Random Graphics

I have been scratching my head for the last few days, wondering what kind of new banner to make. I still have no idea. This is seriously the most useless thing to think about during exams season but I can't help it xD Oh well...I'm the kind to try to make up stuff to do when I am stress in order to distract myself from doing what I know I should be doing haha.

Anyways, I haven't use photoshop for almost...half a year? I dunno. When I first did the poster of Eliza and Ron, they were just blocks. Afterwards I started adding colours and then words...so weird to use. On a side note, my laptop is like an aging dinosaur because I don't remember it being this SLOW back then.

Nancy looks so freakin cool!  I should've added some kind of sparkles...sparkles...

Hit the Playlist - Line Walker's subsong (Love is Not Easy by...)

I'm hommmmmmmmmeeeee! Wow, it's been quite awhile since my last post and it is probably the longest hiatus I've been on since I started blogging. The reason my I disappeared for so long is because I recently got a part-time job (finally!). Have been working for a few months and since there was school too, I decided to avoid the online world for awhile haha. I really appreciate the comments left in the chatbox though :) Thank you guys! I will gradually be blogging again...but I can't promise it will only be about tvb haha.

Now to start off with the post...

I am sure many of you guys have heard of Jinny Ng's song in Line Walker already and probably think it's getting annoying....but I'm still bringing it back :P Anyways, what I want to share is a Vietnamese version of the song done by a Viet artiste, Bao Thy.  Translation of "Love is Not Easy" to viet: "Cang Kho Cang Yeu".

Bao Thy is a relatively popular singer in Vietnam (I think lol) and she has done other covers of tvb songs as well such as Myolie Wu's "Fortunately" (themesong of "War and Destiny"). Haha the funny thing is that I wasn't the one who discovered the song. It was my friend who found it, even though he doesn't speak or understand viet....I dunno how it happened lol.

Pls leave a comment if you enjoyed this version by Bao Thy!

Hmmm...just for fun, here's another clip where she attempted to sing the original song in Canto. She tried haha