aZnangel @

Thoughts: Always liked Vincent :) He gives of a very likable vibe...and now even more lovable to see how he's such a caring father!! haha.  I personally see Vincent leading soon...he got the looks, as for the acting, he's alright too :)  ...lacking abit of..."onscreen presence" though?  Anyways, I like him so therefor support him :P haha

[News] Sam Tong Encounters Justice Pao

Francis Ng: "Went to a wax figure museum with Issac. Rare to see Justice Pao's statue. In one's lifetime, how many opportunities are there to take a picture with Justice Pao! Immediately became excited. When looking closely, this wax figure looks really familiar...looks exactly like that well-known TV actor...Tam Ping Man!"

Bobby Au Yeung: "This is obviously Bobby Au Yeung, not Tam Ping Man! [angry][angry]"

Bobby Au Yeung: "@FrancisNg You have recognized the wrong person! [laugh with tears][laugh with tears]"


Thoughts: LMAO xD I love Bobby so much!!!! Lols Francis hugging the "statue" and Ron touching his beard!!! :D haha nothing gets better than this!

Thoughts on...???

A totally random post out of nowhere :P  I didn't even know what I was writing about...until I started ranting :P haha.

Suddenly feeling all nostalgic after listening to the song. I miss tvb's old series so much Q.Q Especially the ancient ones. The ancient series tvb have nowadays are so pathetic that I shake my head each time one is created. Seriously! The problem lies within the costumes and setting (becoming so fake). (If they do put the budget in it though, of course they can produce some nice looking ancient series (The Confidant and Beauty at War).)

For next year...I think tvb is kinda shifting towards the pre-modern era? There are 3 or 4 pre-modern series lining up next year...and barely any ancient series. There are two "proposed" (may not be filmed in the end) ancient series in the sales presentation though:

-"Food for the Slaves" (Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Fala Chen, Susan Tse)
-"Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon" (Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Kenny Wong, Aimee Chan)

HOnestly, I doubt that tvb will film Cold Mountian Hidden Dragon...since the storyline seems a bit far fetch for the usual tvb series? (Kenny is a ruler from a parallel world, which Raymond and Kenneth play as assassins) omg...for those who haven't see the costumes, you should :P haha they're hilarious!!! Honestly, the costumes are ridiculous :P This actually reminds me of the sales presentation last year of Bosco, Ruco and Aimee (that did not get filmed in the end).  Kenneth looked so funny!!  Lols I laughed when I saw his hairstyle!!!  Honestly, I think it's their hairstyles...because the costumes for all of them looked fine...somewhat.  It's the hair.  Definitely the hair :P

I really want tvb to film a mythical series again....since Ghost Writer wasn't that bad.  But I guess they won't :P  Recent ancient series have always been involved with the palace and stuff....and I don't like that, because the hairdos of the ladies....looks exhausting, for their head and also for my eyes :P  I want an ancient fighting series, not fighting ( fighting from Devil's Disciples....=.=)  but actual fighting.  *sigh* Sadly there are not many female artistes who can pull off in such series, as they're more modern looking....

As for "Food for Slaves"....I dunno. I like the casting, but Ray looked so odd with his emperor costume!! lols I kinda laughed seeing him in it...but to be fair, not many people can pull that look off.  I really want Nancy to be in the fighting role though!!!!  Want her in that role I actually want tvb to film this Q.Q

Now back to the shifting to pre-modern. I just saw some filming pictures of Sonija's series and saw this picture!!!
Look at it the corner...there's a TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So sad Q.Q  That is no ordinary's Pun Sin's and Tsui Sum's tree!!!!  Click here to view another picture.  My point is....the pre-modern settings of tvb's is basically all the same =.=  There weren't so many pre-modern series I didn't really notice or care, but I dunno...I've come to notice alot more recently.  

Lols I think I just became exceptionally emotional seeing that started all this "rant".  

[News] Sonija Kwok & Maggie Siu Turns Down Role, Christine Ng Fills the Shoes

Sonija Kwok is currently shooting TVB's Lunar New Year series, Record of the Fifth Day Opening and TVB initially intended to cast her in producer Tsui Wing Hong's new series Transfer of Love Firm (傳愛事務所) co-starring TV Kings Moses Chan and Wayne Lai. The other cast includes Fala Chen, Sire Ma and Susan Tse. However, Sonija's daughter is her utmost priority, therefore she decided to turn down the series and spend her first Christmas with her daughter instead. Although TVB high executives personally called her to discuss the series, Sonija still politely turned down the job.

Reporters contacted Sonija, when asked if she turned down the new series? She admitted one of the executives did call her, but because shooting Record Fifth Day is already too exhausting and the filming schedule of the two series are too close, she decided to turn it down. She said: "I'm pretty tired, its getting better now though. Before, I was working every day. I considered my current situation, if I had a month off before I start another series, then that wouldn't be a problem, but since I can't physically handle it, then I don't want to be working like this." When speaking of the cast for Transfer of Love Firm are all good actors? Sonija said: "I know! It's a pity, every one of them are really good artists!"

It was understood, Maggie Siu was first casted in this series, but then Sonija replaced her and in the end, Sonija withdraws as well. Christine Ng ultimately 'fills the shoes' for the two actresses who turned down the series. Christine accepted a telephone interview and expressed: "Actually I don't mind how many 'shoes' I have to fill for, just as long as the role fits me. Also, there are TV Kings Wayne and Moses in this series. What more can I ask for! Fala and I are very close, she's in this series too, so I really want to be part of it."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Thoughts: Since I like Christine better than both of Maggie and Sonija, I was quite happy with the news xD haha. I hope she'll co-lead with Fala...pairing up with Wayne? :D Don't want Wayne to pair up with the younger he is with Natalie in another series....

衝上雲霄2 ("Triumph in the Skies 2") - Filming Pictures

Hmm...I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to this, but still impress that tvb decided to once again, film overseas.  Despite the negative news of Francis Ng's attitude and Chiliam's blast at the PA and such...the cast seems to be enjoying themselves :)