[Thoughts] Over Run Over Episode 1

The series started off with Vincent Wong's narration, "have you ever promised someone you would never leave them but you couldn't do it?" He spoke about how it may be idealistic to have the chance to change certain things of the past but in the end, these things were all fated to happen. In the end, you may be able to change certain things but cause changes in others and you are all left alone with memories. The narration continues on as he apologize to Tracy Chu for not loving her soon enough and how much he regret it.

After the narration, the series shifted to the present day of April 1st. EU sergeant, Ling San Fung (Tracy Chu), and her team encountered 4 criminals in the middle of the night. The group escaped and while San Fung try to locate them again, she is repetitively interrupted by the village chief, Kwan Ding Ming (Vincent Wong). Towards the end, the crew managed to corner the four criminals and a shoot out occurred. After the confrontation, San Fung found her dad dead among the rubble.

San Fung spotted the criminal and was following him until she was knocked over by Ding Ming's car.  Funny thing is, the criminal was about to pull the gun on her but he stopped because of the crash.

San Fung's friends, Lee Chi Ting (Zoie Tam) and Ho Siu Mei (Moon Lau).  Chi Ting is a reporter and Siu Mei is a model.  Is it just me of does Zoie Tam kind of resemble Myolie Wu in here?  Is it the haircut?

San Fung spotted the criminal again at the village celebration and as she raced after him, she ran into Ding Ming in the men's restroom.  It is quite obvious that he is somehow involved, but how...?  He always appear at the same place as criminal and San Fung.

San Fung was crying (because of her father's death) when one of her team mates, Chan King Wai (Pal Sinn) came over to console her.  He told her that it is painful to lose someone close to you, but soon she'll be able to adapt to the pain.  More so, he said that some things are meant to happen and no matter what she does, it will still happen.  Seems like he know about the time travelling events.  His character is quite intriguing to watch because it seems like he know more than what is shown.  As of right now, San Fung just think of him as a teammate who does not sincerely care for his job and I am interested in why he came out to be so.

Warped back in time.  This episode led off to a very good start.  Time travelling can be messy, so I hope it doesn't get out of hand.  Nonetheless, I will be chasing down this drama for Tracy Chu and Vincent Wong :P  btw the title is just horrible and makes no sense.