Guessing Game Round 2 - 5

Basic Outline
-only ONE guess
-first 3 person to guess the right series gets a point
-at the end of the month, the person with the most points gets to choose what is on the next banner =)
-please answer in comment section

POINTS so far....
2as1 - |||||
byakushi - |
Chii - ||||||||
foreverlovetvb - |
leanne - ||
may - |||||
mui - |||
Pi - |||||||
sandalls - |||
summer - |||
Veronica - |
yue_mei - |||||||||

1) The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000 - Michelle Yim/Gigi Lai
2) Better Halves - Steven Ma
3) Happy Ever After - Nadia Chan
4) The Charm Beneath - Yoyo Mung
5) Into Thin Air - Michelle Yim

What Series is this?
One more game after this, and the round will be over ;)

New NEW Layout

Yay!!! TVB Horizon is back up!! xD Hehe, does everybody love the new layout as much as I do?? Have been looking at templates for awhile, and now have found something I absolutely love! I must say, I prefer narrower template than wider templates. Wide ones makes me feel that there is so much space and everything seems so messy! I also love the dark brown colors =) So nice xD

Anyways! Have posted my No Regrets Overview....on Lau Sing and Kau Mui!! Was going to do the other characters and stuff too....but it got too long. So decided to seperate the two posts. Will work on the others later =) Hope you guys all like it! (mostly pictures....but still alright?)

Guessing Game - BONUS ENTRY 4

POINTS so far....
2as1 - ||||
byakushi - |
Chii - |||||||
foreverlovetvb - |
leanne - |
may - |||
Pi - |||||||
sandalls - |
summer - |||
Veronica - |
yue_mei - |||||||


Who's my Fav. Character in the Series
No first 3...anybody have the chance to guess ;)
***Must get at least 2 out of 5 to get ONE point***
**3/5 gets 2 points**
*4/5 gets 3 points*
*5/5 is the one to get 4 points*
*One guess for each series*

1) The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000
2) Better Halves
3) Happy Ever After
4) The Charm Beneath
5) Into Thin Air

Since this game is ending soon (Feb is a very short month), I decided to do this bonus round!! (also because of the 3 tie scores above) This will really be the time to get the points because the game is going to end somewhere around the first week of March. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting alot of games lately....only about 6 I think? Yah...have been busy with school. Next weekend, I'm practically not home since....Sat (away 8-8) then Sunday (away from 9-5).

Something really nice though!! If you guys haven't seen my tweet snowed at my place!! Too bad I didn't take any pictures though, but it was really pretty =)

Anyways!! Good luck with the Game everybody!! Remember to start of what you want to be on the banner because you might be the winner!!!

No Regrets Overview - Kau Mui and Lau Sing


In both Rosy Business and No Regrets, there are similarities and differences in Wayne's and Sheren's relationship. Similarities is the strong bond they have with each other. No matter what, they would be there to support each other through thick and thin. Differences is that in No Regrets, I felt that there relationship ship took a more romantic turn. Especially the changes we see in Sheren's character. At first she was the opium queen who showed no care to anyone, but she began to soften when she's with Wayne. It also begin showing her weak side. And then there's Wayne. Ching-Ching is the most important person to him in the beginning....and even his wife was not as important. Kau Mui came in though, and I think she stood at the same level in his heart as Ching Ching too. I wonder.....if Ching Ching is still alive....would Wayne still decide to go to the US with Sheren? I think it would be most unlikely ^^; but would not doubt the chance.

This couple can be consider as one of my favourites now. The understanding between them is really amazing. Their relationship is really settle but also really romantic at the same time and it is really touching. It is not the kind of relationship you can see around. I'm glad tvb managed to pull this relationship off, because if you don't deal with these kind of relationships probably, it could get draggy....which it wasn't ;)

The Words..."I Love You"
There was never a "I love you..." that I hoped to hear...but instead it was replaced by their actions and expressions for each other. That is also another thing I found special about them. Modern day right now, I believe that anybody can easily say "I Love You" but do they realize or really understands its true meaning? I believe that actions is much more important than words and Lau Sing's and Kau Mui's relationship was just like that =)

Wayne and Pierre were suppose to take Sheren's dad to Guangxi, but on the way there...they were caught between a fight of the two armies. Sheren's dad died and Wayne disappeared.

Even though they've been through so much together and even thought that they could go to the US together, all their dreams were shattered by this accident. Wayne was hospitalized and even lost all his memories....while Sheren left for the US alone. It's so tragic! For Sheren to must have been really hard for her...especially without knowing if Wayne's alive or not....

On board, Sheren got seasick and the moermories of her and Wayne came running back to her. Wayne on the other hand, couldn't remember anything beside the fact that someone was waiting for him. He can't remember who though....this really shows how much he cares for Sheren. Though his memory is lost, he still can't forget about Sheren. Sheren on the other hand shows how much she misses him.... really sad scenes as we see the flashbacks of them.

Sheren and Wayne's Moments =)

This was when Sheren had seasick and Wayne was there to comfort her. He told her to look outside at the view and pretend that they weren't on the boat.

I thought this was one of the cutest scene between them! Wayne gave Sheren a fake grenade to protect herself when she's in danger. He told that he only had two and this one is the last one. She asked him where's the other one (kinda like saying who else did you give it too xD ) Haha, he replied Ching Ching....and asked her, "Who else do you think it is?" How cute is that!?! To Wayne, Fala and Sheren is two most important people to him =) And I think Sheren knows that too xD

This is the scene where both of them burned down the opium storage!! I wonder at that time though....since Sheren it was dangerous for her to trust anybody with her plans....why did she started to trust Wayne so much? Haha...Wayne hated her in the beginning, but fate had led them together. It's a person's actions that could really imprint who that person is. Sheren showed Wayne that she was a good person and that is why he helped her, and Wayne showed his ability and loyalty to her and that is why she trusted him =)

This scene was so sweet! Wayne told Sheren that he was considering of going to Nanjing. Sheren told him that it was a good thing, not too mention the hospitals there are good for Ching Ching. Underneath though, we could see that neither of them wanted to be parted. And I think when Wayne told her that, he was wishing that she'd tell him to stay. Sadly, neither of them said anything and when Wayne left...they could only look back at each other. Sometimes, for the person you have to let go. Sheren knows its dangerous for Wayne to be with her because what kind of life can you have being involve with a opium queen? Definitely not a safe one.

10 Years After (in US)
Even though 10 years have past, Sheren never forgot about Wayne and was actually looking for him during all those time. She a regular customer at the newspaper print store...and would always have ads, finding Lau Sing.

This is my favourite scene between them! In order to save Sheren, Wayne jumped in front of her and took a shot for her! At that moment, everything was really dangerous, so the Japanese pulled Sheren into a car....leaving Wayne on the streets. Before, when Sheren saw the Japanese shoot a citizen, she was scared...but kept cool. When she saw Wayne lying on the streets though, she got really emotional. She stopped the Japanese car immediately, jumped out and ran towards him. You can then see how important Wayne is to her, and that is why I really love this scene.

Poor Sheren got addicted to opium. This really shows how much drugs can effect a person and their lives. Even though Sheren hated opium, she just could not let it go. Outside in the real word, some people says they can stop drugs anytime they want too...but they never realize that it can't be so easily be done. I'm glad tvb had this part in their storyline. This shows the audience the bad effects of drugs and creates a warning for all of us.

Sheren after 20 yrs...

Like stated in the series, it was really hard for Sheren to pull the trigger. Even with one tiny mistake....Wayne could be killed. But Sheren had no choice. In order to save Wayne, Sheren had to fake this scene. How would you feel or do if you are Sheren? Personally...I don't think I can be that strong. I would never have been able to pull that trigger. But sadly, it was her only choice to save him.

FINALLY after 30 years!!! Sheren and Wayne is united! It was so sweet too! In all those years, Wayne have been in China and have been trying to migrate to US to find Sheren. Every month or so he would go for and apply for the US visa. For 30 years, Sheren looked for him on the newspaper every month. For 30 years, they were seperated, but in the end....they were reunited. I won't word it as a sad....more like bitter-sweet =)

They spent the next few years together after finding each other. It is really sweet to see these pics of them! Though they have lost 30 years, they got a few happy years in return =) To them, these years, though short, is probably the happiest.

This is the ending. Sitting on the mountians and looking at the sunset. How romantic is this? Unfortunately...also the moment where it is hinted that Wayne left Sheren. The one to go first would always be better than the one who have to stay behind....

Sheren: When it's my time to die. I wonder who'll be waiting for me.
Wayne: Depends on who'll die first, me or you. If I die first, I'll wait for you.

I think that is a hint that he will always be there with her and will always wait for her =) me, that is even more special than saying "I Love you". I wish I can be as lucky as Ka Mui....finding someone to truly love you is hard. It's really sweet that they found each other.