Beyond Review - Lau Sam Ho and Yiu Kam-ling

This is a Character review. The Final Review is gonna be up when I'm finish with all the characters ones xD I did this cause if I did them all together, it's gonna be a little too long.

!!!!!!!!Spoilers Alert!!!!!!!!

To trust someone is much easier said than done. To Kam Ling, Lau Sam Ho is the only person she trusted. Like in the scene where she told Sam Ho......."No matter how bad or how mean I treat other people, I'll still be nice to you. It's because you are my only sister." But sadly in the end, it is still not the same. Tavia's trust for Charmaine faded when her greed came over her.

Tavia's greed is her what I thought to be her weakness and kindness was Charmaine's. Of course positive beats negative and that's why Charmaine won. Greed brought Tavia to the road where she never gets enough what she has and would always try to get more. Charmaine's kindness brought her onto another road where everybody loves her because of her kindness.

However, I honestly expected more from both Charmaine's and Tavia's character.

Tavia is evil, but somehow I think something is missing from it. I guess from all the praises I heard, it effected my expectations, making me anticipate much more and thought her character should be more 'evil.' Her plans are clever but like what Charmaine said, her heart is to dark to enters someone else. She pretends but that is not her real self. Pretending can only last for a little while but never forever.

Speak Good Words, Do Good Deeds and Show Goodwill
Charmaine character was good. She shows good will in everything she does but that's also the weakness of her character. The series started out with mainly her scenes but then her scenes got boring toward the middle and got lesser. I guess I wanted to see more of her character development.

The major development only appeared near the end. That's the part where she stood up against Lee Kwok Lun. That was actually my favorite scene of hers. It shows that beside kindness, she can be 'strong' when the time calls for it. That was what I wanted to see in the middle part but all tvb shows was how she was kind making everything so plain when they could of been more interesting.

Tavia's Glare
The scene where I thought her glare was the most effective was the part where she killed the Empress. The 4th pic there is my fav 'look' of hers. The way she smiled makes you think how evil she is, but the make-up of the dark eyeliner and dark/bright lips makes her looks beautiful. Makes me think of a rose. It is truly beautiful but is also consider 'dangerous' with the pricks (I have no idea what it's called).

I found it scary how she walked up behind Charmaine's back in the 2nd last pic. I thought that she was actually gonna kill Charmaine but then she only framed her for killing the Empress. I really like the parts where Charmaine cries for some reason. I think she can really control her tears very well.

The part where Tavia killed General Ma was unexpected. As a powerful general he was still killed by a lady he looked down on. Never make a woman mad, that's my advice to General Ma xD This scene really reminds me of the scene where Susan Tse died.

I really love her ending with the 2 little girls walking in which represented 'little' Kam Ling and Sam Ho. Tavia looked so sweet and innocent. From some spoilers I came across, I heard that Tavia turned crazy and she did. Haha, before 'seeing' it though, I imagined Tavia locked up in this dark cellar with messy hair and likes to scream :P Lols, I was surprise to see her in this scene. My thinking of 'crazy' is so different from what I saw xD

Another thing that surprised me was how she called herself Sam Ho. Again, my predictions was her thinking how to kill/take revenge on Sam Ho or of her son. haha, I have really bad predictions :P Of course I like this ending much better then the ending I 'thought' it would be. It shows the innocent side of Tavia again and making this one of my fav. scene.

Haha, I imagined her child to be younger. By the look of it, it seems like she is separated from Kevin for 10 years!! That is a long time. I was so happy that Kevin returned xD and how happy Charmaine looks! I was a bit surprise that he walked right pass her though!! I was thinking to Kevin..."Why did you walk by her!!??! She's right there!?!?"

It was sad to see the reaction on Charmaine' face when he walked right by!! Haha, I like how she talked about them with the flashbacks and stuff. I wouldn't like it at all if she just grab him and ask him if he remember her or not. This is a more 'relaxing' ending o.O


An Pham said...

this was a great post!!! for real!!! i think much better than chibi beyond the realm of conscience post on k-tvb. i like how you don't just tell what happen in the episode but you also put ur own opionion and though about it also. something i always look for in posts!!. great job. keep up these great post. oh and yeah charamiane is like a lil. cry baby. i heard she can start crying anytime and stop whenever she wants too. pretty impressive huh??? and yeah tavia glare was diffently bring chill down my back.....oh and the part that kam ling though that she was sam ho was soo SAD!!! i almost cry. (ALMOST).....but i did expect so much more from this serie though. it was quite disappointing. but i guess it was worth watching for the grandness and all the outfit/accessories and the acting is high allapuse from all the actors/actress well most of the main and is there a way i can check to see if you reply to this message without going back to this post, cuz im pretty sure i won't remember too!!!

LynneD. said...

omg! Thank-you so much!! I was so happy reading your comment =D Though I also thought chibi was really good with her thoughts too^ thanks, I'll try to keep them coming xD Just that there haven't been too much series I've been enjoying lately. so Haven't write too much.

haha, yah it was worth watching for all the hair accessories and the costumes <3 All were super pretty. the casts were all good. Just the lack of a good storyline that made the series a disappointment.

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