Adorable Emoticons <3

Ok....I was bored today, so I thought of enoticons :ahaha:and found these ones :eheh:I just love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so adorable:inlove: haha....I'm so obsessed with them now:puppyeyes:

but just hope they were smaller:sigh: Anyway hope you guys like them too:wave:

Kevin Cheng & Tavia Yeung romantically riding bikes under the rain

Earlier Kevin Cheng and Tavia Yeung were filming for new series "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge". The scene spoke about the two riding bikes together in the rain, the scene was very romantic. But in reality, the two have never experienced going biking on a date. Tavia laughed that she hates sitting in the back of the bike. She expressed: "I never liked sitting on the back of the bike, it's not fun. Today I felt frightened because the bike is really old and has limited performance. Also we were riding in the rain, so I was afraid we might fall."

As for Kevin, he expressed that its quite romantic to be riding bikes under the rain. He said: "I only get to experience this in filming. If it was real, I would definitely feel that its romantic. Also I never drove someone on a bike before. (Are you a romantic person?) See if I have time first. If I have time, I can be quite romantic as well."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Thoughts: haha...this scene seems really sweet^^ I'm really looking forward to this series^^ But is sad that Tavia's only going to be a guest star.......

Series No.13

Sorry for the late replies was really hot yesterday at my place, so I didn't really feel like doing anything :( I hope the weather would get cooler, because I'm going to die soon if it doesn't =_=

1)Leila Tong

2)-She works at a medical clinic
-Also a volunteer
-Her sister died in the beginning of the series

3)Themesong by Raymond Lam^^


Wong Hei received two 'hottest" presents this year

42 years old Wong Hei had his birthday celebration on 27th July in Tseung Kwan O TVB city. He was filming "Cross Boundary Exploration" that day, the cast and workers organized a feast for him to celebrate his birthday. The leading ladies Linda Chung and Queenie Chu bought him a birthday cake; Yuen King Tan gave him vegetarian dimsum, Raymond Wong brought "long life bun" and whiskey for him and last but not least, his fans also gave him a birthday cake with "牛哥" written on top. Wong Hei was very touched by it. He told reporter the company has appreciated his performance in "Burning Flame III", therefore, in his next film "The Political Arena" (劍雨江湖), he will have more appearance in the film. "Cross Boundary Exploration" producer had put extra resources to promote him as brave as Keanu Reeves. Wong Hei said "These two presents are my "hottest" presents for this year"

Source:Wenweipao/Takungpo (image)
Translator:R.E.D @

Thoughts: Happy B-Lated Birthday Wong He!!! I already know it was his birthday from TVB Elicit yesterday.....but nothing to post, but luckily saw this article today^^ Haha..seems like he and his co-stars are doing great together^^ So many presents^^ I really can't wait to see this new series with him and Linda^^ heard he's going to be a detective^^ Wish to see him more in the future^^

Series No.12

1)Roger Kwok
-seperated from his mother since young
-his childhood friend have a huge crush on him.

3)Setting in the 1960's


Cute Puppies!!!

Okay, I have one more month of summer and it's back to school......I'm both sad and happy. Happy because I can see my friends, and bad because of everything else. This year, I can't fool of like last year because I know it's going to be much harder this year. I think I always get the easier teachers compared to my friends because their teachers have tons of projects, while my teacher with the same subject (english) always like to watch movies and do drama. I just hope next year won't be too hard......

Now back to the subject. Does anybody here like dogs??? Haha...I use to be really afraid of dogs, but now I'm find with them since I have a dog of my own now^^ The bad thing though is that I have to take it for walks every morning, and that also counts school days.......Well, are some pictures I found of different artistes with the cute doggies^^

Bernice Liu, Linda Chung

Selena Li

Tavia Yeung

Jessica Hsuan, Leila Tong

Kenix Kwok

Bosco Wong

Raymond Lam

Elaine Yiu

*Pictures credits to their respectful owners. (Some pictures were just looked up on google, and some are from asianfanatics.)


Flora Chan in an ancient costume?? Beside "A Case of Misadventure" I've never actually seen Flora in an ancient costume before, and technically, that was still more of a period series. Today, I was quite surprise to see Flora in an ancient outfit......I wonder what series that was??
Picture was from Asianfanatics.

Burning Flame Ep.12 (Spoliers)


After episodes 1 and 2, nothing else really capture my attention except for maybe episode 7, where Bosco graduate his training......and episode 12.

Episode 12 is a very sad one in my opinion. In this episode, Wong Hei's and Kevin's teams were sent into the building that had caught on fire to rescue the people in there. This rescuing mission isn't like the other ones that we saw in the earlier episodes though, because a tragic incident happened and this caused me alot of tissues.......

Extra Spoilers Alert!!!

To start of, let's talk about Wong He's and Myolie's break-up......
In the previous episode, Myolie decided to broke-up with Wong He. When she broke up with him, he was really hurt and he thought it was because of Kevin. Honestlly though, I didn't think Myolie did the wrong thing, because Wong He always tend to arrange things for her without knowing if she would like it or not. But I also think Myolie have her own fault too, she always thinks of her family and devoting all her time to them. In my opinion, break-ups are usually cause by both people, not one.

Well, let's get back to this episode instead.......First, Myolie received a message from Wong He, saying how he finally agreed to their break-up but before they break-up, he just wants to listen to her voice one more time. I cried when I was listening to his message, he loved her so much and I just wanted them to get back together again. I didn't like them together too much before, but seeing Wong He so sad makes me feel really sad too. *cry

What HAPPENED????!!!??!?!

I really want to see the next episode right now!!! After the the 1st explosion, there was a second explosion and that caused Wong Hei to fell down, with only one hand hanging onto the edge. At that time, Kevin was there but I don't get how Kevin was rescued with the girl only and Wong He was at the bottom. There's also the weird thing when he was asked what happened after the 1st explosion, but he just said he didn't remember even though he did.........I really want to know what happened at that time!!??!?!

Major Spoilers ALERT!!!!!! Read at your own Risk...


Wong He in a Coma *tears....
Even though I knew this was going to happen because of the synopsis, I didn't know it was going to happen this fast!!! Why does this have to happen to him!!??!! It's just so sad......and he didn't even get to clear the misunderstanding with Myolie *cries* Before he passed out, the first person he thought of was her.......I really hope he wakes up soon, and what the synopsis saying about Myolie developing feelings for Kevin never comes true.

Younger Look of Tavia...

Pictures Credits to their Rightful owners.

Thoughts: Haha..I was just looking for some pictures of Tavia and came across these^^ Doesn't she look cute??!!


2 new graphics.....not much to say today, feeling really sick....I think I ate something bad today..........Stomach ache and headache....

Laughing Gor Official Trailer

Awwww... I can't wait to see this movie, and especially can't wait more after seeing the trailer too!!!! I wasn't actually into Laughing's character that much in E.U. but I still do like him, and just watching the trailer is really good^^ Haha...really want to watch it now!!

Better Halves Steven&Maggie's Screencaps <3

Ok, lately, I've been watching Burning Flames 3, A Bride for a Ride and re-watching Better Halves. I think I'm going to post somethin about BF 3 an Bride for a Ride later, since I don't feel like doing them now........but I did take some screencaps of Steven and Maggie from Better Halves^^ On the next post about this series, I'm going to be writing about the characters or maybe some of the scenes I like, because right now, I need to go to sleep now. Bye-bye^^

WAH!! Series No.11???

1) Bobby Au-Yeung

2) -He is a chef in the royal palace
- He is friends with the emperor
- His wife was played by an actress who is no longer in the acting business

3)1999 series....


Searching For Lasting Love Costume Fitting

Chinese Name: 搜下留情

Cast:Flora Chan, Joe Ma, Sharon Chan, Him Law, Louis Yuen, Shek Sau, Rain Lau, Power Chan, Mandy Wong, Simon Lo, Natalie Wong, Russell Cheung, Benjamin Yuen,

-Flora, Joe and Sharon is going to be in a love triangle.
-Joe is a cop.
-Shek Sau is Flora's dad.

Credits: TVB: A Way of Thinking

Thoughts: Yay!!! Flora's return!!! I'm so happy that she's back!!! Counting the series I've seen her in, there's only 4, but for some reason I really like her^^ Even though I'm really happy about this series, I wish they had a different leading actor......and it's not that I don't like Joe, it's just that....well, I can't really explain it myself =_= But oh well, I'm still looking forward to this series^^