Always and Ever Ep1-3 Thoughts/Screencaps

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*One of my favourite scene in episode one; Circle pulling on his beard :P
A summary and thoughts on the first three episode of 'Always and Ever'.  Though the series is rather dull as it goes on, things get to be a bit more exciting starting episode 7/8 and on.  Bobby's and Esther's chemistry is truly the limelight of the series haha

In episode one, Circle (Bobby Au Yeung) accidentally shot his beloved girlfriend, Phoenix (Esther Kwan).  At that moment, he was then transferred back in time where he becomes the famous Justice Bao.  While they did little to explain how he went back in time (I hope they will more towards the end), I still enjoyed it and found Bobby hilarious as Justice Bao.  It's also funny seeing how everybody thought that Justice Bao was possessed haha.

Still confused to why he was transported back in time, the now Justice Bao coincidentally bumps into a girl who looks exactly like Phoenix, Hon Sheung Sheung (also played by Esther Kwan).  Hon Sheung Sheung is the first woman minister appointed by the emperor and is respected by everyone.  Each time Justice Bao sees her, he'd try to convince her that she's his fiancee which results in him being a pervert in Scholar Hon's eyes.  After Circle's pursuasion, Justice Bao's advisor, Kung Suan Chak (Ram Chiang), finally believe that he's from the future and so helped Circle to re-learn all the court procedures/etiquettes.  Their first case is about a ghost in a clay basin.

Continuing from episode 2, Justice Bao and Scholar Hon was out by the lake when Scholar Hon fell off the boat.  After saving Scholar Hon using CPR, Justice Bao was slapped for his indecent behaviours.  Why?  Well, back then CPR was not known to anybody else.  Luckily the misunderstanding was clarify and the two started to work different involving abnormal occurrences such as the falling of meteorites, a green smoked dragon etc.  While these occurrences happened at different places, they seem to be all linked.  At the end of the episode, the crown prince suddenly collapsed and died on the spot.

To be honest, I don't really care for the cases now but it's definitely great to see Esther's and Bobby's interactions throughout the whole time.  Scholar Hon is warming up to Justice Bao so even though his behaviours/ideas are strange, she slowly recognizes their usefulness.  Haha their interactions are so cute and especially so when Kwai is involved.  FYI Kwai is Justice Bao's little turtle.  Scholar Hon has a soft spot for the little guy.  haha

A random scene of Justice Bao making wine for Scholar Hon.  Haha Suan Chak (Ram Chiang) seems to be the most scholarly one but he's the one who stole a grape :P  Lols I laughed when he spat out the grape.

Justice Bao helped Scholar Hon to make a mattress for the Princess.  Mattresses weren't invented then :P so of course Scholar Hon was really impressed.  All the things Justice Bao does for Scholar Hon; too sweet.

Lastly, they dubbed Christine Kuo.  LMAO  I don't get tvb sometimes but I guess that doesn't matter.
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[Clips/Pics] CITV 2013

***video clips credit: hyn5@
Sniper Standoff - Laughing?
Almost feel like Michael is reprising his Laughing role....but thank goodness it's not.
Will watch this one cause I miss Eddie Cheung :D

Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon - ?
First thought: Kenneth and his perverted looking mustauche =.=
Second Thought: WT*? Why so little of Selena Li?
Third Thought: Kenneth's pose at the end....OTL
Overall thought: Hope that the fighting scenes will be good, cause I'm going to watch it :P

My Lady Prime - Great=Dayo Wong
Dayo Wong, Jazz Lam, Benz Hui, and Louis Yuen at the end.  Bromance FTW!

The Verbal Side of Court - Meh
The synopsis sounded good at first but the trailer is kinda...meh.  Debatable whether I'll watch it or not, though there's Roger and Kristal!!!

M Club - ?
Not much of the story was actually shown, so dunno yet.  Excited about Flora Chan and Angie Cheung though!!!

Property Protector - the DRAMA
The trailer is alright.  Just look like a depressing series lols  Anyways, since it's Stevia, I'll watch it.  ***Unless I get spoiled that their ending will be a bad one, then I will drop it immediately :P  ....Stevia better get a good ending here =.=

Outbound Love - Nice
I really liked how the trailer was put together.  Aside from that, I find the scenery that they filmed quite attractive.  Haha overall, reminds me of a kdrama :P  So aside from Tony Hung (dunno him), I am looking forward to this!

Mr. and Mrs. Bean - cute
Gives of the same feeling as 'Outbound Love'....kdrama style.  Personally find Eliza very likable (espeically since this series is a light-hearted one too, so think she'll do well), so will be loooking forward to this series too.  Haha the coffee reminded me of Moses Chan :P

Big Wheel - Same as before...
The trailer is almost the exact same one from last year :P  Anyways, will be watching this one!

Glided Chopsticks - Disappointment
The trailer is not that exciting...Hopefully the series will be better.

Pictures credit 丁丁Rain, sina, 玖玖JoKi