[Guest Stars] Every Step You Take - Priscilla Wong and Raymond Wong

Haha this was so cute!  One of my favourite onscreen couple, Priscilla Wong and Raymond Wong, guest-starred in "Every Step You Make" as the characters in Yin Chong's (Moses Chan) wedding ring commercial.  Gosh, my heart was fluttering when I saw them.  I miss "Karma Rider" and "Swipe Tap Love" so much now!  Honestly wish that they showed more of the commercial but there were only some bits here and there ;O

The commercial:
Priscilla clumsily bumped her head into the glass window.  Haha I love her braided hair!  She looks so pretty and sweet :3
The angel (aka Raymond) appeared and saw this clumsy girl haha
He shed his wings in order to be with her on Earth...
So for her, he gave up his eternal life.
'With love, nothing is impossible.  A smile is eternal."

Haha it's just a generic and fluffy commercial, but man...I'm so glad to see Priscilla and Raymond!  When will they pair up again? xD

Another reunion between Karma Rider's costars...just this time it's Cilia Kung and Owen Cheung instead.  They had such a tragic in that series, but look like it will be a happy one in here :)  When will they appear though!?!?  I think I'm on episode 9 and still no sign of these two =.=