Selena Back in HK!!!!!

This is what she wrote on her blog xD
"Hi Everyone, I just arrived in Hong Kong!!!!! Im so tired because of the time difference. I woke up at 4am this morning. Hong Kong is soooooo warm compared to Toronto. I just came home from my Salon “hAir” to dye my hair black for my next drama. Tomorrow I will go to TVB for my next drama costume fitting and will start filming soon. I will also be doing a count down show on new year’s eve! If you have no plans yet, come join us!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

THoughts: Omg, Selena is so sweet!!! Haha, I love how she always write on her blog even though she isn't in HK xD I'm wondering what the next drama is. Probably 'Here Comes the Princess though^^ I really want to see her costume xD



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