New Faces of 2012 - Kirby Lam

"New Faces of 2012" is a new feature that presents the 'newcomers' that I've come to notice and liked during 2012.  I quote 'newcomers' because they may not actually be newcomers at all, but I just never noticed them before this year.

This first post features a newcomer, Kirby Lam, who I initially thought was Bella Lam but later found out that she wasn't.  (Is it just me or do they really resemble each other?)

I first noticed Kirby in "Ghetto Justice 2" where she played as a pregnant lady and was forced to take drugs by her boyfriend.  For an unfamiliar face, I was quite impress with her scenes especially where she had to act scared.  Still, there are times that Kirby can be quite stiff (mainly when she's just in the background or isn't solely focused on by the camera) but overall, her performance in here definitely gave me a good impression.

After seeing Kirby in "Ghetto Justice 2", I once again spotted her in "Divas in Distress" where she played as Him Law's secretary.  Contrary to the previous role, Kirby's character in here was much more light-hearted to watch.  Her character, Apple, is quite sweet and especially funny to watch whenever Him picked on her.  In particular, I loved the expressions that she gave Him whenever he glared at her.  Though it was a small role, it did give me the chance to see the comedic side of Kirby's acting and left yet another good memory of her.

Looking back at some other series, Kirby was also in Witness Insecurity too wasn't she?  And if I remember correctly, in King Maker too?  Unfortunately though, neither were big enough to really be taken notice of.

In summary, Kirby's one newcomer that I really enjoyed watching this year and do wish to see more of in the near future!  What do you guys think of her?

Next I'll be featuring Ronald Law, who received quite a hefty role in "Witness Insecurity" this year.

Merry Christmas Everybody! ( & a little New Year's gift)

It's the time of year again where I'd like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas!!  Hope that you guys are all enjoying the holidays with family and friends.  Nothing better than a great turkey dinner!  I am no big fan of turkey, but stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy are all super duper awesome! :D  hehe anyways, have fun before school or whatever comes back to haunt you again! ;)

New Year's Present
Last year I made graphics for everyone as a Christmas present.  Unfortunately I am a bit late this year.  BUT if you need a banner to kick off 2013, I am doing them as New Years gifts for everybody!  Similar to last year's, here are the basic formats:

*I must admit that I am kinda losing my grasp on photoshop.  So beware!!! haha

General Banners
- size: 470px by 130px  
(but if it needs to be adjusted b/c of forum's restrictions or something, please just tell me :) )
- please provide links to the pictures
- text: created for "your name" from lynne@tvbhorizon & "Welcoming 2013"

Example Banner for General Banners:

For my dear Affiliates/Blogging Pals, if you guys need a new banner for 2013 :D
- size:
- text:  
- pictures or artistes that you want to be featured

Heading towards 2013...

The banner of Kate Tsui have been up for awhile already, so I thought it was time for a change.  While trying to create a new banner, no inspirations came.  After re-doing one banner after another featuring various artistes and such, I eventually gave up.  In the end, I came across these beautiful pictures of Charmaine Sheh from When Heaven Burns...which perfectly reflects what I feel and need right now.

"Where am I heading?"  It is quite obvious to me that I have recently been blogging more for the sake of blogging instead of the love for blogging.  I bet this was what so many previous bloggers felt before?  I don't think it's really tvb's degrading quality that have affected me, but simply it is I who have changed.  Guess this is just a part of growing up.

On the other hand though, I am not ready to let go of tvb or my dear blog yet.  That is why I'll just take a step back and rethink what I 'want' to post...not what I need to.  Hopefully 2013 will bring forward a refreshing start!

In the end, "to blog or not to blog, that is the question."  This is added in randomly.

LOLS when I saw the comic, I knew that I had to photoshop Chung King Fai's head onto there :P  hehe the fans who've watched Divas in Distress would know what I am talking about!

TVB 45th Anniversary Award Ceremony - Fashion Comments

*** I talked less and less near the end because I was tired :P  haha.

Fala Chen always manages to look beautiful in everything she wears with her bright smile, that amazingly outshines everything :)  The dress by itself, is rather lovely with the beads designs.  Anyways, Fala's attire was one of my favs of the night!  btw I wonder why she walked with Raymond....where's Roger?

*** I am confuse.  Didn't Fala recently post a picture of her new short haircut?  Why is her hair so long here !?  O.o

Niki's got a great smile and very fair complexion, don't you agree?  Sadly, I was not too fond of her dress choice since I felt that it made her look very 'flat-chested'.  While trying to be revealing, the dress actually scares me with how steep the angle the top tried to come down to the waist at (last picture).  

Last but not least, of course there is Raymond Wong's suit :P  Though I am not a particular fan of his suit choices, I cannot help but smile because they are always accompanied by a cute bow tie.  hehe

Linda's dresses for the last few tvb awards ceremonies have been either great, or straight out odd.  For this year's dress, I must say despite the negative feedback I've heard, I don't think it is so bad.  There are only a few turnoffs, such as the transparent layer near the stomach, which I would've preferred to be all white instead.  Then there's the back which is actually not so bad and I don't mind it too much.  If I were to make changes to it though, I'd just take away all those sparkles, raise the deepness of the uncovered part to Bosco's thumb (picture), and ta da!  Just a plain open back, which I think would accordingly fit the dress's simplicity.

Putting the dress aside, the main problem I had with the whole look was the choice of lipstick colour and the swept off bangs (?).  The pale pink lipstick totally threw off the whole look for me, since it made Linda seem so pale.  With white being the central colour of the outfit, a dark red would've been the better choice and it'll make her stand out more too.  As for the hair, beautiful how it was braided to the side but I did not like the swept bangs!

Oh, I must add that I really like the bracelet (or whatever it is) that she wore on her left hand :)  Think that it was a nice touch to the dress, since the dress itself did not have much to it..

Walking down the red carpet with Linda was Bosco Wong.  I am glad that his choice in attire is more 'tamed' this time. haha...Bosco is indeed very good looking but I just don't get his fashion sense sometimes xD

Can anybody tell me why Mandy's dress look so familiar?  I think I've seen it before but just don't know where...

In the previous years, Mandy's fashion at events such as these has not been to my favour.  That is why I had wondered what she would wear to this year's ceremony (knowing that she's the most likely one to grab the award).  To my surprise, her dress and make-up are much more natural this time around and the short hair styled quite well with the whole look!  The lime green pick is also a great colour choice for the dress since it's such a lively color compared to the other dresses.  

Then there's Oscar Leung, who wore overalls.  Why?  haha I can't help but smile at his smile though x)

I am not usually a fan of the dresses with the flaps (?  lols what are they called?) around the waist but Kate carried it well.  Something I like about Kate and thinks stand out about her is simply the way she carries herself.

Among the actresses, Nancy's shimmering scaled dress was definitely my favourite!  Usually too much shine can get tacky, but hers was showed off in a very elegant way.  I especially like how the scales 'shedded' towards the end of the dress, which balanced the dress (not too much sparkles) out.  To add on to that, the front of the dress is simple but the back compensates with its deep revealing cut.  That added an extra 'wow' factor to the dress.

Related to Linda's dress, Nancy's bare back is what I meant when I said Linda should've lost her sparkles.  Also, I just noticed that Nancy's hair and Linda's were both braided back.  Unlike Linda though, there was not that extra bang.

As for the two handsome guys who walked with her, Vincent and Him, both were very nice in their suit!  On the other hand though, Vincent's shoes were very ugly and did not match the suit at all xD

Aimee walked the red carpet with Moses in a bright red dress with a revealing cut that showed of her legs.  Though the dress is nothing new, Aimee looks beautiful in it :)  Oh on a side note, I'm curious why Aimee doesn't grow her hair out.  Anybody knows?

For some odd reason, looking at Moses short pants and boots reminded me of Raymond Lam.  Lols I guess that Raymond wore something similar to that somewhere...I think.

Definitely agree that Christine is a very beautiful girl that knows how to choose her dresses.  The fabric design is beautiful and the choice of hair/acessories went accordingly with the dress.  Unfortuantely, one flaw of the dress is that extra black piece of fabric that covers the end of the dress.  I absolutely hate it for some reason.  With it on, the dress reminded me of those old vintage lamps (...maybe because of the poofy shape it adds to the dress?  I don't even know why o.O).

Walking next to Christine, Eliza fell short out of sight.  I thought a better hairstyle would've helped Eliza out and the dress also fell short of my expectation.  In my opinion, the dress didn't really suit her.

Myolie always got a distinct style from the others.  The dress by itself looks very nice since I quite like the style, but I would find it more suiting with long hair (swept of to the unexposed shoulder).  Now putting the dress aside, the problem lies in Myolie's makeup!  They definitely put too much makeup on her face since it's quite obvious how 'pale' it was compared to the rest of her body.  So yah...that was bad.

The one with the greatest fashion sense out of all the siusangs, Kevin Cheng looked dashing in the suit!

Michelle Yim appeared in a very unique dress with the combination of both Chinese and modern style, which was very beautiful because of that.  My complaint though goes to the choice of accessories such as the diamond necklace.  It looked too 'modern' for the dress and so therefore appeared as big mismatch.  

The winner of the Best Actress of the night, Tavia Yeung walked down the red carpet with Kenneth Ma who won the Favourite Male Character award!  Both matched fairly well with their attire don't you think?

While I really like Tavia's dress, I would have chosen something different for the accessories.  Taking a look at dress with it's sparkling design, the extensive sparkling necklace was a pain for the eyes.  Basically too much sparkles going on at once.  So a simpler necklace/bracelet would've fitted the dress more.

Love Kenneth Ma but that extra bit of the suit was not very pleasing to the eyes.  Lols I am talking about that extra layer underneath the jacket.  The design reminds me of undergarments =.=

Together with Nancy's and Fala's, Cilia Kung's dress is included in my top 3 favourite dresses of the night!  I absolutely love the design of the ripples, which made the dress much more fun looking and lively compared to the others.  Fits Cilia's cute image perfectly :)

Katy Kung's dress had the potential to be something like Cilia's since the bottom looks pretty fun too.  Unfortunately, the top part of the dress was also too poofy and therefor just made it unnecessarily big on Katy.

TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Result Thoughts


Best Actor in a Leading RoleWayne Lai (The Confidant)
To be honest, I was a bit taken back that Wayne Lai won!  I initially thought that Kenneth Ma would be taking home this award that night!  Haha.  Anyways, congrats to Wayne for winning is third Best Actor award!  He's on a roll!  hehe :)  Super happy for him!

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Tavia Yeung (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)
Tavia seemed like a sure win to me and congrats to her for winning in the end!  She truly deserves it after all those years of working from cameos to where she is now.  Hopefully though, with this, Tavia will be able to get better roles next year.  I don't like how tvb is pushing her into so many dramatic roles.  Would like to see the comedic side of her (which I think she'll do great in).

Superman or Batman!?  Both are so awesome...this question should be prohibited from being asked :P
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Koo Ming Wa (Divas In Distress)
Breaks my heart that there could only be one winner, either Koo Ming Wah or Power Chan.  In the end, Koo Ming Wah gained the victory and congrats to him for that!  Nothing better than seeing such a great veteran finally getting the recognition he deserves!

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Nancy Wu (Gloves Come Off)
Quite a surprise since I felt that Elena Kong would win, but I support both, so was also very happy that Nancy won the award!  Hope that this will be a stepping stone for her towards leading roles!

My Favorite TV Male Character: Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)
Love you Yat Kin Tau!

My Favorite TV Female Character: Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)
Congrats to Pat! ;)

Most Improved Actor: Oscar Leung (L'Escargot, The Confidant, Tiger Cubs)
Great to see that Oscar was able to receive what he had wanted all along!  Congrats to him and hope to see even more of Oscar next year! hehe

Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong (L'Escargot, The Hippocratic Crush, Tiger Cubs, Divas In Distress)
Thank goodness Tvb gave it to Mandy (none of the others could really compete eh?), since I was afraid that they'll have favoritism over some others.  Hehe in the end, things are all good!  Congrats to Mandy :)

If my jaw could drop as far as Genie's...
Best Series: When Heaven Burns
As one of the lowest rated series this year with so many complaints, When Heaven Burns victory shocked me!  Not to mention it aired back in December!  Blew me away and the picture above of Jafar and Genie perfectly depicts what I felt when I saw WHB's win x)  Overall though, I am happy that it won.  Even though I have only watched bits and pieces, it's one that I can't forget (especially the ending).  Definitely applauding WHB for winning this year's award (not to mention that it was voted by HK citizens too)!

***Coincidentally, the new banner that I made a week ago and is going to be put up in a few days, features Charmaine in When Heaven Burns!  lols I am not guys will see it soon!

Best Programme Host: Maria Leitão
Best Variety Show: Map of Happiness
Best Educational Programme: Pilgrimage of Hope

TVB Lifetime Achievement Award: Liza Wang
Congrats to Liza :)
Sometimes we cry because we're sad, but there are times that we're so happy that we tear up too!  Now for these happy tears, I would not mind having them more often x)
Most Outstanding Artists (5 Winners)
01. Chin Kar Lok
02. Benz Hui
03. Sunny Chan
04. Lee Sing Cheung
05. Dodo Cheng

I did not even know that they had this category!  In the recent years,  I felt that these "pork chop" awards have always been for the 'leads' who've lost out to another category, so I was abit shocked to see the winners list.  Honestly, I teared up a little when I saw the list out of the happiness for the artistes!  It's truly hard for veterans to get recognize nowadays and even if they do, there's really only one category for them (best actress/actor in supporting), which breaks my heart knowing that only one can receive the award per year.  So even though these are 'pork chop awards', I'm so happy that tvb did this and giving them to the respective winners :)  Congrats to all five!  *cyberfive*

OVERALL, pleasantly surprise with the awards this year :)  The results are nowhere as bad as I had initially imagined with the new voting system (for 3 of the awards), and must say, arguably better than what I think tvb would've chosen?  haha I dunno :P