Inbound Troubles Thoughts

Yay! I finally started "Inbound Troubles" and is loving the series so far! Such a refreshing cast :) Also, finally seeing Joey Meng onscreen again is awesome! She's absolutely gorgeous. Very beautiful x] Another lovely looking individual is Helena Law with her awesome attire.

Favourite Scenes:
The 'Fish Ball' Curse
Every time Wong Cho Lam attempts to eat a fish ball, something would happen. Cracked me up when he got ticketed for the second time for dropping a fish ball! Poor Wong Cho Lam...haha.

Bankruptcy Look...Busted!
Unshaved face, eye bags, messy hairstyle, holes in clothings and a smelly shirt! Roger Kwok apparently declared bankruptcy (I have to watch more to know...) and when he went to this agency that documents his bankruptcy status, he went all out and staged a very pitiable look. Unfortunately to his dismay, the new agent (Louis Cheung) assigned to him is a very sharp guy. He pointed out all the flaws in Roger's 'make-over' and poor Roger was speechless. Haha a very funny scene indeed of Roger and Louis!

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?

So far, there have only been a few scenes of Louis Cheung but I'm loving this guy (actor and character) already! His character cares alot about his look and spends up to an hour in the washroom to 'touch up' his look. Haha he is just too funny! Watching Louis reminds me of this guy I met, who would fix his hair every time he sees his reflection x] lols I can't wait to watch more of Louis!

Buy, Buy, Buy!
It was absolutely hilarious to see Angela Tong forcing the tourists to buy jewelries (so she can get the bonuses)! Haha very demanding and scary :P I seriously wonder why Roger is engaged to her? haha...

The Pity Factor
Something that I have learned; the ability to comprehend jokes/humour shows how much one knows about the culture and language that the jokes comes from.

In relation to the statement above, the 'pity' factor that's mentioned in the title refers to my limited understanding of the humour in "Inbound Troubles". First off all, the mando and canto barrier (accents) does not affect me because I do not speak the language. To add onto that, I decided to watch the series in Vietnamese because I don't like to watch ancient or comedic dramas in English subs. Therefore, the viet dub does not show the differences in the way the characters talk. Especially during the part where Roger Kwok pretended to be from mainland and Wong Cho Lam pretending to be from Hong Kong, I understood what was going on but it was only after Wong Cho Lam stated that mainland people speaks bad canto. Second of all, my little knowledge of both cultures also affected me. For example, when Wong Cho Lam was asked what he ate back at home, he answered, "milk powder". I did not notice it at first but after rewatching the episode, it suddenly came to me! Haha. To sum that up, I wish I knew how to speak canto. Even though "Inbound Troubles" is still very enjoyable and humorous as it is now, understanding the language would make it even more enjoyable right? :)

So for those who understands canto, so jealous of you guys x]

Seasons of Love Promotional Event

Curious, what do you guys think of Seasons of Love so far?  Recommended or not? :)

巾幗梟雄之諜血長天 [Rosy Business 3] Costume Fitting

- 30 episodes long.
- There will be location filming in Foshan and Zhongshan for a month.
- The background of the story will be on the Sino-Japanese War and spies.
- Wayne Lai's character has heavy experiences. He previously killed his fiancée, so his personality becomes dreary. He will play twin brothers who were separated from each other since young. The ambitious elder brother went to Japan and became a Japanese businessman, while the younger brother is in China and becomes a guerrilla. The two brothers will be caught in between Myolie Wu. In the end, the two brothers battle each other.
- Myolie will play Cheung Kei Sang (張寄生), a spy. She will have a romantic storyline with Wayne and Edwin. She will get raped by a Japanese soldier, and she will have many intense kiss scenes with Wayne.
- Edwin will play Chow Sai Kai (周細雞), a spy. He has an unsound mind, and he also becomes a rapist. He deeply loves Myolie; although he has had many women, he is still very much devoted to her until the end. He previously attempted to rape Myolie. There will be a scene where he goes crazy such that he molests anyone he sees.
- Sire Ma will play Kam Wan Ling (金韞凌), a former Qing Dynasty family member who is the sole survivor of a deceased family.
- Lee Sing Cheung will play a former Qing Dynasty military officer. He will have a romantic storyline with Susan Tse.
- Susan will play a nanny who brought up Sire.
- Man Yeung will play Lau Ka Chung (劉家忠).
- Yuang Cheung will play a Japanese soldier who bullies Chinese commoners.

Credits hyn5@

Thoughts:  The casting looks quite interesting, though the story sounds really intense?  Especially Edwin's character, sounds psychotic o.O  Edwin's recent roles have all been evil, why?  Need more variety...

Oh may I add, Wayne need to shave that beard!  Please don't let him keep that look....but very interesting that he'll be playing twins in here.  One good, one evil?  Nice ;)

Recent News?

***may I add that I wrote this post two weeks ago...
Even though I have not been posting, I'm still very updated with the recent tvb news ;)
1)  Yoyo Mung's and Ekin Cheng's Wedding in Japan?!
First off congrats to the newlyweds!  Even though Ekin announced that the pair would be getting married soon, not much info were leaked out about the event beforehand.  In fact, this wedding event even surprised its guests!  Even though it was unfortunate that many friends were unable to attend the pair's special moment because of that, it was still quite sweet don't you think?  Seeing Yoyo's and Ekin's wedding photos, their faces glowed with happiness :)

2)  Bobby Admitted into the Hospital!?
This seriously worried me but thank goodness his condition have stabilized now and he was released.  Bobby, please look after your health :(

3) Raymond Lam and Karena Ng dating?!
Ahem, age aside, I was simply surprised by Raymond Lam's confession.  It was a rather sudden move, but I'm glad that he spoke up.  No doubt it would lift off some weight for the couple, and now they won't have to worry too much about getting caught in public together.

Speaking of the age gap though, it's 14 years right?  To be honest, I don't really care about the age gap.  Instead it's the fact that Karena is 19 years old.  Personally feel that it's too early for her to date someone with such an age gap.  If she was 25 or some where along there, doubt that there would be so much talk about the age gap.

Eventual break-up?  Haha there was a poll on Jaynestars regarding how their relationship would end up, and I think 'eventual breakup' won?  Lols.  It may turn out to be true because it is undeniably hard to keep up a relationship, not to mention that they are in the entertainment world too, but still, all the best to the couple ;)

4)  "Inbound Troubles" Recognition
Besides good ratings, "Inbound Troubles" has also garnered alot of praises for its refreshing casts and comedic elements (?).  Aside from being happy for Joey Meng (it's her first series at tvb), I was also happy for the whole cast.  I'll be honest that I did not expect the series to have received so much attention, but instead feared that the casts and ratings would've gotten affected due to the early broadcasting and its focus on a controversial topic.

Happy Valentines? ft Benjamin Yuen and Sire Ma

Well, the holiday passed by already but I'm using it as an excuse to post these sweet photos of Benjamin Yuen and Sire Ma!  Hehe I never knew that they shot a wedding ad together before.  Would love to see them pair up one day? ;)

Hmm...hope everybody had a nice Valentines?  Mine was great cause I didn't have school :P  Slept in and ate.  Afterwards, I slept some more.  Oh!  If you've seen me on twitter, I also decorated my new bulletin board!  I'm very proud because it represents one of those moments where I did something productive, other than sleeping, during the holidays.  Haha hope you guys had a more eventful holiday?

If I'm granted one wish right now, I'd wish that my holidays can be extended.  I'm not ready for the midterms yet.  Yikes!

TVB Golden Viva Spectacular - Snippets Part 1

This is a special Chinese New Year show that TVB created this year, where different artistes held shows at different places around the world (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea) ;)  

So here are some snippets!!  Happy Chinese New Year everybody!  Kung Hei Fat Choi :D haha

Let the drums roll!!!!  Features Ron Ng, Edwin Siu and Sharon Chan.

Let's get the party started!!!  WHOOOO!!!!!

Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma rocking the stage in Singapore!
This clip kept me smiling all the way through!  Haha I love how Ron's just dancing away when Kenneth on the other hand, seems quite nervous and looks a tiny bit clueless plus awkward.  Hehe it's so adorable isn't it? :P  He's way too cute!!!  :D

Lols I'm basically putting this clip on repeat now :P  Ron's and Kenneth's discrepancies with each other is just too darn cute!!!  Also the way Kenneth held his mic throughout the whole thing!  LMAO  this is making me so happy!!!  Just can't stop smiling!!!!!!!!  :D :D :D 

After Kenneth and Ron, it was Bosco Wong's turn to hit the stge!
As much as I love Bosco though...I felt that he was only shouting out the lyrics x]  haha man, the stage lighting and everything is so nice!

Linda Chung and Myolie Wu in Seoul!!  
Linda performed: "Nothing's Going to Change My Love For You"
Myolie performed: "I Dreamed a Dream"

Myolie's vocals were really nice (and strong) but it's so unfortunate that she had to sing in English, since she's not fluent in it.  btw have I mentioned how much I love her dress???  Super pretty!!!  It surprises me how she can rock that super short haircut, while being very feminine and classy ;)  

Linda was reported to be very nervous during the show and you can see a little of that here x]  The song suited her sweet voice though!  Also loved Linda's dress too, especially along with her hairstyle!  Haha kudos to the smoke and the beautiful background!  Made things even more glamourous x]

***I will have more clips up later ;D

Season of Love Official Screencaps

More info on the series:

Who's planning to watch this? ;D