Suspects of Love Official Screencaps

The official site for Suspects of Love is out!! Here it is...

O.O I did not know Mandy Wong was in here! The girl who played as Myolie's younger sister in A Chip of the Old Block xD Hehe...the glasses she's wearing in the pictures also reminded me of her character in Chip. I wonder who the guy next to her on poster is.....

Lols, at one pic of Flora and Joe....I thought they were using their middle finger :P Course they weren't though...xD

Fate and Destiny? - Cupid Stupid Overview

FULL of Spoilers!!!
Ending Spoilers!
Read at Own Risk.......

Tavia and Steven grew up together and see each other as best friends. Whenever Tavia broke up with her boyfriend, Steven would be the one there to comfort her. Steven has a crush on Tavia but he was too afraid to tell her because of their friendship. Sadly when he got the courage to tell her, she already began dating Michael.

Later, Tavia found out that Steven liked her and told Michael about it. She also asked him if they can have a little time apart for her to think about choosing him or Steven. Eventually, Michael got mad at her for always helping Steven and they broke up. Michael's career began going downhill and along with everything else.

Tavia and Steven tried the best they could to help Michael stand up again but he was too stubborn to accept their help. After an accident, all 3 of them became friends again. Tavia is now back in the middle.....and the 2 guys beside her. So who does she choose? o.O

I think fate uncontrollable but it is destiny that is within our hands.
In Cupid Stupid, Tavia's fate led her to meet Michael but should she think that her destiny was to be with him?
Definitely a no! Your destiny should be in your own hands. Fate is what I think to be that can't be controlled but it's to one will to control their destiny. When Tavia hugged Michael, she wasn't happy. She just simply said, "Fate wants me to pick you." Her character is way to weak, she didn't want to hurt either Steven or Michael so she decided to let her fate choose for her. That wasn't a wise choice because she got hurt, and both of the other guy also got hurt along with that.

There was one scene where Tavia was dragged away from Steven by Michael. She argued with Michael and even jumped out of the boat they were in! She told him that nobody could force her to do anything she didn't want to do and swam back to Steven :) At that moment, I thought that her character would become stronger. I was hoping that she would reject Michael and choose Steven but in the end, her character still couldn't make a choice.

Steven was trying to find Tavia at Disneyland. First time he called out to her (scene above) but she couldn't hear him and he ended up losing her. Then the second time was during the night. At that moment he also saw Michael. Instead of calling out to her, he helped Michael to find her.

All is Fair in Love and War
Why did Steven had to let Tavia go? It's because he 'thought' that she still loves Michael and she'll be happier with him. That reason have a chance of 50% to be true but the other 50% to be false. I think that Steven thinks way to much, if he loved Tavia he should of just chased after her. All is fair in love and war. He should of given himself a chance.

More like a Friend....
I don't know if it was because of my complete bias with Stevia or not, but I couldn't feel anything between Tavia and Michael. They received the same horoscope fortunes....she goes into his company to work....and they started dating. Their relationship didn't make me feel anything beside the fact that they are friends. After they got into a fight....Tavia tried to help him to get his inspirations back. Within those moments, I thought Tavia did that because she felt like she owned him. Liking him? I didn't think so....

I enjoyed the scenes with Stevia together and decided to do an mv for them^^ This time around, I didn't use a chinese song cause it takes too long. I usually have to look up what the lyrics mean in english and didn't want to. Haha, I wasn't sure to use what song....since I don't listen to english songs that often^^ But in the end decided on that song.

Final Thoughts
*sigh* All I have to say is that I hate tvb! Something that can really ruin a series is a bad ending. The ending is the last impression for the audience. When I first started out the series, I found it enjoyable! Sadly around episode 4, I saw the spoiler of the tragic ending. Stevia had always have bad endings but when I first start this, I thought that they would end up together! So since ep.4 everything went downhill for me. I don't know if it's because of the spoiler that made the series bad to me or is it because the story was just bad.

After finishing the series, I still find no reason for Michael to be the one who end up with Tavia. Well, beside the 'fate' thing and the series focusing on horoscopes. For the first time....I want tvb to create an alternate ending. This ending just ruined the series for me :(

Beside the ending though, I also expected this series to be more interesting with the horoscopes theme. Sadly tvb failed to deliver those interests into the series.

Overall Votes
If I have to vote.....I'd say I think it's alright. I thought episode 1-3 was really enjoyable and I liked how it started out. Maybe because I knew how the ending was, it kinda effected me while watching the rest of the series.

Another mention is Kingdom Yuen, Ram Chiang and Lee Kwok Lun. Haha, I found it cute how Ram Chiang liked Kingdom xD I just love Ram Chiang more and more.

Sister of Pearl Trailer

Bowie Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Micheal Tao, Joyce Tang, Kiki Sheung, Lau Kong, Lily Lee, Macy Chan and etc...

To see the translation for the trailer -->

Originally called Pearl in the Palm. This trailer makes the series seems really intense. Especially the one scene of Bowie and the he going to strangle the baby o.O It seems like he's going to x__x *shivers*

The casts looks great! Consisting of Jessica Hsuan, Kiki Sheung, Michael Tao, Bowie Lam, and Michael Tao! This is one of the first series in so long that I've seen which really doesn't consist the younger fadans and siu sangs! That was something that surprise me cause most of the series nowadays usually does...xD

I was surprise to find Macy in here xD I didn't know that she was in this series. Hopefully her role will be good ;)

Credits: Alec, trinhthienlam@youtube, 十年南萱@tudou, asianfanatics

New Banner

Closed my blog for a bit..but now is back xD
Q- Why Do you always have to use those pics?!
A- ...I like them...It's Ron and Linda...:puppyeyes:
Q- What am I going to do with you...? :sigh:
A- You can't do anything :eheh: hehe...
Q- EH? :galit: --------Whatever...:tsk:
A- =) :ahaha:

The conversation above is totally random :P I've indeed done a lot of graphics using those wedding pics of Ron and Linda. I remember tvb horizon's first banner was using their pics too. Haha, April 9th is Linda's birthday so that's why this banner have her. April 16 is Moses b-day too!

These graphics were made when I was also doing the banner xD I think I like the one with Charmaine the best! Maybe cause it's different from the others I've done.

CAn't Buy Me Love - Filming Pictures part 1

Credits:, Baidu, jse@asianfantics, Owen Sin's Yahoo Blog, A Kid's Yahoo Blog