Supporting Japan

credits KEntNews@youtube

Artistes singing to support Japan after it's earthquake. The fact that they also sang in japanese is really touching =) Let's all pray for Japan and hope that they'll be able to recover soon.

Filming Pics of Selena for a mini show

credits SelenaBaidu@sina, Selena@baidu and others

Thoughts: Just saw these pictures on weibo and found them really cute! Haha, Chris Lai and Selena Li would make a really cute couple =) But then Selena always looks cute with everybody ;) Her look in here and the pics really reminded me of her Valentines commercial with Bosco =) Looking at the pics, I really want to go to that place they went (which I think was a hotel of some kind...resort maybe?) There are pandas there!!! xD

Guessing Game Round 2 - 12

Basic Outline
-only ONE guess
-first 3 person to guess the right series gets a point
-at the end of the month, the person with the most points gets to choose what is on the next banner =)
-please answer in comment section

POINTS so far....
2as1 - ||||||||
byakushi - |
Chii - |||||||||
foreverlovetvb - |
leanne - |||||||
may - |||||
Michael - ||
mui - |||||
Pi - |||||||
Rachel - ||
sandalls - ||||
summer - ||||||
Veronica - |||
yue_mei - |||||||||

PREVIOUS ANSWER: The Legend of Love



The Boxing King Costume Fitting

credits ent.qq, SelenaBaidu@sina

Thoughts: Though I'm super into this series, I'm really happy about it because tvb is finally beginning to promote Selena and Nancy (I don't know who is the female lead, but it doesn't matter...cause I love both!) Selena got the female lead in Thunder (something) and now she have another series! Hopefully her role in here will capture the audiences attention......and especially tvb's xP

Nancy's role in here as a death and mute boxer is quite interesting, a good chance to shine ;) I'm looking forward to more info of her role =) Love Nancy! Hope to see her in more series later on =)

On a side note.....Raymond seems really tired in here =( Tvb's promoting him like crazy now....which is good, but wishes that he'll have some time off to spend with his newborn son, Kayden =)

And Selena's blue sweater reminds me of Tavia's during Yes Sir No Sir costume fitting =)

Back to the Three Kingdoms Costume Fitting....and more

credits hyn5, ent.qq, sina,

Thoughts: Haha everybody most likely have seen these pics already....because I was too lazy to post them -.- lols it's not only the costume fitting pics though but also some from the event..thing. Personally, I was quite surprise that Ray and Tavia didn't get paired up in here! Oh wells, also wished that Ron was going to participate....but now there is Kenneth =) For some reason, I don't really like Kenneth in ancient series though...since I don't think he fits the costumes too much...but eh, I love him anyways =D

Though I'm not a big fan of Tavia's costume (cause I was looking forward to more) but she still looks beautiful in it =) Tavia should totally film more ancient series cause I want to see her in more costumes xD

credits jse@asianfanatics and

Thoughts: Can't wait to see the new trailer =D