[News] Gallen Lo working hard to make a baby, shows off couple's tattoo

Nancy Sit and Louis Yuen will be hosting TVB's 15 episode food show Virtues of Harmony: Heart of Greed (皆大歡喜之溏心風暴). Yesterday they began the recording for the first episode and held the blessing ceremony. Gallen Lo, Louise Lee and Susanna Kwan were invited as the guests. Gallen had on capris showing off his totem tattoo on his leg. He admitted he's living a sweet marriage life with his wife (Su Fan), so they decided to get a tattoo as a symbol of their heart as one. Gallen reveals they plan to have children too, "Currently working at it. I don't mind if its a boy or a girl, leave it for the Heaven to decide." He expressed he's been living long-term in Mainland and have seen less of his son, who he had with his ex-wife, but they still keep in touch. This time, he came back to HK especially to take part in his son's elementary school graduation and invite Nancy Sit out for a meal. Coincidentally she's hosting a show, so he agreed to be her guest as well. He said he has a good relationship with TVB and if there is an opportunity, he does hope to shoot a series with them.

Nancy said she fears she can't handle series shooting, and rather just stick to light work. For this show, Nancy has used a lot of her 'friendship cards', inviting many diamond level guests. She will also have the opportunity to show off her good cooking skills.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

All I saw was...Virtues of Harmony!! Lols was excited...but then turns out it's just a food show. What kind of food show is this though....? Hmm...

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