At the Edge of Tears - Carlo Ng in ACOTOB

!!!!!!!!!!!Spoilers for ACOTOB!!!!!!!!!!

I was really surprised when I cried in this series. It feels weird because I thought it was a comedy series but then I cried. I've watched up to ep.8 and it's the ep that I cried in.

Carlo Ng played as this spoiled rich boy. He used all the money his father left him (which is ALOT) and gambled with them. In the end, he lost all his money and ended up renting a room at the place where Sunny lives. Even though he lost all his money he still wouldn't give up his so called 'dignity,' he was disrespectful to everyone cause he thought his status was higher then them. When he was forced out of the house, there was this kind of raining storm. He stood there in the rain with his wives hiding behind a wheel barrow while Sunny and Ron walked by to look for them.

Ron didn't want to help Carlo, but Sunny said "It's true that Master Shap-yee (Carlo) doesn't deserve any sympathy but even though he's left completely desitute he still doesn't want to dump or leave his wives. This proves his affection and loyalty."

I was a little surprise when Sunny said that and that made me think. What he said was true. Usually I think the spoiled rich guys would actually 'dump' their wives and leave alone. There's also the part that his 2 wives decided to stay with him while all his other wives (has 10!!) packed up their suite cases and left him.

That was the touching part and now here's the teary one.

Carlo always think of his face (pride) but he went back to the house to beg the head lady if he could stay there. Because of his bad-mouth before, everybody there hates him and the landlady kept on insulting him.

Teary scene description
-Carlo took out a handkerchief
-Put it down on the ground
-And kneeled down right in front of the landlady!!!!! (This part really shook me because he acted so spoiled before but now he did that for his wives!)

Maybe it's just me though, I kinda have a feeling I was the only one who cried at this scene xD


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