Starhub Awards 2013 Fashion Comments

***Pictures credit
Elaine Yiu looks gorgeous in her dress!!  I actually really love this style of dresses.

It's totally the dress.  Poor Christine.  That dress is a  fashion disaster.  There's too much layers and worst is the waist band being too high up.  It should've been lower to tighten up her waist.  While Christine may not be as small as the other artistes, she looked totally different a few days ago at a function.  So I think it's the dress issue.

Him Law looks dang handsome in the upper half!  Man, his pants is too glossy for my liking.  As for Mag Lam, nice dress design but the colours was a total disaster.  Made her look washed out.

Taking Him Law's other arm, Mandy Wong once again appeared in a lime green dress.  While I liked the other one I saw her in, this one was not to my liking.  Not that the dress looks bad because I actually really love the colour and design.  Problem is it doesn't match Mandy herself.  The colour is too 'youthful'/'happy' for Mandy, who I think would be better off with cooler colours.  Also cause the hair didn't really suit the atmosphere of the dress.  Man, I think the only style for short hair is slicking them back?  Cause it's usually like that isn't?

With such a handsome same and adorable dimples, Ronald Law only disadvantage is his height!  Can be problematic for his acting career, which saddens me.

Outfit wise, Ronald looked great!  Only thing I didn't really like though were his boots.  Dunno why but they looked too feminine for me :P  As for Grace Wong's, it seem quite casual for the occasion but she does look nice!

Corinna attended the event in rock star outfit.  While I do not fancy the vest she had on (don't like how broad it is), the rocker look suits her.

Who was the best COUPLE AND BEST DRESSED of the night!?!  Of course it was Linda Chung and Ruco Chan!  Just look at how their outfits match!

Truthfully, I think Ruco Chan's style is one of the best among the siu sangs.  He always look dashing in his stylish outfits and awesome glasses!  As for Linda, no doubt the best dressed among the ladies.  While Linda often dresses in seemingly conservative gowns, they are appealing/revealing in a way since the fabric is see-through.  That's something I like about her 'revealing' dressing style.  Her hairstyle also fits perfectly with her look.  While I usually prefer her hair down, I really really like her hairstyle in here.

First thought, her hair is so 'big'.  Haha Michelle seems to like these kind of hairstyles?  Anyways, lovely dress and she was gorgeous in it  Man, she's so skinny though.

While I am surprise to see Myolie in a dress like this (dunno why but it doesn't seem like her style?), though I quite like the dress and its bead patterns.  It just looks a bit dull for some reason.  As for Kenneth, a clean nice suit.  Of course he looks good!

Michael's suit was so glossy!

Such a bad choice of dress on Kate's behalf.  As for her hairstyle, I've never liked how she always slick it back.  Lam Fung is Lam Fung.  Looking nice in his suit.

Honestly, who dressed worse?  Christine Kuo or Bosco Wong?  To be honest, I shouldn't be shock since it's Bosco but man!  Could his style get any worse?  Shorts with pink high socks.  And that jacket!?  Really!?  Ugh....

As for Niki, I don't get why she like these kind of dresses.  She wore one like this at the last tvb anniversary too.  Man, I hate the way it droops in the front.

Poor Tavia, sharing the same picture with the two fashion disasters.  Thank goodness she looks gorgeous in her dress.  Only thing I didn't like is the extra fabric over her chest.  Honestly did not notice it until I magnified the picture cause it blended in with her skin.