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I'm just curious, who's looking forward to watching CTI's productions? I am. Especially because I'm anxious to see old stars come back along with the refreshing themes that they have been planning to do. On the downside, they have been recruiting tvb's script writers...so do you think the production will turn out more or less the same? Ricky Wong is willing to spend money though...unlike tvb who is quite cheap :P

To tvb's advantage, they have been recruiting old atv stars...and to be honest, they are much better than tvb stars nowadays (acting wise...) since tvb have been pushing so many newbies up, while potential are seen in some...they are not ready to direct a series by themselves just yet. As many have said...it takes 10 years to create a true lead. So yah...not to mention that the atv artistes will give a fresh breather to the audience who've seen the repeatedly used tvb stars so often.

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btw I have seen many old tvb fans moving on to something new such as korean dramas or mainland? With quite a few tvb artistes working in mainland, I am wondering if I should start on it or not. The only one I've watched is The Conquest, which will forever remains as one of my favs. Compared to tvb ancient series, mainland's is absolutely stunning! I saw the trailer of Charmaine Sheh's and Steven Ma's mainland series...and omg...speechless.

The reasons why I never really watched mainland before is A)hard to find eng subs and B)they are all so long!!!! On average, each series I see is somewhere around 40 episodes -.- Oh my...quite unfortunate because I have very little patience Q.Q

Moving on to korean dramas...I love them and could easily get addicted to them! Why? Eh...I'm a teenager and what kind of teen am I if I don't like cute romantic series? Their series involve alot of youth re-lated subjects (ie. highschool) that correlates alot into my life. Nice and relaxing to see and must admit...all korean guys in there are cute *facepalm* I fangirl over them ^^;;;; lols On a whole, I've watched very few but they were extremely good...while some others were alright. I do get tired of how much they focus on teenage romances...though sweet but somewhat unrealistic. Haha they fills our world with all these fairytale stories...and yet we receive none in reality :P This fact does not apply to only korean dramas though...but every other in general.

lols...just notice how off topic I got! Sorry! But yah...please vote xD

[News] Leila Tong balances between family and work, 'hungry' to be in a TV series again

Last year Leila Tong became a mother and in just a blink of an eye, her daughter is already 1 year old. Although she usually has to look after her daughter and work at the same time, she enjoys this kind of life. She said: "My time management is fine, my personal time and work schedule is pretty ok. If I don't have to work, I would take care of my daughter myself, but when I have to work, I leave her with a babysitter." She frankly expressed when she first had to part from her daughter, she felt uncomfortable: "At first, I really missed her and sometimes I would look at her photos. One time, I had to leave HK for several weeks, I was so reluctant to leave my daughter behind. However, now with the advanced technology, I can see her any time over the internet and this actually helps me concentrate more on work. Then, I'm able to get off work earlier and get home to see my daughter sooner."

Leila teaches her daughter each and every day as she grows, she said: "Currently there are a lot of things that starts from zero, like I would teach my daughter to wash her hands after using the restroom, let her get used to it. She is starting to talk, but whatever she sees, she would shout Daddy, it's really funny." She also reveals her daughter is a girl that can really eat, especially the milk powder brand Illuma. She has to have greater portions of it: "She can really eat, perhaps because the formula I'm using is really good, giving her some appetite. My daughter is quite heavy now."

Also, Leila has switched over to Ricky Wong's CTI and will be starting a new series later this month. It's been a long while since she's been in a series, so she is very excited and anxious at the same time. She said: "I've been 'hungry' for a period of time because I stopped shooting series several years already. Fans are worried I'm only doing theater and won't do TV series anymore. This year I'll get back to shooting TV series, very happy and excited." She wants to let audience see the mature side of her, she said: "I was too limited in the last 10 years, many people think I'm a little girl, so I hope to portray roles that are more mature."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thoughts: Who is excited for Leila's return? Definitely me!! x)

TVB really underpromoted her...so a big applause for cti for recruiting this awesome actress! (...before, she and Nancy Wu were some rising supporting stars that I really loved...but did not get promoted much. Luckily, Nancy is now...but Leila left before that could happen.) CTI is making me really happy right now...for getting some of my fav. old stars back on hk screen! haha...Not to mention because of this, tvb is recruiting some atv artistes that I also long to see again! Hmm...I'm torn :P

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Haha do you notice Tavia Yeung in the back? :P


Ignore me...:)

lols this is just a tiny rant and a random talk of my week that you can skip reading if you're not interested xD

*sigh*....so beside the irritating photo issues I had with uploading the pictures of House of Harmony and Vengeance, I'm really not use to this new layout! So complicated...(I'm just being whiny :P)

Eh..I was writing this post (on atv and tvb)...had like 4 paragraphs already and unlike the old blogger that automatically saves my post, this new blogger doesn't!!! D; Just a bit upset because I have to write it all over again!

EDIT: NVM! The new blogger does save automatically...cause I did not save this post but just found it at draft! It just so happens that the one with the 5 paragraphs was that only one that disappeared -.-

Now...changing to a different subject, how have everybody been doing!? :) I have not been watching any new series lately and is feeling a bit left behind :P Should I watch Gloves Come Off? Have not hear much talk about it (to be fair...I have not been online much either). I can't believe April is already coming to an end so soon!! May is going to be such a hectic month!!! Since I have been slacking of all semester, I have so much english homework to catch on...Shakespeare..we're doing Hamlet. Not a favourite subject of mine, but I have an awesome teacher so everything is all cool :) I'm just a lazy teenager who needs to get started on her writings and was suppose to devote this weekend to Shakespeare but yet got distracted by the internet :P On the upside, my volunteer group held a dance yesterday and it was successful!! hehe so happy because we only had like...25 people on facebook saying that they're going, but turned out to have around 80 kids! Though not as many kids as we usually have..but still nice! hoho :D Oh! Another thing that happened was the Grad Talent show!! Our grads are all so talented and I was very proud of the ones who went up on stage and also to the ones that came to support!

Re-Sharing this banner I made for my blog and one of the guessing game bonus!

And also this video created by WongFuProductions (they're full of awesomeness!)
"If You Don't Walk Out, You Will Think That This Is The Whole World"
*sigh* April is really ending...excited but yet nervous for May to come :)

[news] Sammy Leung's in his first TVB series; Patrick Tam back for 'War & Beauty II'

Many TVB artists have started developing up north (Mainland) like Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Ada Choi, Kevin Cheng, Roger Kwok, Joe Ma and more. Also with Ricky Wong coming in the picture and poaching artists, TVB is lacking artists to be in their series. The second and third line artists are repeatedly seen in series after series. It was said because TVB wanted to make up for the lack of artists, the company has been actively searching for external help, hoping to add refreshing feelings along the way. [Mingpao] discovered that Sammy Leung secretly did costume tryouts for new series Justice Pursue Attack 法網狙擊. He will be the second lead actor in the series alongside Michael Tse.

Sammy has once participated in several films such as My Sweetie 甜絲絲 and Love Undercover 新紮師妹 and has developed the Sammy and Kitty Drama Show for nearly 10 years. He has rich experiences on-screen and he has been working closely with TVB. No wonder he gets to play a lead role in his first series. It was understood that Sammy will be playing a police officer and is Michael Tse's younger brother, who plays a lawyer. The two 'brothers' Sammy and Michael will be involved in a relationship with Sharon Chan and Tavia Yeung respectively. Sammy excitedly expressed: "For my first official series, I get to be the second lead actor, the lead actor is Michael Tse. I play a true police officer and won't be the comedic type seen in Love Undercover. I feel pretty rusty in my acting, so I will have to put some time into practicing."

Sammy is not shooting a TVB series because of wanting to 'enter the house' or for awards. He and Kitty Yuen are already in the house (TVB) from hosting on TVB shows. He has never thought about awards. He just hopes to try something new. He wants to do a new version of Man of Wisdom 金牙大狀 the most, or maybe have his own works like Lawrence Cheng and Cheung Tat Ming. As for signing a contract with TVB and become a biological child? Sammy said: "Let's just shoot this one series first. I am very different from others, I came out of CRHK and I don't want to develop in Mainland." Asked if he's just being external aid for TVB this time? He said: "Not related, just coincidentally I have this opportunity. Thank you Tommy Leung and Virgina Lok for asking me."

[Sudden Weekly] Alice Chan is also participating in this series, but she is considered part of the supporting cast. Alice said she does not mind: "I have never appeared on TVB before, don't know what the power is." In the series, she will be playing a strong businesswoman and a villain that will do all kinds of bad things. Of course in the end, she'll get punished by the law, but the role has lots of room for development. Her role will have romance and family love in between. Because she treats and loves her brother dearly, even if he did a lot of bad things, she does everything to help him. Her evilness won't be clearly displayed, but rather more on the inside.

In other news, Patrick Tam was said to have join the cast of Beauty at War (aka War and Beauty II). He plays an imperial doctor, clearly substituting Bowie Lam's 'Suen Pak Yeung' role. Joey Meng replaces Maggie Cheung's role.

Source: Mingpao, Sudden Weekly
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thoughts: I had a whole post on this...but it got deleted. So yah...looking forward to this ;)

House of Harmony and Vengeance Official Pics

Credits starphoto

Thoughts: ugh...took me FOREVER to upload these!!! -.- Blogger changed it's feature..and I was so confuse!! T-T It does not help that I'm a perfectionist and wanted everything to be perfect...usually takes me half and hour...this time took me two hours to resize and arrange these!!! argh!