[Poke-fied] Him Law

I am bored and so this is what I shall be writing for my own amusement :P  Will be short and quick!

Poke-fied will be featuring artistes that I think resembles a Pokemon. This is purely for fun, so don't get too serious about it :P Whatever I say is not meant to be offensive (to the artiste nor the Pokemon haha)...so hopefully you guys can have fun with this like I will be!

*** May I add that I will only be featuring Pokemon from generation 1 and maybe gen 2. I am a Gen. 1 fan and that shall be it :P
When I think of Him Law, of course I would think of his muscular biceps. And to find a Pokemon worthy in comparison, no doubt is has to be Machoke. haha

What about you? Which Pokemon reminds you of Him Law? :]

Seasons of Love Themesong Screencaptures

Okies!  I finished Spring and Summer, so only Autumn and Winter is left!  But before that, I wanted to talk about the themesong, "Little Something", sung by Mag Lam and the MV.

The song, "Little Something", got a very sweet melody and it is an enjoyable song to listen to.  Furthermore, I absolutely love how the MV was designed:

- Something I've noticed after re-watching the video a few times, there is this consistent 'circle' (??) with dashes, numbers and seasons throughout the entire video.  After abit, I realized that the 'days' arrow is always circling around and it became clear to me that the circle is divided into: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Therefore the circle is a cycle of one year.  As for the numbers, they are not the actual days of the year but I think are the degrees of a circle?  A full circle is 360 degrees etc....Lols maybe it's just me, but I liked the idea of adding in this design :D  Seeing the 'days arrow' circling around the seasons made me realize how fast time can pass by...

Here are the 3 parts that the video was broken into (the short version):

Collage - I absolutely loved how they first showed individual screencaps of the seasons, but then slowly transitioned it into one whole picture of the featured couple!  Thought that it was a really nice idea ;]  Oh!  Also liked how each season got their own "nature symbol" (:P).

The Triangles - Simple but nicely done.  I liked how each season got their own slide and instead of the usual squares, the triangles were a nice change :P  To add onto that, I appreciated how they did not used still pictures but used clips instead.

Stills - At first, I felt that this part was weird but the more times I see the themevideo, the more I like this part of the MV.  I personally really like how the images are blurred at first but is slowly sharpened.  Also the coloring effects (orange, red etc glows) added a very nice touch to the images.  My favourite image is of Eric Li and Iva Law (gorgeous!!!!!!!).

Though I must say, some of the images seems out of place :P  Better images could've definitely been chosen for Spring.

------I think they should've cut the stills right after the picture of Kenneth and Myolie.  Since the rest of the pictures used seems kind of random (odd order).  Also, since Winter is the last season it would've been better to end the mv off with Winter.

This is the part that appears in the full MV.