Random Note :D

***Contains some Spoiler***

, I just put in the music xD The imeem somehow disappeared and I don't know what happened to the website :/ Haha, anyway that's the first thing I wanted to tell you guys^^

Second, please vote on the poll if you hadn't yet xD

3rd, I began watching Beauty of the Game, A Chip of the Old Block, Born Rich and re-watched A Smiling Ghost Story^^

Chip - 8 eps
I thought it started of pretty good^^ but it kinda dropped down for me after a bit. I can't remember when but I began to fast forward some of the parts.

BR - 2 eps
I dunno if I'm gonna continue :/ It is really good so far but I guess I really don't wanna watch all 40eps. Also, I'm more attracted to Beauty right now xD I'm getting bored of family dramas too.

A Smiling Ghost Story - finished
Haha, I remember seeing this series when I was small and loved it xD It's a cute little ghost story. I kinda miss the tvb series on ghosts :/ Haha, I just like ghost stories. My thoughts for it will come up later.

Beauty - 4 eps
Haha, the highlight for me is the storyline and Wong Cho Lam xD I thought he was the perfect person to play as a paparazzi!!! Lols when he fight with Kate xD A post of Beauty coming later too xD

Something all these series have in Common
It sounds kinda weird but I cried during one scene in each series xD Just to make it clear, I am kind of emotional so these parts that I cried in might not be as sad as you guys think^^

Beauty - This is the least I cried in out of the 4 series.
The part where Kingdom "said" she had cancer.

BR - Second least
The part where Nancy ran out of the house after a fight but then figured out it was Ray's B-day.

A Smiling Ghost Story
When the priest tried to capture Maggie but Monica went on her knees to beg him not too (she was pregnant at that time).

Chip - The one I cried most in.
...........Haha, post on that coming up later xD


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