[What's Up] Jan.27, 2013

First of all, school. It's been dictating my life for the past few weeks but I am surprisingly enjoying my classes, especially biology! As for tvb, I've actually been watching alot of tvb series! Unfortunately none are of the latest though :P

1) The Conqueror's Story ft Adam Cheng and Kwong Wah
The Conqueror's Story was an exception, since whenever I re-watch something, they're usually comedies. But since I loved the series alot (and terribly misses Kwong Wah), I really wanted to watch it again. Totally love Kwong Wah's and Wayne Lai's characters! Felt very nostalgic after finishing it :)

2) The Tough Side of a Lady ft Wong Hei and Marianne Chan
Mainly re-watched this for Wong Hei, who's such a great actor that's unfortunately underrated at the same time. Though it failed to give the great legend of Mulan any justice, Wong Hei and Marianne Chan still managed to make it enjoyable for me.

3) The Legend of Lady Yang ft Kwong Wah, Anne Heung and Melissa Ng
To be honest, this series is bad.  I just re-watched it solely for Kwong Wah and Melissa Ng.  As mentioned, I really miss Kwong Wah and so have been trying to re-watch him lately.  He's one of those actors (that we rarely see nowadays) who can pull off such a royalty look!  No wonder he acts in so many emperor roles!  As for Melissa Ng, I absolutely adored her character in here!  Probably the only character that is worth watching :P

Oh another point that makes this series standout is the attire of the ladies!  Absolutely gorgeous!  Don't tvb usually store their old costumes?  Where are all the costumes from here!?  Especially those beaded head ornaments?!  Ugh I am absolutely irritated by tvb recent ancient jewelleries (so golden and heavy)!!!!  Terribly tiring for the eyes to see...

4) Gods of Honour ft Benny Chan, Kingdom Yuen, Irene Wan etc
I always tend to re-watch this since I have the dvd's.  And everytime, there would be a part I'd cry for Kingdom Yuen.  She truly excelled in her role.

As I was re-watching it though, I began to notice some plot holes that I never noticed when I was small x)  haha.  Now thinking of it, Irene Wan's (the main leading lady) role was very badly developed or rather wasn't developed at all.  Such a pity since her character definitely got the potential to be more than what was given.

Besides Kingdom's character, my other favourite characters includes Henry Lo's (Bi Gan) and Rosanna Lui's (the queen).  I also want to add how awesome the bird god's costume is!!!  Seriously!  Look at his beak and forehead!  How did they do that!?  More importantly, if they can do that back then....why are they failing at something like old wrinkles?!  (in The Last Steep Ascent)

4) Night Journey ft Yuen Wah, Louisa So, Cheung Kwok Keung, Danial Chan, Halina Tam etc
Let's just say I really miss those series of 'jumping vampires'!!!  They were so popular back then but unfortunately, none are produce nowadays.  Such a pity because I really loved them  Q.Q

Night Journey can be a bit silly but that does not prevent me from enjoying it!  Found Yuen Wah and Louisa So quite cute together :)  Also great to see Chor Yuen again after so long.  Love that guy and his character was quite funny to watch too.  haha

5) War of the Genders ft Dayo Wong, Carol Cheng etc
When was the last time I laughed out loud while watching a series?  Maybe there was a few here and there during Night Journey and The Tough Side of a Lady, but not that much :P  Re-running the 50 episodic series/sitcom, I finished it in a blast.  A very enjoyable series (though some sub-story were a bit boring), that you should definitely watch if you haven't already done so yet.  Dayo and Carol totally rocked those 50 episodes and for the boring sub stories, I'd pass forward towards their parts!  haha x)  They're so comical!

Oh, Dayo Wong is said to be filming a series for tvb this year.  Unfortunately it won't be War of Genders 2 because Carol doesn't want to film again (she's hosting) :(  Such a pity....but at least Dayo will be back for a series, which I'm anticipating for more info!!!

Un-posted Old MV's Post No.1

By old, I meant really old! I made these using movie maker, so probably around 3 years ago when I first started to make videos? haha I was cleaning my desktop when I saw all these video files (there are more that I'll post up later), which are either unfinished or were just never posted up :) Might as well share them before I delete them right? haha

Can anybody here recall this really old show, "Vampire Expert"?  My favourite sub story of the series was Kristy Yang's and Eric Wan's.  Kristy played as a butterfly demon who needs to absorb human energy.  She and her sisters one day came by Eric, a police officer, and his colleagues at work.  From there on, she started to fall for Eric, who also fell for her too.  But as we all know, love stories between a demon and a human do not often end too well...

This video consists of instrumental music:

This one features a song by Jackie Chan from "The Myth":
Ok, I was a bit surprised when I rewatched this one.  Apparently I credited the video to "DeeHorizon"?  lols what!?  Okies, my online name was "LynneD" before (for those who remembered).  After awhile though, I shortened it to "Lynne" (was wayyyy to long before :P)  lols I only added "D" in the first place because I liked that letter...at least that's what I think the reason was.  o.O  So I guess that was where "Dee" came from?  o.O  Maybe I should've stayed with "Dee" as my username cause that would've been two letters shorter xD  Haha old memories.  How things have changed for the part 3 or so years....

I'm pretty sure "Twins of Brothers" are known to most of us, which features Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam. Once again, the background music is instrumental.

Changed the Layout Colours...again.

I initially changed the colours because I wanted...a more cheerful layout.  So in the end, it turned out pretty well!  Used the mixture of the green and blue (that I really love!) as the main theme, the layout is making me alot happier xD  On the downside, I was trying to create and banner and ended up with what you guys are seeing right now.  The banner just looks a bit depressing compared to the happy colours :P  Not very matching, but I just couldn't think of what to make OTL

[News] Power Chan Has No Hope to Renew TVB Contract, Mimi Lo Considers Leaving

Last night, Power Chan and his wife Mimi Lo were guests on TVB new game show 滿Fun情趣鬥登對. Since Mimi's maternity leave, she has been actively paying TVB back the "show debts", but her contract is expiring in August. She revealed she might consider leaving the company, she said: "There are too many people here, so I may not get my turn. Perhaps I'll just take on a few jobs, do some musicals and sing some songs. Ricky Wong's side has a lot of people too, who knows, I might just go over to ATV."

Mimi's husband, Power Chan gained popularity after his "Pang Sam Shun" role in The Confidant. IT turns out his contract is expiring end of this year, but no one has contacted him for a renewal yet. Power expressed if all goes smoothly, he will renew his TVB contract, but he doesn't want to place too much hope on it. He said: "I'm not discouraged, just thinking realistically. I'm not a newcomer who just debuted, perhaps I'll have to wait another 20 years and see if I can become like Wayne Lai or maybe see if I'll get another breakthrough role as big as Pang Sam Shun." Mimi teased her husband that he's already considered a veteran actor. Power claimed: "Veteran very soon!" Since Power became a father, he has turned into a talkative person and has wide smiles on his face. Mimi said she's not jealous of her daughter.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Thoughts: Tvb can't afford to lose more veterans =.= Please renew Power's and Mimi's contract!!!! OTL

I also did a edit of one of Power Chan's photo :) Personally really like the photo.....which Power and Mimi all the best!

[What's Up?] Watermark Program?!

As you guys may already know, I often do screencaps for the dramas that I watch and there's usually a logo thingy that references back to "tvb horizon". First of all, those are all added on to the pictures manually (aka one by one) in photoshop. Unknown to me though, there are programs that can do that for us (in batches too)!!!!! Lols something I dread about taking screencaps is having to put on the credits on the photos....but now, everything is so much easier! Now instead of spending so much time to edit them in ps, I can easily add the watermark on trhe photos in a matter of seconds :P

The free watermarking program I'm using is called, TSR Watermark Image. Fast and easy, you can also customize your own logo/credits too :D If you use Piscasa like I do, there is also a way to add the watermark through tools but the means of customizing is abit more complicated. Haha so that's why I'm just using TSR and uploading them onto Piscasa later on :)

Seriously I felt very foolish yesterday, when I found out about this =.= This will make everything a whole lot easier!

haha to be honest, I have a teeny tiny addiction with taking screencaps. I can just sit there and take pictures for hours :P So now that I have this program to help me, I will be taking screencaps continuously...cause they make me happy xD haha

Women In the Cubicle (格子间女人)

Requested by Anon1, who wanted to see more pictures of Ron Ng and Raymond Wong: Ron have not attended any functions recently (that I know of anyways...beside the one that was a week or so ago), so I decided to post what he's currently up to :)

Women In the Cubicle (格子间女人) is a Mainland series featuring Ron Ng and Tang Yan. Ron is currently filming the series in mainland :D

Synopsis (credits wiki):
Ge Zi Jian is a new type of collective office environment. Every normal white collar worker wishes to leave Ge Zi Jian as quickly as possible and own an office that belongs especially to them - Tan Bin is no exception. She is the backbone of the Sales Department, but because of intense competition within the department, she is pushed to the forefront of the bid. Tan Bin's boyfriend Shen Pei is an artist, with a personality that is the complete opposite of her's. After an unexpected mishap, during the period Shen Pei struggles to stand back up, his past immediate supervisor and current opposition in the bid Chen Rui Min enters Tan Bin's life. However, Tan Bin is hit hard by the continuing defeats on her side of the bid. At the same time, Tan Bin discovers that Chen Rui Min influenced the direction the results went. Just as she decides to leave, she receives the news that Chen Rui Min had been hospitalised. In the end, Tan Bin finds out she had misunderstood Chen Rui Min. Ultimately, Tan Bin decides to redo her MBA qualification, while Chen Rui Min gives up his work in order to always be by Tan Bin's side.

Tang Yan as Cheng Yun
Ron Ng as Chen Rui Min
Li Cheng Xuan (李承炫) as Shen Pei
Mo Xiao Qi as Mini

[Upcoming] Season of Love

Airing Feb 11, 2013

Thoughts:  I am personally really looking forward to this series because a) nice casting b) the sub stories sounds nice-ish c) that's it.

Spring thoughts:  Him Law as an idol singer :P  What else is new?  I have a feeling it's going to be a reprise of his role from Divas in Distress?  Haha the story reminds me of a k-drama (though it also familiar to Charmaine's and Moses's story in Let it Be Love too).  Looking forward to it?  Yes.  More so because of the father-daughter relationship between Kandy and Him mentioned in the summary.  Think it's going to be cute.  Also, I am looking forward to seeing Toby again?  Haha she grew on me after....that series with the super long name (Charmaine and Raymond Lam), where she and Pierre played as a couple.

Summer thoughts:  Probably the plainest story out of the 4 but on the bright side, less complications?  I am honestly looking forward to seeing Iva Law and Eric Li as a couple though :)  Their wedding pictures are so cute!

As for Kate and Ron, I am just pleading that Ron's character is going to be level-headed and likable.  I don't get why tvb have to type-cast him in those hot-headed roles so much.  Oh!  As for the 'programme' they're producing, I was wishing that it could be related to dance (though it's probably not).  Seriously wanted their story to focus of dance though since both have dancing experiences right? :)

Autumn thoughts:  This story is like a math equation, just abit more complicated since there doesn't seem to be a definite answer.  Reading the summary got my head spinning abit but the cast are just too good to miss!  I'd also like to know who Nancy will end up with it (vote goes to Carson :P).  But quote, "The story will end with the helplessness and sorrow of autumn".  Nancy will end up with nobody?  Honestly don't mind that at all though haha

Winter thoughts:  I like how there's a mysterious feeling to the story (though I am confuse about what 'truth' they're talking about in the summary)  Personally looking towards this and Autumn the most! 

Haha the music box reminds me of Chiliam and Myolie in The Rippling Blossom.  Myolie also lost her memories in there...

Picture Collage:  I mainly put in the filming pictures that features a 'scene' in the series, instead of the ones where the casts are taking a picture together or something.

I have recently taken notice that I am very...'addicted' to collecting pictures.  lols I spent hours just looking for theses filming pictures (along with the ones for TITS 2 and BOW).  Seriously have some issues =.=
Info credits hyn5 (I shortened the info a bit...)
- There will be four love stories.

- Spring features Toby Leung and Him Law. Him Law will place a popular idol singer and Toby will have a crush on him. Kandy Wong will play a loyal fan; she is a high school student with cerebellar hemangioblastoma. Him and Kandy will have a father-daughter relationship because Kandy sees a resemblance between Him and her father. Jess Sum will play Him's manager. Oceane Zhu will play an artiste who has rumours with Him. Nathan Ngai will play a transport worker.

- Summer features Ron Ng and Kate Tsui. Kate is a programme producer who's chose by her boss to participate in a programme in which in invited her ex-boyfriend, Ron Ng, to be her mentor. They dated from primary to secondary school and broke up in university. Because of the programme, Kate is caught between four males, causing her to realize her feelings toward Ron again.
- Iva Law will play a flight attendant. She is Eric Li's lover. She, Lee Yee Man, and Kate will fall in love with Ron at the same time.

- Autumn features Nancy Wu, Oscar Leung and Vincent Wong. Nancy chose Oscar Leung (hairstylist) the first time and they got married. Unfortunately their relationship turned dull after 7 years and there were also problems with her in-laws. Second time Nancy chose Vincent Wong (lawyer), but marrying into a rich family wasn't easy either. Third time? The story will end with the helplessness and sorrow of autumn.

- Winter features Kenneth Ma (private investigator), who actually links the entire series together, and Myolie Wu (historical culture guide). Myolie lost her memories ten-plus years ago and so asks for Kenneth's help to recover them. Kenneth then found a music box and a book that relates to her lost memories. During the investigation though, Kenneth begins to fall for Myolie. Eventually they dated and he even evokes her memories, causing a misunderstanding between the two. In the end, Kenneth relies on father Chun Wong (who has Alzheimer's disease) to investigate the truth. Cecilia Fong will play Myolie's mother.

Changed Layout Colour & Banner

Hehe changed the layout colour to gray and also changed the banner! Why? The purple hurts my eyes and it was absolutely irritating to see after the first two days x) Haha I guess I prefer a 'cleaner' colour, which is why I decided to choose gray in the end! Makes everything look neat and tidy :D Lols to be honest, I was kinda avoiding my own blog for the past few days because of the purple...since the shade I chose was very uneasy on the eyes =.=

Oh! I also hope that you guys like the new banner of Fala and Chiliam! :D It's the filming pictures from Triumph in the Skies 2 :3

The Confidant Character Thoughts - On Tak Hei

This post is written by Lynne@http://tvb-horizon.blogspot.com
Images credits to original owners

Finished watching The Confidant awhile back, I've got so much to talk about but don't know where to start so ended up splitting it into many posts :) It'll be nicer to read and won't be too long to write. Haha...

*** I was debating whether to use "An Dehai" (the name of the actual historical character) or "On Tak-Hei" (the name given to the character in The Confidant), and in the end chose to use Tak Hei. 

On Tak Hei
A Brief Summary
At a young age, On Tak Hei was sold to the palace to become a eunuch. A student of Lau Dor-sang, Tak Hei is also the best friend of Li Lianying, a eunuch serving King-yan Palace. Tak Hei risked his life to help Empress Dowagers Cixi and Cian resume their power in court, winning the trust of both empresses. Cixi appoints Tak Hei as her personal eunuch, and he also becomes her one of her closest friends and confidants. Compassionate and ambitious, Tak Hei is displeased with Chan Fuk abusing his powers as Forbidden City's Head Eunuch, and he strives to take over his position. Accused of having affair with Cixi and is beheaded. - credits wikipedia
A surprisingly interesting character to watch, On Tak Hei was no doubt one of the main driving forces of The Confidant. At first he is not necessarily the kind of guy you'd come to like because his ambitions for wealth and power gave off the indication for, "I am going turn bad in the end" kind of feeling. Always on the edge between good and bad, I did believe that assumption would come true and always wondered when Tak Hei's going to turn against his best friend, Li Lianying (Wayne Lai). In the end though, he never did. Unexpected but very well appreciated because even though he has these shades of greys to his character, Tak Hei's positive traits still lingered on until the end where he sacrificed himself out of loyalty for Cixi (Michelle Yim).  This in turn displayed a more complex and thus a better developed character compared to the rest of the cast.

Of course, the character also speaks for the actor himself too.  Raymond Cho really stole the limelight in The Confidant with On Tak Hei.  It is quite unfortunate that Raymond was not able to get the recognition that he deserves though, since it was a rare character to come by.

On Tak Hei and Siu Chai (Angel Chiang)
A Brief Summary:
Siu Chai is a prostitute that On Tak Hei happens to meet when he was searching for his lost sister.  Afterwards, she became his 'wife'.  Even though they appear to be loving on the outside, we found out later on that Siu Chai was in fact having affairs with multiple men at their mansion whenever Tak Hei was not at home.  In the end, Siu Chai was killed by Tim Shau (Edwin Siu) when she planned to elope with her 'lover'.
Despite the fact that Siu Chai was cheating on Tak Hei, I actually enjoyed their story the most compared to the rest of the couples.  Unfortunately the ending ruined it!  I shall rant this out loud...

First of all I quite like the idea of Siu Chai cheating on Tak Hei because it makes it clear that no matter what he does, Tak Hei will always be an eunuch and while Siu Chai may have loved him at first, fact is that he's still an eunuch.  That's how it is and will be until the end.  Seeing the couple being caught in this situation, it felt more realistic and therefore easier to sympathize as I see Tak Hei's desperation to salvage their relationship.

All long Tak Hei have been disregarding Siu Chai's affairs because he felt indebted to her and could not bear to loose her.  Even when he saw a man's shoe near their bed, he tried all he could to ignore it.  This was when Siu Chai confronted him, trying to make him face the fact that she's indeed cheating on him.  You can tell that it's also hurting her, having to face this especially when Tak Hei argued that he was the one who's wrong while she yelled back at him, saying that she's the one who's wrong.  Siu Chai knew that she was in the wrong and it hurt her seeing Tak Hei s cowardice.  Personally, that is the Siu Chai I liked (or should I say, "would've liked") to see because I can tell that she didn't want to hurt Tak Hei but at the same time, could not help for up she did.  Only talking about the first few lines there though, since Siu Chai's last few lines (also facial expressions) were not what I would've preferred to hear/see from her.

So from there, Siu Chai planned to run off with her lover but was killed by Tim Shau instead (as mentioned in the summary).  This is what I did not like because it turned her into an absolute slut.  (Technically she was a slut before too but this last move just killed me.)  I really wish that they could've let Siu Chai stay around to watch Tak Hei's execution because regardless of what had happened, I still believe that she cares for him (at least that's what I wanted tvb to write) and therefore would like to see her reaction towards his death.

 I personally think that if their story have been fixed a little towards the end, it would have been so much better.  Also, the fact that Tim Shau would kill is terribly dramatic and therefore made this part even more stupid.

My Favourite Scene of On Tak Hei:  the execution
To make it clear, I did not like the fact that he got executed.  On the contrary I was in tears during this scene.  No doubt that it was one of the most memorable and emotional moment because besides the fact that I love On Tak Hei (which definitely contributed to my reaction), the execution overall felt very powerful in the way it had affected the other characters (can especially feel the heart-aches during the scene where Li Lianying asked Cixi why she executed Tak Hei).  To add on to that, I felt that his death gave Li Lianying, Cixi etc the reason to believe that they've been fighting an unbeatable battle all along against the so called evils.  Who's good?  Who's bad anymore?  How can one tell when they've been betrayed by the ones so close to them?  Thus in my point of view, it was the 'highest' climax that The Confidant ever reached.

Unfortunately though, all the episodes after this one greatly disappointed me (especially about Li Lianying).  I shall talk more about that later.

As for the other characters, I'll be dedicating a single post to each in a similar format as this one.  After I finish all those posts, I'll then write the final post which will include my overall thoughts on The Confidant.  Be aware that I'm going to be ranting abit though since there are things that terribly irritated me (in terms of character transition and such).  To be honest, this may be the only post with so few rants (excluding the one I'm going to be writing for Sam Shun (Power Chan)).



I apologize for having to contact you using this way, but your email link is invalid and I was also not able to leave a comment for you through commenting either. So hopefully this message will reach you in the end...

Recently I've been notified by a few fellow bloggers that your site, http://hkstarz.com/, have been re-posting our (along with many other affiliates) content without properly crediting back. Even though I can see that you have stated that none of the content belongs to you on your 'About' page, please do understand that we still want proper credits (ie. link back). This is especially important because the content you reblogged does not simply contain images or general info on tvb, but also includes our thoughts and opinions. So I really hope that you can take the matter into consideration, and respect the efforts that we've put into creating those posts by simply crediting back.


Lynne from TVB Horizon and Linda Chung Thoughts
contact email: lynnetvbhorizon@gmail.com

Testing Post

This is just a testing post that requires absolutely no attention :)

2013 Graphics!!!!

Here are the requested banners!  I hope that you guys will like it!  If there is anybody else who wants a banner, tell me quickly!  haha :)

Happy 2013 guys!    

for Ginny 
Got two because I wasn't sure if you'd like the banner so light in the first one or not :)

for Grace Hope that you like this picture of Nancy!

for Melon  Kenta!! haha this is actually my fav x)

for Wendy  All Linda!!! haha

for tvbfans  Ray, Linda and Bosco!!  haha back to the days of MR x)

Whooo! New Layout for 2013! and New Years Resolution!

Hey guys!  So sorry for disappearing o.O  I just wanted to change the layout, which should've only taken a day.  Somehow though, I managed to stretch it to 3 days?  That's because I totally forgot about having to buy my textbooks :P  Therefore the panicking began, having to realize that school is less than a week away.

Now onto the new layout!  Not exactly what I wanted because I was hoping for something abit "less" gloomy to start of a new year.  Haha I am too in love with the colour purple though, so I just had to make the layout purple!

As for the banner, it's an unexpected production :P  I just wanted to use the pictures of "January" from the tvb calendar and it came out like that.  Honestly looks like a fan poster for some vampire movie.  Lols I am referring to Twilight! Going to change it soon once I got something else!

Haha will tell you guys my New Years Resolution..

1)  Better time management
-  I would not aim as high as trying to "stop procrastinating" because that is an absolutely impossible goal.  Procrastinating is just a part of human nature :P  haha just believe that there should be a limit, which I have already passed by a mile or so.  That is why this year, I will learn to manage my time better!  I swear I would not write another essay (not just an essay because I also had to do the researching for it) that's worth 20% of the WHOLE grade (essay of the semester), the NIGHT BEFORE it's due.  Even if you've never done that before, I believe that you can at least imagine how horrible it was.  Not to mention that my English skills are below average....*tears*  So yes, I shall get an agenda!

Oh would also like to mention, university is friggin EXPENSIVE!!!  Have to make the best out of it!!!  Valuable lesson that I learned from my first semester :P

2)  Get my butt out of the house!
-  The outside world is the place one needs to venture out to in order to grow!  So don't be lazy and get out there and do something!  Job?  Volunteer work?  I dunno, I just know I need to do something!  Last year I did volunteer but that stopped when university began in September.  But with the days getting brighter (Winter will be over soon!!), I need to do something or else it'll drive me crazy.

Got a Question?

Got a question, concern or comment for me? I can't promise that I'll have the answer but I'll reply :D haha