The Hippocratic Crush 2 - Episode 1 - "Be Safe and Sound, Mother and Child"

What happened?
Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma) and Yu Zai (Tavia Yeung) was suppose to meet up for Siu Yat's (Derek Kwok) and Ka Man's (Paisley wu) wedding but on the way there, Yat Kin encountered an accident. He got out to help the injured people, and since there were many involved in the accident, doctors were called back to the hospital immediately.

While this is happening, Lok Man San (Lawrence NG), medical expert at the hospital discovered that one of the patient at the hospital is infected with a mutated H5N1 virus. In connection to that, they have to find all the people that were previously in contact with that patient to test whether anyone else is infected. To our dismay, one of the potential people who could have been infected is a pregnant lady is one of the injured people at the accident and Yu Zai is in charge of her operation. Thus if the lady is indeed infected with the virus, she could also infect all the doctors/nurses that are operating on her. So after the the successful operation, all staffs involved is quarantined off before the results (whether the lady was indeed infected or not) comes out.

While Yu Zai was quarantined off, Yat Kin went to visit her three times:

Yu Zai: How come you're here?
Yat Kin: *takes off mask*
Yu Zai: Don't take it off! You may get infected!
Yat Kin: I miss my wife. I don't care.
Yu Zai: Silly.

Can Yat Kin be any sweeter with his words? Sadly though, they only managed to speak a few words before Yu Zai's phone went out of battery. They both looked so sad, which ached my heart a little.

The second time Yat Kin visited Yu Zai, they only spoke in charade-style. Yat Kin also had a book where he wrote in what he wanted to say. First off he told Yu Zai that they still don't know anything about the virus yet and asked her how she's doing. Afterwards, he flipped through a bunch of names of well-known celebrities, hoping to find a name for their son. It was cute of him to make Yu Zai laugh that way. When he flipped to the page that said, "I have to go," Yu Zai looked so disappointed! Of course being as sweet as he is, the page that followed said, "I will be back." That brought a smile back to Yu Zai's face!

On Yat Kin's third visit, they were still separated by a glass window and only spoke to each other using body language. Along with him, Yat Kin brought a cake and on there he wrote, "60th Day Anniversary of Yu's Pregnancy." Yu Zai was smiling so sweetly!! After showing her the cake, he lighted up a candle and told her to make a wish. Yu Zhai quietly whispered, "Be safe and sound, mother and child." At that moment, Yat Kin raised his hand against the window and the words, "Mother and child, safe and sound," was written on his palm. Yu Zai also raised her hand against the window over his. Damn! This scene was so emotional, especially with the way they looked at each other. To see them separated by the glass window ached my heart.

In addition to the events mentioned above, there's also another side story about an old lady (Suet Nei) and her chocolate addiction. Same old story from THC where the housemen felt regretful because they were treating the patient badly before she died blah blah blah. I think I would have been more sympathetic if I didn't find the lady so annoying. Aside from her, the housemen dude was also irritating. He's got such a foul mood, nowhere as likeable as Him's housemen character in THC. I felt that this story was unnecessary. It was only alright cause it involved a pretty sweet scene between Mei Suet (Mandy Wong) and Ben (Benjamin Yuen).

Overall Thoughts: Even though it's just the first episode, the drama was quite heavy! I don't mind it though, since it's about Yu Zai and Yat Kin. I especially liked how they use THC's themesong in the background and also as the ending song. It triggered so many memories of the prequel. Honestly, I still prefer THC's themesong over the new one.

So how are you guys liking THC 2 so far?  Leave a comment! :)

The Hippocratic 2 Banner Change!

Like many people, I am currently enjoying the reunion of Yat Kin Tau and Yu Zai!  It's great to see them together onscreen again and not to mention even more loving than before!  Episode one was good and surprisingly emotional.  Hope to share more thoughts with you guys later but as for now, hope you all like the new banner!


A light-hearted comedy about "sing lui" (unmarried middle-aged women). Heung Gwong Lam (Dayo) is a rich single man, who has a belief to be trendy, hot and handsome. He works as a creative director at a PR company. However, due to past experiences, he feels he's a bad man and feels a lot of sympathy for "sing lui", whom have been dumped by men and still haven't settled down yet. He decided to repackage these women and thoroughly change their way of thinking. He is determined to change them from "Left Behind Lady" to "My Prime Lady". One day, Sing Fa Lui (Kate Tsui), who had an 'one night fate' with Gwong Lam unexpectedly appears at the PR company as the rumored lover of the boss. She took advantage of the one mistake Gwong Lam made, and successfully climbed up to his director level, posing a threat to Gwong Lam's career. Unfortunately at this time, another "sing lui" (Sharon Chan) comes into the picture. This "sing lui" is troubled by love and feels a heart of guilt deep down. Gwong could only continue to help these "sing lui" get their life back together. After a long bickering battle, Fa Lui realized Gwong Lam isn't a bad man after all. Gwong Lam also discovered underneath Fa Lui's "sing lui" mask, she is actually quite sincere. It was just Gwong Lam didn't have confidence to commit to any woman. For her happiness, he decided to help Fa Lui become a perfect woman and market her out. (credit aZnangel@

The themesong is rather...umm...odd :P But I don't care, still love it cause it's Dayo! haha I am SUPER DUPER excited for this!! Honestly, anything with Dayo in it will be awesome!

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The Hippocratic Crush 2 - Kenneth and Tavia Cameo Appearances 13 years ago?

Hello my fellow readers!!  How long has it been since I blogged?  :(  For the past two weeks, I've been bombarded by midterms and essays!  First week I had like 3 midterms.  Then the week right after that, I had 3 essays due!  Gosh that was terrible.  Makes me hate October.  What's worse is that I only have a one week 'break' before more essays are due!!!  Then in December, it's finals again!  Not only do I hate October, I'm also beginning to hate November already.

Anyways enough complaints about school because despite all that, I still kept up to date with tvb :)  More precisely, Will Power.  I am really enjoying the series so far.  Loved the bickering between Moses Chan and Wayne Lai in the beginning episodes and their professionalism in court.  This 'law' series have much more court scenes then I expected and that is something I enjoy immensely.  The series pace is also nice, not too draggy.  On the other hand, I have not been watching Brother's Keeper.  Maybe I should start on it but really not in the mood right now.

Hmm...what else is there?  The Hippocratic Crush 2!!!!  Airing right after Brother's Keeper!!  I can't wait for the first episode to come out right now!  I initially wanted them to keep the original but after replaying the new song for so many times, I've grown so attached to it!  Especially loved how they kept the 'da di da da di da da' part!  Seriously I can just want to cry now! Wanna see it so badly!!

Oh also while watching the themesong, something just popped into my head.  As we all know, Kenneth Ma played alot of cameo roles before he got to where he is today.  So while rewatching one of Lawrence Ng's old series, 'Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000', I saw Kenneth in the background!!!  Hmm...another cameo appearance!?!? TAVIA YEUNG!  Yes, she was also in there!  Haha it's amazing how they are co-leading with Lawrence now after 13 years.  Both Kenneth and Tavia have made it far.

Hope you guys found this interesting ;)  I will be posting more cameo appearances of theirs.  Right now though, you guys can check out some of the ones I found before: Tavia Yeung's, Kenneth Ma's.