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Rosy Business Thoughts 1

Spoilers Alert

I'm currently on ep 6 of No Regrets^^ Hehe, I am loving it right now! It's engaging and I absolutely love Sheren's character!!! She's so cunning and evil! I love the way how she acts nice so convincingly, deceiving the person she wants to hear from. She's cool and calm and doesn't act in a rushing manner. Just plain scary.

When she told Evergreen that if he don't pay his men back triple, she'll make his life miserable here, that speech reminded me so much of this one time in RB, that was somewhat the same. I'm also wondering now....if Sheren is really the real daughther. I'd like to see some flashbacks of her past. Quite curious on that. Sheren's character is quite mysterious...

I'm looking forward to her change....when she falls for Wayne?

Wayne's character isn't as smart as his character in RB but his loyalty is still the same. He way act mean towards Pierre but when there is trouble, he'd stand up for him =) I do look forward to Wayne's character development and hopefully a loose on some of his temper xD I wonder how he'll like Sheren....since he doesn't seem to like her so much at this point.

I don't like Wayne's wife too much....maybe because of Evergreen Mak.....

Fala entered in....Ep4? Her character seems so happy and optimistic, but I have a feeling she's going to go through quite a number of difficulties. I am really looking forward to more of her and Raymond....know it's going to be sad.

Pierre really got a chunk of time in the first 2 eps! Of course I did not mind that! Haha, kinda obvious but I really like his character in here more than RB. Pierre usually plays evil/spoiled characters so it is quite refreshing to see him in here as the nerdy guy xP I felt so bad for him when he first entered though. And even worse at how Wayne treated him! Luckily after all those pain, he became friends with them =) It's great to read the article about Pierre's acting. He finally got the recognition he deserves. He'll definitely be one of the people I'd support for fav supporting role!

Ron's Fashion

HAha, Ron's expression in there is really cute xD This comic isn't so good as the others though.

Can't Buy Me Love Overview

Wow, I haven't been doing any reviews lately! =(

Series Focus
This series really focuses on love and how it cannot be bought. (lols just like how it says in the title!) All the couples and families in here went through a great number of difficulty to find each other, and both family and love rivalries were resolved in the end.

At first, I was thinking that it was going to turn out really cheesy....and well, it kinda still is but not to the extent of my imagination. It's actually quite heart-warming and a light-hearted series to watch. The cheesy parts I didn't really like is the hand claps. I didn't really like how they just do that every time....maybe a back story behind story (reason) would be good for it but overall...did not like those claps. I only remember one scene where I thought the claps were meaningful and appropriate to use. That was when Charmaine was trapped in jail and as Moses left....he started doing the claps and she clapped back. That was their way of encouraging each other and for communication since they didn't get to see each other in person.

oh! Another thing I did not like! The rapping! -.- It just irritated me for some reason....probably because I'm not a fan of rapping music at all.

It is hard to find someone you love that truly loves you back. Sometimes it can suddenly appear....or it will never even appear. I love every couple in here. All are very sweet and had touching scenes together.

Moses and Charmaine
This couple turned out better than I thought they would! I thought they were quite cute with each other....probably after they made up. I like Moses outright personality and the way he helped Charmaine even though she was mean to him. He did not let her go when she was in jail and no matter what, did not divorce her. Isn't he the perfect guy for every girl? xD (beside his fainting issues though...) I like Charmaine because of her development throughout the series. At first you only see her as an ignorant and loud princess but then as the series progresses, you can see her gentle, intelligent and soft side. Charmaine always cries so beautifully that it always make me cry too!

The idea of the dragonfly papers is really sweet! They were really meant to be together from the start! They just had to go through a bit of obstacles to really know what they meant to each other ;) And also the idea of their daughter having the paper dragonfly with another boy was adorable!!! Haha, you just have to love those kids so much!

As much as I liked Charmaine's character though, this isn't the best comedic role she've received. I think her role in You're Hired is still better. This role isn't as special....maybe because the series comedic style is based more on exaggeration. You're Hired was based more on wit....and her pairing with Dayo is just too good!

Raymond and Linda
I'm pretty sure alot of people really like this couple! They had a lot of sweet scenes together like eating the birthday buns, scene in the rain and etc. But with a lot of sweetness also comes with a lot of bitterness. They had the most obstacles to go through and the sad thing is....they're both the kind of character who really doesn't say their feelings towards each other! I didn't like Raymond's character too much. He's too...low in confidence? Linda was sweet and naive. But then she got stronger when she became the princess. I'm happy to see that she stood to her principles and her optimistic attitude. She and Raymond had so much chance to be together...but fate always turn them upside down. It was so sad to see Linda waiting in the rain for Raymond but then he never came....

Though Raymond's proposal was quite sweet. Love how he did the smaller locket! It was so cute but I didn't like the red rubies on there too much.

Kenneth and Fala
The couple I anticipated for did not start to get together until very late in the series!! Argh that made me angry....but when they did appear....they were adorable! I love how each of them got their own 'quote' and the speech actions! Though they shared the least amount of screentime together...I think they became my fav couple in the end. Kenneth's character gave less than what I expected....I thought his role was going to be more interesting but at least he is when he's with Fala =D Fala is just so cute! When Kenneth said that he didn't want to be with her, she tricked him and found out the reason why. She's smart and strong! I love it when this couple was focused on!

Louis's OVERused Character!
How many times have Louis played this kind of character!?! It irritates me how they keep on making him play these characters! Always stirring up trouble, not so smart and won't admit his mistake. He was like this in Colors of Life, Virtues of Harmony and Heart of Greed. EDIT - Just went to wiki to see more series of Louis....shock to see he has only 14 series!!! Omg....for some reason, I thought he had filmed tons before....

Kara Hui as the evil empress
Kara Hui can be scary when she wants too xD She played well and I must admit I felt bad for her when she died. The fact that she said why she did all those nasty things to Charmaine was sad. Having an emperor as your husband isn't always a good things. He'd have to always put the state before his family...

Sharon Chan and Edwin
Sharon was raelly mean to Edwin at first....so it was touching to see that he did not left her when she was in trouble. You also knows that Sharon actually cares alot about her husband during their last scene together. I turned out to like them together a lot. All the fame and fortune kinda got Sharon to treated their relationship before quite badly...but now he knows that she do care about him^^

The Kam Family
I don't know....sometimes I like them...sometimes I not too fond (think it's the clapping thing). I don't find their family to be realistic enough...and just really cheesy sometimes. Most of all though....they didn't give me the warm family feeling. Since the couples were the main focus....the family was just kinda the background for some reason...and it didn't have to much focus on them. Overall though, they were nice to watch.

The Ding's Family
I actually like this family more than the Kam family for some reason! Haha, Kenneth's parents can be quite funny and I loved how they all dressed in the same design in the ending! Lols love it when they tried to 'show off' their values. They walk like peacocks xP

Fav. Character - ?
Fav Couple - Fala and Kenneth
Most Touching Couple - Moses and Charmaine
Cutest - lols little Charmaine!! xD
Who would you choose? Moses, Raymond, Kenneth?
All 3 guys are faithful and good. Hmm..personally I'd say either Moses or Kenneth....but more towards Moses? xD

Overall feelings..
I must say....I remember this series more from it's emotional scenes than it's humor scenes! I didn't think so much tears would come out of me since I thought most of it was comedic....but surprise! I cried so much! Sounds pathetic but it is true. There was the scene where Linda was in the rain waiting for Raymond, how Moses did not divorce Charmaine and it was up to the family to vote, when Moses and Charmaine did the 3 claps, when Fala knocked Kenneth out cause she didn't want him to be in danger with her, when Kenneth lied to Fala and said he didn't like her, when Fala became sick....omg there were so many! I'm an emotional wreck xP

Overall Thoughts
...wow...I didn't believe that this is going to be true at first....but this is one of the better series of the year. It was relaxing and enjoyable. Not a head on series that keeps you excited one after another but is just there for you to relax^^ Recommended? Hm...everybody's probably watching this already xD lols but yes if you like something enjoyable ;) I'd say 3.3/5

No Regrets Theme

I love this theme so much!!! I think I like it better than Rosy Business's! I am so excited to watch this!!! Hopefully can start soon =3