My Sister of an Eternal Flower Overview

Super behind but I'm catching up!! xD

It surprised me how...not so good the ratings for this series was. It's actually not that bad and I quite enjoyed it =) Though I admit Charmaine was a tiny bit annoying at first, I kinda got used to it later on. The only thing I really disliked about the series is the Kau Kau. She's way to exaggerate it in my opinion. I'm fine with the slow talk in both of them....but I just can't stand it when they're loud ^^;;

suprisingly, all the characters were really lovable (supporting and main). With a simple storyline, they managed to throw in a few really emotional scenes =) My favourite couple though wasn't Charmaine and Ray but instead it was Toby and Pierre! I'm beginning to really like Toby in here and hope to see her in more series later on ;)

Sibling Bond
There were sweet and sad moments among the 3. It's hard to have someone in your family with a disability like Charmaine's but I think she's the reason why the family stayed together. Toby and Jazz always fought but whenever they see Charmaine's sad....they'd both cool down and comfort her =) The saddest moment was when Jazz and Toby fought and indirectly stated that Charmaine was their "baggage". You can imagine how much that hurt Charmaine...and how much I cried at that moment t__t

It's good to see how much their relationship was developed in the end. No matter how many faults each of them did, they all found a way to forgive each other....=) So sweet.

My Favourite Couple: Toby and Pierre
Haha I found their story a bit more interesting than Charmaine's and Ray's. Of course....that excludes the cancer part...=) It was so sweet to see them get together, just kinda sad how they easily they can have misunderstandings towards each other =/

Random Enjoyable Scenes (not in order):

1) Raymond's Bank "Rob" - teaches us how much the media can influence one's thinking (like nowadays how girls feel they have to "fit" what the models look on magazines etc.....*sigh* beware of the airbrushing :P) But was funny xD lols

2) Toby slapping Raymond - haha I just found that entertaining

3) Raymond taking pictures inside of Jazz's dog cage :P Haha also how Charmaine locked him in there xD (wish that she was that mischievous during the series)

4) Raymond leaving Charmaine (moving in with Yoyo)...Ep14 - Omg!! saddest scene in the series! The way Charmaine said goodbye...and the tears in her eyes were just heartbreaking.

5) Toby and Pierre at the beach (how Toby accidentally answered why she was so competitive with him) - lols I thought that was one of the cutest scene of the series! Their reactions towards that was so awkward! =)

6) Toby and Ray complaining about Jazz's gf (when Toby and Ray high-fived each other) - lols random but certainly a nice scene xD

7) Charmaine telling the reason why she want to break up with Raymond...and he couldn't say that he did not mind having a disabled child - it just kinda hit me when Raymond told his grandpa that......

8) Pierre's sister seeing the crushed birthday cake in his car - just really sad and emotional for me. A moment of realization....

9) When everyone thought Charmaine was pregnant - lols! so funny how mad everyone was...then the fights/arguments....haha Brother Kei saying that it was his baby!!!! then Ray hitting him :P Lols that was just kinda entertaining.

10) Brother Kei posing as Wah Dee with his pot belly xP lols

11) Toby's trip to the hospital....Pierre knowing about her pregnancy and she knowing that he have cancer - mainly because of the part where they were checking to see if the baby was alive....made me scared for a moment!

12) Jazz Lam using the shovel to point at Raymond's throat xD

Now...most annoying part of the series is how Pierre got cancer!!!!! Argh!! I hates it!!! So...argh! The the ending...the way they made Pierre sounds like he died was so fake!! V__V

Charmaine Sheh as Fa Lai Chu
I actually quite liked her character. Sweet and cute =) And she can cook too!!!! That's something I wish I could do xD Something I'm really jealous of her is her simple life. Everybody loved her and took care of her.....unfortunate with her disability but fortunate in a way because of the people around her =)

As for the criticism's on Charmaine's acting, I agree on the too high-pitch voice but it was only here and now that it gets annoying. Not too much of a problem in my opinion. Her crying skills were amazing....the way she cried when Yik Yik left just makes you feel really bad for her.

Raymond Lam as Yik Yik
Haha Raymond have been getting praises for this character and I'm happy for him =) It's been so long since we've seen Ray in a comedic role and here it is now! Refreshing and cute.....not evil but simply lazy :P It's rather irritating when he wouldn't do anything when Yoyo tried to encourage him to....but I'm glad that he began to "grow up". He finally grew into an mature guy that could take care of the company. Haha think the grandpa would think the stroke was worth it xP

Toby Leung as Fa Lai Ping
I have not watched Toby before but have heard of criticisms towards her. Honestly, I really liked her in here. You know how people usually realizes others mistakes more than their own? She was like that. But she cares alot about her family and tries her best to take care of them. Though I found her a bit selfish when she sold Pig Pig.....One thing though, she never tell her family about her problems....always trying to take care of it by herself, which can really tired a person out =(

Pierre Ngo as Mike
Should you hate or love this guy? Kinda both. I felt that he went to extreme for the money....but seeing how he sacrificed his Baggio business for Toby, you begin to realize that he have a heart too ;) Just need to be melted by that special someone xD Like Toby, he also cares alot about his family (sister)....would do anything for her...but it's just way to extreme. (kinda unforgivable in a way) I felt it was a stupid "twist" that he have cancer -.- Did it annoy you? Cause it seriously annoyed me....*sigh* He was slowly turning good...but this totally turned everything around!! So typical with the reason I'm going to die...and in order not to hurt the one I love...I hurt her even more!!! -.-

Yoyo Chen as Agnes
Like her or no, I can say that Yoyo looked absolutely gorgeous in here!! Loved her long wavy hair and the dresses xD Yoyo have been in more and more series and I'm happy to see that! She was good as the nice girl...but also down to earth. I felt bad for her when Raymond wouldn't listen to anything that she says. If I was her....seeing a guy that is "lazy" as that...I would leave him too no matter how much I loved him. (Raymond totally deserves it.)

She is a really nice girl...but her actions trying to break up Ray and Charmaine were kinda dirty. Lols nothing wrong with that because it was simply realistic :P Felt kinda bad for her actually. Nothing wrong to chase after her happiness....though sometimes things are just never meant to be....better to let it go than hang on and getting hurt even deeper.

The supporting crew were all lovable =) Special mention is Pierre's sister cause I don't think she act much? Don't even know her name....but I really liked her!

Overall....a relaxing and enjoyable series =) Not great but not too bad either. If you have the free time, it'll be good to see it. A good past time series. Haha..I cried so much during this series...(I'm a bit emotional) xD

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