Wong Cho Lam as Raymond Lam xP

OMG!! Wong Cho Lam sang's Raymond's song!! Lols! =D Haha, after hearing this I still like Raymond's better xP But I really enjoyed the mv of Wong Cho Lam's xD Haha it is so funny! Especially love the parts of the guy girl and him xP Lols best was at 1:59. Haha, the way Wong Cho Lam stared at him/her made me laughed out loud xD

BTw....he changed the lyrics right? The tune sounds the same but words a bit different??.....Can anybody tell me what's happening in the mv? The girl suddenly turned to a guy?? Haha this really made my night xD Now is going of to sleep! HAha..


credits videos to the uploaders

Sales Presentation 2011 Clips!

《花花世界花家姐》 Colorful World of Sister Fa

《万凰之王》 King of Phoenixes

《回到三国》 Return to the Three Kingdoms

"Mahjong Flying Southeast"

"The Boxing King"

《洪武三十二》 Relic of an Emissary

《荃加福禄寿探案》 Detective Liza and Gods

《心战》 Psychological Warfare

《大太监李连英》 Grand Eunuch Lee Lian Ying

Only You

《真相》 The Truth

《点解阿 Sir系阿 Sir》 Yes Sir, No Sir

credits hklove.org

Thoughts: Hope you guys would all enjoy these clips! I will be writing my thoughts on them tomorrow and do screencaps =) Right now, I'll be going to sleep. Good Night ;)

btw...couldn't find the clip for "Counter Terrorism Response Unit". Weird...

Random Entry: Beautiful Snow!!!

These are some pics I just recently took when the snow fell! Haha, isn't the snow just the prettiest thing ever!?! I absolutely love it and wished that it snowed more. Looking at the snow just gives me a peaceful feeling. When you look at the snow fall, time just seems to stop. It's like being in a silence world without anybody to bother you. The most beautiful place to be when there are snow all around is probably the forest, which I went to. I'd love to play hide and seek in there xP Though the foot prints would probably give it all away! Haha, more and more snow just equals more fun (not on the road though -.-) Unfortunately, the beautiful snow only lasted for a day. Looking forward to more snow in December ;)

Links to Temptation Trailer 1

credits hklove.org

One of my most aniticipated series!!! I am loving it already xD The trailer looks mysterious...and makes me want to watch it right away! But isn't Steven a lawyer or something? In here he looks like an agent spy xP Fala looks beautiful in here, I can't wait to see her role! Think it's another interesting role for her ;) I don't get why Fala....died in the clip though @__@ Looking forward to Yoyo's role too. Haven't seen her for awhile and this time, she's playing an evil role ;)

Selena Li and Kenneth Ma in A Fistful of Stances

Lols drew this pic when I was talking to my friend xD Haha, Selena looks so mad and Kenneth looks really innocent...though his expression is a bit of (messed up on the eyes and mouth) xP The chinese on there is the name my friend gave me....though I don't know if I wrote it right or not... =/

I apologize for not posting lately...(again!) School have been getting the best of me lately....and also the lack of enthusiasm. I'm really happy to see that every one still visits though! The votes are going really well too!! Thank you so much ^-^

Twilight Investigation Pics

credits Star Starphoto

THoughts: Sorry that most pics are of Linda...there were more...but I just got lazy. I'm really looking forward to this!! Going to be a really cute drama ;) lols...Raymond is so buff xP and Linda Adorable!