HI Guys!!

I turned my website to a private for the last our or so...cause I wanted to change the layout xD I found this layout on BTemplates^^ I was so happy to find this layout cause I really like it^^ The only problem I have now is the 'date'. I have no idea how to change it -_-' I also have a few stuff to fix with the links and stuff but I have to get of the computer right now. I'll come back later in the day to change other stuff and answer the c-box. And other post too.^^


EDIT: I just noticed that the poll was gone when I changed the layout :( So sorry for that, Hope you guys can re-vote^^ Thanks

2nd Edit: Affiliates I had to redo the link list and I might've missed your link or did the wrong link. Please check your links^^ Sorry for the inconvenience.


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