Guessing Game Round 6 - 8


-only ONE guess
-first 3 people to guess the RIGHT answer gets a point
-please answer in comment section

Foreverlovetvb - I
Leanne - I
Michael - IIII
Miwo - III
Rachel - II
Scalae3 - IIIIII
Summer - I
Veronica - IIII



the game will end soon everybody!

Partir, c'est mourir un peu...PART 2

From my previous part on this, everybody probably knows what the title means already...

Even though I personally don't like French that much because I really don't have much interest in the language itself, I really admire my french teacher.  Unfortunately yesterday, she told us that she had to leave for the rest of our school year due to family issues.  Even our commencement did not give me such a powerful feeling compared to what she told us.  Why?  Because the day after commencement, we went right back to that special feeling was not there (a ceremony to say we graduated, only to be back at school the next day...that just don't work).  *sigh* anyways, at the end of class...everybody surrounded my french teacher to give her the good bye hug and all of us teared up.'s so funny how once someone cry, the others would not be able to hold in their tears.  This is the truly the moment of not see her again after that day made me realize..the same thing would happen to all of my other teachers and friends.  Scary isn't it?  Even writing this post, I'm tearing up...pathetic :P  I honestly don't know how I would handle the last day of school...this is just painful to even think about.  Only two and a half weeks left...

Lols sorry for all these recent posts that have absolutely nothing to do with tvb.  Haha...things are just getting a bit emotional with graduating...and I wanted to keep a memory of it.

Master of Play Thoughts - Episode 1

I was really curious to see what Master of Play was like and so decided to watch it before House of Harmony and Vengeance. So's gives me a similar feeling to when I watched When Heaven Burns in terms of it's "speed". While the first episode seems somewhat slow, it definitely hooked me with the first five minutes of the murderer (Tsui Wing).

Unlike other murder stories, this one gave me a very creepy feeling because he (Tsui Wing) does not murder the "bad" people, but instead believe that he should kill the "good" people because after that they'll be able to go to heaven.  That is just straight out scary and oh my...Tsui Wing's smile is creepy in here!  He made a pretty convincing "emotionally unstable" man.

Lei Cho Kiu (Maggie Siu) is the one who the murderer (Tsui Wing) attempted to kill but luckily she got away.  In return though, she did lost an arm.  While at the hospital, she saw Cheung Sai Yin (Moses Chan) performing magic tricks to some children.  He saw that she was unhappy and decided to encourage.  Along the lines of, "Magic is not truly real but when you believe in it, it can be real."  So something like that, he covered her with this black cloak and hid his hand under it...then there it is, two hands!

I though this was quite a sweet scene...I liked his encouragement.  Haha he does not look like a killer does he?  I personally like him right now :P

Kan Yiu Nam (Adam Cheng) plays as a stage actor/director in here, who lost his daughter and have been trying to find her for the last 20-25 years or so.  I am curious to find out how he lost her...

After their meeting in the hospital, they dated and on their third anniversary...Cheung Sai Yin (Moses Chan) decided to propose to Lei Cho Kiu (Maggie Siu)!!  Aw...his proposal was so cute!  He simply snapped his fingers and a ring appears on her middle finger...then the episode ended.  Will she say yes?  On one hand, I want her to say yes but on the other, I don't.  Why?  Because we all know that he is a killer (or at least later on), so marrying him...ugh.  This first episode is seriously giving me mix messages!!  Cheung Sai Yin seems like such a nice guy, so why is he a killer...or how will he become a killer?  I want to know Q.Q

Matt Yeung as Kong Sing Sou.  When was the last time I saw this guy?  Hmm...I'd say Shades of Truth?  I really liked him in there and I am glad to see him back onscreen again :)  Also great that he's getting a considerably big role in here...looking forward to what he have to offer!

[Where is He?] Eric Li

A new feature I'm going to be doing since I'm the kind of person who dwells on to the past (not a good thing...) :P Of course, this is not for artistes whom have retired (could be...but I won't do many on those) but mainly on the ones I miss seeing onscreen.  Five years, one year, 6 months or just 1 month...if I miss them, I'll write about them :P
Eric Li! First saw him in...I don't know where, but the first time when he caught my attention was in A Journey Called Life where he acted as the jerk (he's more than that...I just toned it down a bit) brother of Linda Chung. He's good in these bad roles as I saw him again in DIE 2. Man! This guy is really type-casted in these evil roles! Even though I've seen him many times before, it was not until A Fistful of Stances that made me impress. But was it more because of the role though? Maybe...since his acting seems quite natural before too. The year after Fist, he got a role in 7 Days where in played as the nasty hotel manager. Unlike his previous "bad" roles though, this one turned out to be quite funny and enjoyable to watch...even though his scenes were somewhat limited. So did this guy ever got to act in a good role though? (this question is base on the series I've seen him in, which does not include all the he had acted in) Well, just not long ago, Bottled Passion air in which he plays the lovable and loyal side-kick of Tung Pun-Sin (Raymond Wong)! Yes! haha I love him and Raymond even more than Niki with Raymond :P Their bromance is so cute! Standing on his own though, it was nice seeing Eric in such a likable role...was a nice change to see. Oh! I almost forgot about his role in Catch Me Now (how on earth did I forgot that?)! Absolutely loved him as the lively racer along with his whole team. Not only for Eric alone, but for all his team mates, I'd recommend you to watch Catch Me Now id you haven't!

I personally think Eric is a very good actor and should be more promoted than he is now. Somehow, he reminds me of a Nancy Wu whom I liked so much but was not promoted so much until recently. Out of the younger gentlemen (not age wise...but rather..if they're in supporting role, they count :P), he and Edwin Siu are the two I find as the two most promising actors that I find capable of leading their own series. Since tvb are now in search of more siu sangs, why not promote him more?

As for what he is up to now...he's filming the series with Wayne Lai, Michelle Yim and etc right? Hmm...I need to look him up since I rarely keep track of the filming series (only know about them when they are about to release :P)

Partir, c'est mourir un peu...

Why the heck is the title in french? And if you don't know french, what in the world does it mean?

In french class, our teacher told us "Partir, c'est mourir un peu." What does it mean? It means, "To leave, it is to die a little."

After five years, we are finally graduating and to be honest, it's a good breather to get away from the place you've been at for so long. On the other hand, I have to admit I will miss the usual daily life with my friends and teachers. Leaving can be both good and bad...but either way, it still hurts a little. Once we take our steps out of the building, that had entrapped us for these five years, in June, there will be excitement, sense of freedom and the "yes!! I'll never have to come back here again!!". But when we look back, I know I will miss the fun times in class, the friends and the teachers and a little of myself, that I would leave behind with the highschool memories.

Commencement. A ceremony where we were all handed our diploma to recognize our graduation. The word "commencer" in french? It means "to start". So the word commencement originated from the french word, commencer. Though this event may mark the end of my highschool years, it's not really the end but truly a new beginning...

Master of Play themesong

Maybe it's Adam Cheng's voice...but hearing the beginning of the video reminds me of some old tvb memories x)

Anyways...freaky video eh? Have been reading some thoughts of others on the series so far...heard it's scary. I seriously need to find the english sub for this soon! Really want to watch it!

Fanmade MV for The Hippocratic Crush

An mv dedicated to my favourite series of 2012! Hehe...I need to start working on the review for this series soon...ugh! I'm horrible!

Photo Albums

I don't know how to make a photo gallery, but just wants a place to store my photos :) thanks to piscas web, I got a place to do that! So here are some photo albums! lols I love my photos, especially's like an obsession!  Also got my graphics...not all of them though because I am lazy to get everything together :P
Random Series
[2011] Bottled Passion
[2010] Mysteries of Love
[2011] The Life and Times of a Sentinel
[2011] Relic of an Emissary
[2011] Curse of the Royal Harem
[2011] Lives of Omission
[2011] River of Wine
[2010] No Regrets
[2011] Ghetto Justice
[2011] The Rippling Blossom
[2000] The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
[2012] L'Escargot

Banner ft. Selena Li

It's been awhile since the last banner, so here's a new one featuring Selena Li! But remember the game is still going on ! ;)

Come Home Love Themesong

Hmm..random but want to share this with everybody! I have not watch a sitcom since Virtues of Harmony 2 or pay attention to what new ones are created. But then I came across this on hyn5 and fell in love with the themesong! The melody is so soothing and heart-warming. Joyce's voice is really nice isn't it? :) The themevideo is also very cute and...different. Does anybody know where to get the full version of this?? I want to put it on my mp3 player :)

Guessing Game Round 6 - 7

-only ONE guess
-first 3 people to guess the RIGHT answer gets a point
-please answer in comment section

Foreverlovetvb - I
Leanne - I
Michael - III
Miwo - III
Rachel - II
Scalae3 - IIIII
Summer - I
Veronica - III



Tang Chi Wah's Concert

Previews of the Concert

credits appleactionews

There are alot of clips of the concert on youtube, but I just picked out some that I really liked to talk about them :D

Tang Chi Lam and Raymond Lam

credits 情人知己Vivian

This clip is interesting because I did not know that Tang Chi Wah can sing too! Haha he is not bad :)

Niki Chow

credits NikiChowFC

Bottled Passion's theme :) I knew Niki is a singer, but have never heard her live before...she's good. But unfortunately she did not put enough power (emotion) into the song...kinda personally disappointed me in a way since I love this song so much x)

Linda Chung

credits ycdenny@youtube

I love the song, "Swear" (Legend of the Demigods subtheme). Absolutely one of my favourite songs of Linda. She have definitely improve on her live singing :)

Mag Lam

credits micmagmic

Originally sang by Bernice Liu, this is the themesong of Into Thin Air. Brought back memories while listening to this...Mag Lam has a very strong voice :)

credits jasonchungsfanclub

Love Bond's themesong. I don't know either Jason Chung nor Karene Mak, but they were good and sounded very sweet together ;)

Bosco left me speechless. lols he looks so passionate when singing the rock version of "Fortunately" (originally done by Myolie Wu). Like everyone else, I was also shock by his heavy eyeliner...Bosco is one of the few with a very "different" sense of style...

LMAO I laughed so hard when he took out the speaker (thingy) at 2:29!!! x) Hehe...though may not be the "best" performance of the night, it was definitely the most enjoyable one to watch ;D So much passion!!! lols

Then there is Leo Ku's and Wayne Lai's duet of No Regrets themesong. Hehe :) I love Leo Ku's voice! (His live is no difference from the cd version!) As for Wayne, I have not paid much attention to his singing before but he is fantastic in here as well. Haha best is the chemistry they shared on stage, looks like they're very happy to sing this duet together!

lols so sweet for them to celebrate Wayne's birthday on stage and also for Leo Ku to sing him a "No Regrets" Birthday song! haha....

New Graphics ft The Four and The Silver Chamber of Secrets


Is the one next to Bernice Liu, Leila Tong?

Guessing Game Round 6 - 6

-only ONE guess
-first 3 people to guess the RIGHT answer gets a point
-please answer in comment section

Foreverlovetvb - I
Leanne - I
Michael - III
Miwo - III
Rachel - II
Scalae3 - IIII
Veronica - II

PREVIOUS ANSWER: To Get Unstuck in Time


[Themesong Feature] The Silver Chamber of Sorrows

Title:Accepted Fate
Sung by: Ivana Wong

Monologue: Everlasting pledge, it best be forgotten
Let laughter be light, let pain be light
Life or death, union or separation
Doesn’t have control of the body;
doesn’t have control of the heart

I once didn’t believe too much in decided fate
I once wanted to revolt against fate
If I felt my heartbeat had no way to be calm,
Who is willing to listen?

*Chorus: At the years’ ups and downs is my destiny
Within hopelessness mutely enduring, within pain stealing life
Using love to trade for a most painful lesson, delusions approach
Therefore regretting been born*

Once wanted to recklessly build another life
You once wanted to embrace me, but in the end withdrew
If I could change and be brave, keeping you

Monologue: Fallen petals, wandering and drifting
Pledges and promises; exhaustion and powerlessness
Willing deception; heartbreaks and regrets
Love may end, but sorrows are endless

*Repeat Chorus*

Dreams will change dark from most brightest, letting love turn to hate
Flowing tears is me not willing
Letting tranquility stir dust particles, I am not content
Simply what should not have happened occurred

Once wanted to recklessly build another life
You once wanted to embrace me, but in the end withdrew
If I could change and be brave, forgetting you

English Translation by MetalAZNWarrior@TVB Musings

Thoughts: No doubt one of the most beautiful songs from tvb! The melody/voice is soothing yet sad...and along with the lyrics, it fits the series perfectly.

A gem of 2008, The Silver Chamber of Sorrows depicts a story of the pre-modern period when women were under the power of men. Throughout the series, the women of the household are all trying to break out of this old feudal system in hope to gain their own freedom. Does this theme sound familiar? It reminded me of War and Beauty in which a similar struggle amongst the concubines also took place. Though still not "as" great, I believe that The Silver Chamber of Sorrows is worthy with the title as War of Beauty's pre-modern version.

Notable mentions performances shall be given to Paul Chun, Christine Ng and Nancy Sit whom all portrayed their roles wonderfully. Always seeing Paul as a warm and family-oriented man in his previous series, you'd be in for a nice surprise to see the "dark" side of this veteran actor. As for Christine Ng, if I have to choose her breakthrough would definitely go to Sau-Hang from The Silver Chamber of Sorrow. If you're not a fan of the cast (like I initially wasn't), the story itself kept the series strong and is definitely worth your time.