Starhub Awards 2014 - Fashion Comments

Taking a selfie at the ceremony :)
Starhubs once again held their annual tvb award ceremony about a week ago? I'm not too outdated haha. Anyways, here's the usual fashion comments I have for the ladies! You can also view my old post for 2013's ceremony.

Best Dress:  Singaporean Actress with her goldfish dress
Worst Dress:  Lin Xia Wei in her night gown

What are your thoughts?

Lin Xia Wei (Rosina):  Hmm..the dress looks like a night gown.  So sad.  As for why Lin Xia Wei was there (I was surprise to see her), it's because the themesong she sung for Outbound Love won the favourite tvb themesong award.  Honestly, I am surprise.  I didn't know the song is so popular! 

Linda Chung:  Linda won "My Favourite TVB Female Character" and "Most Beautiful Artiste".  Honestly not a fan of Kai Kei but I am still happy for Linda.  As for her dress, that it quite a horrendous choice.  The fabric pattern is too busy.  At first, I only saw the top half of the dress and initially thought it was a cheongsam.  At that moment, I was thinking that it would be really beautiful!  Unfortunately it turned out to be a baggier dress.  Meh.   

Eliza Sam:  Eliza won the "TVB Most Improved Artiste" award.  Her dress is definitely one of the better dresses of the night.  Though simple, it does look gorgeous on her.  I also am a big fan of the colour yellow, it's such a bright and cheerful colour that is not often worn and so I'm glad to see it on Eliza.

Nancy Wu:  Nancy won the "My Favourite TVB Female Character" award for her role in "The Ultimate Addiction".  I'm neutral towards her dress.

Singaporean Actress:  Dang, I don't know who she is but all I got to say is that she was the best dress of the night!!  I absolutely adore her dress!  Love the mixture of the red and white and overall, the structure of the dress.  It's translucent white fabric with the red really reminds me of a goldfish :)  So pretty.

Kristal Tin:  Kristal won the "My Favourite Female Character" award for her role in Black Heart White Soul.  Personally her dress was a bit all the other dresses besides the goldfish dress.  

Kate Tsui:  Kate won the "My Favourite Female Character" for her role in Bounty Lady.  I initially really liked Kate's look but after looking it more closely, I probably liked it because Kate had her hair down and curled.  I love it when she curls and let down her hair.  The dress though, I am not a big fan of.  It's alright.  Personally do not like the way the black strap are positioned...

Charmaine Sheh:  Charmaine won the "My Favourite Female Character" for her role in Line Walker and "My Favourite TVB Actress".  I'm so happy Charmaine won both of these awards.  Well deserved.  On the other hand, I am so dissapointed that Raymond did not get a fav character award for his role in Line Walker :(  Anyways, back to Charmaine's dress.  I'm neutral, nothing exciting but not to absurd either.

Sharon Chan:  Sharon won the "Favourite Supporting Actress" award.  So...Sharon is quite popular in Singapore?  I personally do not agree with this award....not one single bit.  As for Sharon's dress, it reminds me of a ballerina dress.  I think the dress is cute, but the style (showing off the legs) is getting old for Sharon.  She need to wear other kind of dresses...

Tomorrow is Another Day - First Thoughts Ep 1-4

I initially thought "Tomorrow is Another Day" will be a boring series. Why? Well, it's been like the...eighth or so time that Kate has played an officer. As for the genre of the series, I did think it was kind of boring. Why did I end up watching it then? All because of Lawrence Ng. I am so glad that he'd return. He did not have too much screen time in his other two series, "The Hippocratic Crush 2" and "Never Dance Alone", and that was disapointing. Thank goodness he's the TRUE main lead here though!! So more screen time!!!

Haha anyways, back to the drama. If you haven't start it, DOOOOO ITTTT!! First episode was surprisingly good and so were the following episodes after that. The story is tight so far and I'm especially intrigued by all the prisoners' stories and what has been going in jail as well. Hopefully they'll also have a nice balance between that and the romance later on...please don't focus too much on the romance.


Kate Tsui is actually...good in here! I was quite surprise since Kate and officer role usually equals boring. This time around though, she's actually got some personality :P Kaka is such a bubbly girl and Kate nails those parts! Though the fake eyelashes still exists, it's not too bad as it was in Bounty Lady haha. The only scenes where I feel she still needs to work on is the scenes where she's in her officer outfit. When she doesn't try to act cool or as some may say...chok, Kate is alot more enjoyable to watch haha. So please continue this Kate!!!

(FYI, I heard that Kate initially wanted to turn down this role? Thank goodness she didn't! I haven't enjoyed watching her so much for awhile now! Though I did somewhat like her in Bounty Lady...I still felt that her comedic scenes were kind of forced there. In here though, I'm just...somewhat loving her right now haha).

Oh...what do you guys think of Kate's hair?  I initially thought it looked weird but after a couple of episodes, I find her adorable in it!  Haha I think the haircut really suits her bubbly character.

Lawrence Ng as the casanova officer? Yups! I'm liking it alot. I like how uptight he because I think it's quite funny haha. He'll gradually be changing for Kate though! What do you guys think of the two?

Lawrence and Kate pairing?
Hmm....I'd like to say there is chemistry and they're actually very cute when they're together! Surprise! Even though they're suppose to be 'uncle and niece' (Lawrence is just a close family friend and is not actually her uncle), when they're together, it gives off more of a feeling of a couple which I thank god for! If it did really feel like father-daughter like, it would be a disaster!

On the other hand, the story doesn't help them much because it showed how Lawrence knew Kate since she was a child and it is indeed difficult to develop a love story from there. Though they were separated when she was around 10 because she went to...the States or something, she did come back to Hong Kong in her teen years. She seem to have lived separately from him though but they still had a very close 'uncle-niece' relationship. To me, I can see how Kate fell for him. On the other hand, I don't know how Lawrence will fall for Kate since he did watch her grow up. Hmm.....this could go either way tvb, either a cute love story or a creepy one. For now, I think the interaction between the two is quite cute....but the way their relationship was set out in the beginning, it is also on the verge of creepiness. Lols

Some random scenes between the two:
Kate and her friends are having a party to congratulate her getting married.  During the party, Kate lost to a bet of some kind and was dared to kiss the first stranger that walked down the stairs outside.  In the beginning there was this not so good looking guy walking down but out of nowhere, Lawrence showed up.  Kate rushed up to give him a kiss so she doesn't have to kiss the other guy.  Initially the group thought Lawrence was her fiance but turns out he's her "Uncle Man".

Seriously, why did they make her call him uncle?  It's hecka creepy to start a love story haha

Lawrence decided to go on a date.  On the date, they were ordering food and Lawrence rejected all the dishes that the girl wanted to order haha.  I don't know why she would be...but she seems like she's head over heels for Lawrence.  In the end, they ordered the seafood dishes that Lawrence wanted.  Half way through the dinner though, she became really itchy and when Lawrence asked why, she said she's allergic to seafood :P  She's like, "It's no problem, I just need to go to the hospital to get a few shots."  LMAO  I thought this scene was so funny haha.

Lawrence is telling Kate about how his date went while cooking for her.  It's so cute how she blasted up the music when Lawrence started to talk about the instructions manual he read for some kind of appliance.  There is chemistry the two but it's such a pity how she calls him "uncle".  It's not even the age that's the problem but it is their relationship status.

Kate and her No Fear bear that Lawrence bought for her when she was young.

In order to wake him up, Kate clipped Vincent's ear.  This was cute and funny.  I love this bubbly Kate haha.

Yeung Chiu Hoi murdered his stepfather because that guy raped his sister and got sent to jail for that. I've liked him in his previous roles and I'm glad to see that his role is quite hefty in here. I think Yeung Chiu Hoi is quite a talented actor and his emotional scenes in here are all quite well done :D I'm impress haha

It is so sad how there is a limit to how much our laws can do.  Yeung Chiu Hoi did what he did for his sister.  Who can deny that their bastard of a stepfather deserved what he got?  ...I understand he has to pay for taking away a life but yet, it feels so unfair to him.  UGHHHHH too much going's just too sad Q.Q

Another love story with an age difference between Vincent Wong and Josie Ho.  This time around, the guy is younger than the girl.  Back in his teen years, Vincent hung out with some gangstery (this is not a word...haha) friends and almost got into trouble.  Luckily Josie let him off the hook and even gave him a gingerbread man.  To him, she's the reason why he didn't land up in jail and he has been very grateful for that.  After finding out that Josie is in jail, he decided to visit her to personally thank her.

Josie: You want to come again?  You don't need to do that.  I just gave you a gingerbread man.  You don't need to buy me anything in return.

Vincent:  You didn't just give me a gingerbread man, you also gave me a future.  If you hadn't given me a chance back then, I would still be hanging out with those guys.  Hell is only one step away from heaven.  You were the one that led me to heaven.

Dang, that last line by Vincent.  I am loving all the scenes he's in right now and Vincent is doing quite well, as usual haha.  As for Josie, I think her character is kind of crazy and there are times when I think she is indeed crazy....especially when it comes to her leg and son.  I find her character quite interesting though and I do want to know more about her past and how her character will develop.  Josie is a good actress and I'm glad to see her for the first time in here. 

Even though Vincent and Josie does not look exactly well matched, I do have hope in their story.

All that is Bitter is Sweet - Themesong and Subsong

**Click on arrows to down-load (purposely written wrong haha)

BTW if anybody has the translations to either song, pls tell me :)  I love both songs very much!  I'm especially glad to hear Teresa's voice again. hehe I love her themesong for "Bottled Passion".  The song itself also brings back one of the oldies vibe and I love that!  As for Linda's "Sacrifice", I'm also loving it!  Love how the beginning started off with the chinese instrumentals. There's a lot of "love" in this paragraph haha

Video credit hellochinpang

Teresa Cheung's "Self Healing"

Linda Chung's "Sacrifice"

All That is Bitter is Sweet - Official Screencaptures and Synopsis

TO SUM (Du Yange), a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor in Foshan, has only one daughter TO KAI-KEI (Linda Chung), who is exceptionally intelligent and shows great enthusiasm for medical skills. However, her father never expects her to be his successor because of her gender. Just as KAI-KEI is going to marry the mayor's eldest son CHONG KAI-CHO (Raymond Wong), there is an outbreak of a pandemic, during which many patients including KAI-CHO suddenly die after taking medicine prescribed by TO SUM. Immediately, the mayor, CHONG TUN-YU (Poon Chi Man), orders to close down the pharmaceutical factory, leaving KAI-KEI helpless in such straitened circumstances.

In the meantime, a businessman with a terminal illness, TING YAT-YUEN (Ruco Chan), raises a hostile takeover bid to buy out the pharmaceutical factory, so KAI-KEI offers to treat YAT-YUEN, trying to defend themselves against the sell-off of their assets. Also due to YAT-YUEN, KAI-KEI gets to know the retired imperial physician, SHEUNG SIK-KANG (Choi Kwok Hing), who teaches her reclusive medical skills. On the other hand, KAI-CHO's twin brother CHONG KAI-CHUNG (Raymond Wong) just finished his study abroad and returns home. Though HUI KWAN-YEUK (Natalie Tong), a warlord's daughter, shows him affection, KAI-CHUNG secretly has a crush on his former sister-in-law. Having encountered untold hardships and difficulties, KAI-KEI and YAT-YUEN have fallen in love with each other. Unexpectedly, after the pharmaceutical factory opens for business again and everything seems to subside, YAT-YUEN's days are numbered...

Synopsis credit: FairchildTV