[Comments] TV Awards Presentation 2017

Best Series
"My Ages Apart"

Comment: I am glad that 'My Ages Apart' received the award. For a 50 episode drama, I was pleasantly surprised at how it remained entertaining until the very end. It was quirky, comedic and engaging throughout the whole drama. I remember laughing out loud at a few parts of the series and honestly, I have not done so with a TVB drama in awhile :) The whole cast also gave a great performances with a group of endearing characters. I personally loved Moses and his random spurts of English, along with Paris' ditzy but pure-hearted character. The trio of Bobby, Moses and Louis was also a charismatic bunch to watch whenever they appeared together.

My memorable mentions for 2017? The other hot contestant for best series in the media was 'The Exorcist's Meter'. Honestly I would've been happy if this drama won as well. While 'My Ages Apart' kept me entertained on every episode, the latter was endearing, emotional and managed to pull a few of my heartstrings. In particular, the music scores in here were especially memorable.

My personal runner-ups for this year would also include 'Destination Nowhere' and 'My Dearly Sinful Mind'. Kristal Tin and Kevin Cheng were just great in their roles in 'Destination Nowhere'. Honestly, Kristal Tin performance in here should've earned her the Best Actress award as it was phenomenal in my opinion. As for the drama itself, story was engaging and the anticipation to see how it would unfold was rewarding. For 'My Dearly Sinful Mind', I found Kenneth Ma's character so odd with the obsession over his girlfriend's death but rather enjoyable as he began to find more clues to his questions. Grace Wong's character in here was especially intriguing to watch and was probably the highlight for me.

Anything else? I did not watch 'Tiger Mom Blues' or 'Legal Mavericks', where both series were very popular as well.

Best Actor
Vincent Wong ("Legal Mavericks")
Comment: I did not watch 'Legal Mavericks' and so cannot comment on Vincent's performance in here. On the other hand though, he has been a very capable and dependable actor so I am very happy for his win! Personally a fan hehe :D

Special mentions for this year? Moses Chan in 'My Ages Apart'? I personally loved him in there and thought he did a great job. After so many bad roles, I'm so glad to see him taking on a more interesting role. He does so well in roles that has a mixture of comedy and drama.

Best Actress
Natalie Tong ("My Unfair Lady")
Comment: Wait what? I thought she was a supporting actress in there? It is so sad how few real contenders there are in the Best Actress sector, whether it's this year or prior years. Kristal Tin hands down got my vote for this award.

Most Popular TV Male Character
Kenneth Ma ("The Exorcist's Meter")
Comment: Yups, can't argue here haha

Most Popular TV Female Character
Sisley Choi ("Legal Mavericks")
Comment: Interesting...was her character popular from here? My personal favs are Moon Lau in 'The exorcist's Meter', Grace Wong in 'My Dearly Sinful Mind' and Ali Lee in 'My Ages Apart'.

Best Supporting Actor
Joel Chan ("The Unholy Alliance")
Comment: cool

Best Supporting Actress
Rebecca Zhu ("A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch")
Comment: I just can't anymore....I am not happy with any of the female recipients this year.

Most Improved Male Artiste
Mat Yeung ("My Dearly Sinful Mind", "Bet Hur", "Love and Construction", "All Work No Pay Holidays (Sr.2)")
Comment: Interesting...he've been acting way too long for this award I think haha. Was definitely expecting Matthew Ho cause there was just so much rave over him.

Most Improved Female Artiste
Mayanne Mak ("Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2017", "Sammy on the Go", "Line Walker: The Hunting Game", "TVB Anniversary Gala")
Comment: Who is she? Q.Q

Most Popular TV Partnership
Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho & Matthew Ho ("A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch")

Most Popular Series Song
到此一遊 ("The Exorcist's Meter") - Hubert Wu
Comment: I have it downloaded onto my phone so yes, I approve of this award haha

Global Netizens Favourite Series
"The Exorcist's Meter"
Comment: yehhhh

***List of awards and recipients credit: http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.ca/