The Exorcist's 2nd Meter - Thoughts on Bear Bear and Ma Gwai

 One of our most beloved character returns in The Exorcist's 2nd Meter! Moon Lau plays Booi Booi Na/Bear Bear, an aspiring reporter. Now she is staying in the real world to continue to work on her dream and to stay by Ma Gwai's (Kenneth Ma) side. There were so many chances up util episode 18 where they could have finished her story and help her move on, but she could never leave because of Ma Gwai.

In this scene above, we have Bear Bear questioning if she should let Ma Gwai go or not. To him, she isn't as important as his mother, Ho Jai (Hubert Wu) or Dr. Chong Tsz-Yeuk (Mandy Wong). Despite that, all she wants is to stay by his side. Love is interesting isn't it? Bear Bear is completely devoted to him even though she knows he would never be able to reciprocate her feelings. It can be seen as foolish but soooo relateable! LOL

On the other hand, Ma Gwai is always looking Bear Bear to help him and just wants their relationship to be as it is. In one scene, Ho Jai confronted him about this issue. Ma Gwai knows that Bear Bear is unable to move on to the next world because of him. So if he truly wants her to be happy, he needs to understand that their current relationship is not ok. I guess you can say Bear Bear's behaviour is enabling him to act that way because it is also her choice to stay beside him. Base from how things are going, I am foreseeing a very tragic ending for Bear Bear. She will probably sacrifice herself for Ma Gwai somehow.

Yes, go and reflect sir. She will die for youuuuu!

The Exorcist's 2nd Meter - Thoughts on Ma Gwai and Ho Jai

Like with most TVB sequels, things are just getting messy. Too many characters, underdevelopment of old characters and a scattered plot. I have watched up to episode 18 so far and while I am still invested, I still have to fastforward some parts. There is actually so many things I want to talk about but first off, let's talk about Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma), Ho Jai (Hubert Wu) and their mother (Susan Tse).

Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) - Ma Gwai has become such an irritating character and it is so unfortunate to see that because I was expecting a much more grounded person after Shek Gam Dong sacrificed himself. The drama did start off well as we see him investing a lot more time and effort into becoming a demon exorcist. Unfortunately after episode 8, things went completely downhill and his character got thrown into the background. Furthermore, his constant fights with Bear Bear and Ho Jai made him more dislikeable as you can see he is solely focus on himself and his needs. In particular there was one scene where Ho Jai purposely drove Bear Bear away, he asked Ma Gwai why he is constantly holding her back knowing that he cannot return her feelings. I was like, "OMG YESS LIKE WHY." I can't even deal with Ma Gwai. What is it about him that could make the people around him care for him so much?! He is so whiny.

Overall very poor character development. I wish we got to see more of him building his superpowers, but it just ended up as a big family quarrel.

Return of Ho Jai (Hubert Wu)
Ho Jai returned to aid Ma Gwai in his missions. Contrary to Ma Gwai's, his character arch is very intriguing to watch. He drowned as a young kid and when he was able to "escape" the depths of the water, he was unable to return as it turned into a curse that he needs Ma Gwai to help break.

It was sad to see a child return home and realizing he is dead. He deeply cares for Ma Gwai and his mother. He never blamed Ma Gwai for anything and solely just wants him to care for her. While I found the present parts between Ho Jai, Ma Gwai and their mother rather annoying because it dragged until at least episode 18, I really enjoyed the childhood flashbacks between the three.

I became especially invested in Ho Jai through the flashbacks and am intrigued to see how he can resolve the curse. Though I can see why Ma Gwai wanted the family to reunite so badly, isn't the curse just a tiny bit more important right now? Ho Jai already explained to him that because of the curse, he could easily lose control of who he hurts and that is why he did not want to reunite with his mother. So why spend 18 episodes to drag out that story instead of focusing on the curse!?!? Smh. Can't even deal with all of this.

Draggy Storyline between Mother and sons - What a mess. Dragged on for 18 episodes. More screentime for Susan Tse and that's good, but tragically annoying. I was so glad to see the family issue resolved in episode 18. Now there will be time to focus on other stuff.