Supposing there was a chocolate that could make you taller, slimmer and more beautiful, would you eat it without demur? Do perfect looks guarantee a perfect life? This hilarious Chinese New Year comedy is going to bring you the sweetest Valentine present ever in six consecutive episodes.

KUNG YAN TUNG (Wong Cho Lam) is beaten in a singing contest, despite his beautiful voice; turned down by his dream lover, YEUNG SIN WAH (Christine Kuo), despite his kind heart. He blames all these on his unattractive appearance. One day, he gets a pack of magical chocolates by chance. He eats one, and transforms into a heartthrob instantly. He changes his name to KAN LIK SHUN (Wong Chung Chak, Bosco), and he hits stardom almost overnight. The magical chocolates have a time limit though. His personal assistant, KING CHI KO (Kitty Yuen), discovers his secret. Fortunately, instead of disclosing it, she works even harder to help him. SHUN is getting more and more popular, even famous star TSE ON FEI (Kate Tsui) is going after him. There are only a few chocolates left. Then SHUN meets a scientist, who gives him a magical chocolate that has no time limit. If SHUN eats it, TUNG will disappear from the earth for good. Before he makes the decision, he is surprised to find that KO has tried the magical chocolates, too.

Credits: Astro On Demand

Thoughts: Aw, I find this series to have a cute storyline xD Of course a little realistic but I think it's gonna be a relaxing series to watch^^ Also a bit into fantasies stuff xD Also only 6 eps! Haha, Kate is playing as a star in here too, like in Beauty^^ Will her character be good or bad though.....? I'm also curious what happens if Wong Cho Lam actually eats the chocolate with no time limit o.O

I was curious what the names means! Doesn't look so english to me xD From splash01@asianfanatics, 'Don Juan' is a womanizer from a spanish legend and 'De Mercado' means market. Haha, I wanna know why tvb titled it in spanish xD

72 Tenants

Main Cast
Jacky Cheung, Eric Tsang, Anita Yuen, Bosco Wong, Stephy Tang, Wong Cho Lam, Linda Chung

Supporting Cast
Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, Wayne Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Bernice Liu, Raymond Lam, Fala Chen, Nat Chan, Ron Ng, Prudence Liew, Dicky Cheung, Alfred Cheung, Jamie Chik, Lam Suet, Koni Lui, Leung Tin, Lau Yi Lin, Chin Siu Hou, Chiu Yin Yin, Guk Fung, Gordon Lam, Tin Kai Man, Luk Wing, C Kwan, Woo Fung, Nancy Sit, Sunny Chan, Joe Ma, Lee Kit Tam, Evergreen Mak, Siu Yi, Kelly Chen, Denise Ho, Andy Hui, Maria Cordero, Vincy Chan, Sherman Chung, Siu Pang, Hui Wai Yan, Justin Lo

Maggie Siu, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Aimee Chan, Timmy Hung, Joyce Cheng, Joel Chan, Angela Tong, Carlos Ng, Kara Hui, Matthew Ko, Benjamin Yuen, Yoyo Chen, Cheung Kai Jing, Kayi Cheung, Samantha Ko, Jacky Heung, Fu Yin Fong, Mimi Chu, Wong Ching, David Lui, Lai Bei Dak, Ram Tseung, Cheung Kwok Keung, Tracy Ip, Derek Kok, Joyce Tang, Toby Leung, Ben Wong, Chun Wong, Celine Ma, Jeanette Leung, Joe Junior, Lam Man Chung, Emily Kwan, Roseanne Lui, Lui Zhan Shun, Lai Ji Shan, Kong Dou, Lau Siu Kwan, Cheng Yin Lai, Yu Fung, Macy Chan, Janet Chow, Fan Suen Wai, Pang Tin San, Dai Yiu Ming, Chan Fo Hak

Yeung Ying Wai, Chung Ji Kwong, Eileen Yeow, Lo Hou Kuen, Chuk Man Kwan, Leung Ka Ki, Lawrence Ng, Raymond Cho, Lui Man Kit, Chan Min Leung, Lo Pang, Ma Hou, etc.

credits jse@asianfanatics

Just some more Pictures^^
To see more:
Pics credits

Thoughts: Fala looks really sweet in those pics, doesn't she?! I just love the look she has in here xD Haha, I was surprised to see Bernice's character! She looks so different I barely recognize her xD Looking forward to her role in there! Also Charmaine's^^ Really looking forward her loud landlady character xD
Oh! I was surprised to see Joyce Tang! I miss her so much, really happy to see her in here! Lols, this movie almost includes all the tvb artistes :P I don't even know what the storyline is about but is really looking forward to this! btw..I saw some pics of Myolie in here too. I can't wait to see her either! Sadly she's only playing as a guest star though....

Song xD

This is from tudou but I re-uploaded it to youtube so credits goes to it's uploader at tudou.

At the Edge of Tears - A Watchdog's Tale

I'm still not finished with the series but so far, I really wanted to write about something that happened to Ho Tin Yau (Raymond Wong) and his dog, Bingo.

Raymond is a canine officer and Bingo is his partner. During one incident, Raymond and Bingo was chasing after a thief. They ran after him into a warehouse and Raymond got caught under a bunch of boxes. While Raymond struggled to get out, Bingo and the thief were fighting. The thief took out a stick and started to hit Bingo with it!

It was heart-breaking to see how Raymond struggled to get up but couldn't and could only see Bingo getting hit. The feeling that Raymond had at that time must of really hurt him and probably wished the one being hit was him instead of Bingo.

After that incident, Bingo had to retire......

These scenes between Bingo and Raymond highly affected me because I also have a dog myself. That is why I kinda know how it feels to be in Raymond's position. The more I thought of it the more tears rolled down my eyes during their scenes. This also made me thought back to why I never wanted to have a dog before. It was probably because I was afraid that I won't be able to handle it if something were to ever happen to my dog.

Linda's Blog Update!!


Linda: "Happy Chinese New years Everyone! May the tiger year bring good health, happiness and much love to all!

here are a few pics i found in my com…"






Thoughts: Aww!! Linda posted in english!! xD I love the pics she posted so much! She looks so sweet in all of them!! The last 3 are my favs out of all xD Haha, I love the face Linda made in the first pic xD Reminds me of her character in Twighlight Investigation's sale presentation! The second pic just looks great with the beach view xD Lols, 3rd pic is about Moses! The face he makes is so funny xD Hopefully Linda will be able to post more pics^-^

New Layout

So...Do you guys like the new layout?? I like this one better than the one before. The one before looked a little messy to me but this one looks more organized o.O Also all my affiliates are removed from the sidebar to the top link^^ Hmm...also on the top there are the graphics. I put most (not all) of my graphics in that page. Hope you guys like the new layout^

The Banner o.O
Umm...Do you guys like it? I wanted to have a 'happy' banner........but somehow it turned out to be a 'sad' one ^^; I saw that pic of Ray and really liked it, and that resulted in a not so happy banner.... I was chatting with sarah@MyTVBWorld. We were saying how cool it would be to see Ray playing as a playboy with a cold attitude etc xD Haha, I kept on thinking about that after. The closest characters I think he has to that is in Face to Fate! I LOVE him and Selena in there!! His character was adorable!!!

Lols, I just noticed how I've been falling for most of Tavia's pairing xD Movia, Stevia, Taro and now FungYi :P Hmm....not yet for Bota... Haha, maybe later?! xD

Really hope you guys like the new look^^


Welcome to my Graphic Galore!!!
Please feel free to use but please credit back xD

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Hmmm....on THURSDAY 28 (evening) to (probably) Friday 29, TVB Horizon blog won't be 'visible' or another way to say it, it's not gonna be allowing visitors :(

I'm gonna be changing the layout and a new banner too xD The layout is really nothing to look forward to cause it's really 'simple' and plain^^ but the new banner is going to be focusing on my current 'addiction' =_=; (I'm so self-centered :P) Haha, maybe it would be better for me to put 'that' banner when the *cough* series releases *cough* but since February is coming up......^^;

Oh! I'm also going to be ending all the polls in the new layout^^ So if you haven't voted yet, please vote^^

There are so many other things I need to catch up on...... Really slow with tvb cause my eyes are getting tired watching the english subs, maybe I'm just gonna wait for the viet sub to come out? Probably depending on the series, it might be either^^ Currently, I'm watching The Legend of the Condor Heroes (1994 version of Chiliam and Athena) I think I'm more interested into old series now xD I hope I would be able to watch A Kindred Spirit later on too^^ Oh! also Watchdog and Seasons of Fate...

Also, I still wanted to talk about some more scenes in DIF4 of LJ^^ Especially their ending and their 'song' basically, their upcoming post is gonna contain a bit of spoiler....and my thoughts on their characters etc.

I just saw these really cute pics of Bosco on his blog xD Aren't they all so cute!?! Haha, I love the first pic the best xD Bosco looks so cute in there for some reason! xD
And here's the set I made of him ^-^

Hm....did I show you guys this one? I'm not so sure but I made it awhile ago.... I just don't really like the text I used on there, doesn't blend in so well :/

Finally Over....

:hi:Hey Guys!! SO sorry for not posting anything for the past few days :( I didn't really know what to post.......or to be honest...I just didn't really want to. For the past few days I've been stress over something (which I thought was my exams) but it was totally another thing about my friends xD Today I've finally felt better :) Much, much better! Don't keep everything to yourself......sometimes you just have to let it out.

Stress always comes to you and you would always hate it! (so, so much -_-*) I guess the only way to handle it is to try a way you can get rid of it whenever it comes. For me, I usually wait for it to go away by itself.......the same way I do with sicknesses (I hate medicine, so never drank them....). Sadly that 'method' can only work for a few times....Not so effective either. I think if I let that go on, I'm letting it control my life. Of course there are so many other stresses that can't be 'handle' so studying ^^; ::(

You can't always expect things to go the way you want. Haha, that is what I learn from high school xD Many sad moments will always manage to 'pop' up but you just have to know that it won't last forever. It will just take a bit of time for those things resolve and for me, those times are 'consider' to be the hardest times of my life xD

Luckily when it is over, I always realize that those stuff only pop up a few times while happier times will pop up each day for me^^ Like how people always says happier times always seems like a few minutes, while boring/sad moments seem to take FOREVER to past :P I think that's how my brain works xD When I finally get over an head would feel so light.....haha, it's like switching to a different channel on tv xD Now it's watching a comedy show instead of those depressing ones^

Beside that, I have an exam tomorrow and this Thursday!! Haha, I'm actually quite excited for them xD It's weird......cause I'm not too worried about them anymore^^ I'm just happy that they're coming soon cause I'll be able to get them over with soon xD And hopefully no worries after that....well....until the next exam anyway :P

On another note, I'm still slowly watching all the series now...... Might take awhile to finish I really wanted to work on another mv...^^;

Artiste's Favs. - Yoyo Mung

Artistes Favs. are just basically what characters I like from an actor/actress.

For some reason, I never really liked her before :/ but to be fair, I didn't actually watched to many series of her. To me many of her roles seems boring and alike. I blame tvb on that. Haha, but there are moments that she does grabbed my attention xD

She got my first impression in her role as Ng Yi Fong in The Charm Beneath. She plays as Moses cousin, Angelina Lo's daughter, and Fred Cheng's sister. I found her character in here to be kind, sweet and cute^ Out of everyone in the household, Yoyo was the only one to be to Anne. She stood beside Moses and encouraged him when the times gets tough. Yoyo's character is strong^ She learns to accept, forgive and move on. Makes her character really likable in here^^

The scene that I can't get out of my mind in this series is the part where Yoyo saw Moses holding onto Sharon :( I was sooooo sad and started crying! (The music in the background seriously helped alot too) Moses was holding onto Sharon but then he saw Yoyo looking at them :(

Brief Description between Sharon and Moses: Moses first liked Sharon but then she dissapeared. Afterward, Moses and Yoyo began to develop feelings for each other and started dating^^ Suddenly Sharon returned and they found out what happened to her (which was sad..). At first, Sharon never intended to break up Moses and Yoyo but after Anne's 'scheme'........the scene above happened.

In this part, Moses went to see Yoyo and apologized to her about what happened (the scene above). She then turn around and told him that she accepts his apologize. I found it really sad when she said that because of how strong she dealt with that. One of the main reasons I love her, she knows Moses well enough and didn't want anything to be harder for him. To see this scene is much better then just reading my description cause the background music created this kinda sad mood which can't be explain in words ;)

Li Kwok Lun's character wanted to stab Moses with a knife. When Moses was about to get stab, Yoyo jumped in and took that stab for him :(

Forensics Heroes
Haha, no surprise I liked her character in Forensics Heroes xD Her character in here ultimately caught my attention in the first scene! She looked so cool hanging on the building like that xD This role gave me a fresher side of Yoyo^

My favorite scene of hers was where she jumped down the sea to catch Chris Lai! So brave xD Haha, I never think that she'd actually gonna jumped down there! Then there's also the sub story of how she wanted to become a police because of another police. It was so sad how 'he' died!!! (if you haven't watch the series you probably won't know what I'm talking about^^;)

I really like the chemistry between her, Bobby and Frankie! They made the best team ever :D


Beside her characters in these 2 series, I also really like her in Fathers and Sons^^ Haha, I'm growing to really like her pairing with Bobby.

I'm also looking forward to her 'evil' role in Transferred Connection of Temptation!! Beside the evil part, I also really love the way she looks in that series^^