At the Edge of Tears - Leila and Stephen in The Legend of Love

Haha, I pretty sure everybody cried somewhere while watching a series right?? I'm gonna be writing about those 'times.' Stories I think are touching, scenes that made me cry or something along those lines will be put into this category^^ And here's the first post^^

Leila and Stephen in The Legend of Love
First of all, I'll explain who Stephen and Leila play as. Leila is a bird who still need to wait to qualify to go to heaven. Stephen is a money god and he technically lost his heart. At first, Stephen and Leila never got along which caused many fights. After though, they started to develop feelings for each other.

Stephen turning evil
Stephen turned evil because the fox demon tricked him by giving him another heart which did not belong to him. The 'dark' heart caused him to turn into this evil guy who schemed up everything to get his power.

The part where he was sucking the fox demon's power was so sad. Not because of the fox demon though, but actually about Leila. Leila was there and she told him to suck her power instead because he'll turn into a demon if he sucks the fox's. Leila sacrifices so much for him but now because of his stupid heart, he's hurting her!!!

Stephen finally reclaimed his normal personality in the end when.........Leila gave her heart to him!!!! You would hate his character for all the things he'd done but in this scene, I could only feel sorry for him. When I saw the tears starting to build up in Stephen's eye, I couldn't help it but also cry!! This scene is my favorite scene in the entire series!

Outline of the scene
-Stephen reclaimed his normal personality
-He went to see Leila
-Leila DOESN'T remember him at all!!!!!
-He took out the marble ( I think it's a symbol of their relationship or something)
-He asked her if she remembers anything but she said No!!
-He dropped the marble and she slowly picked it up.
-She looks at it and turned to him (you could see the hope in Stephen in the 2nd last pic hoping that she would remember him)
-She gave the marble back to him and said "You dropped it."

The moment she said that, I cried immediately!! Usually I think tvb would make her remember i in these kind of scenes but they didn't in here! You could see how hurt Stephen was and how much he regretted for hurting her! She totally forgot everything about them!

The music behind also effected me too. I think music is one of the key point to make someone cry during a scene^^ It just makes the scene more effective.


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