All that is Bitter is Sweet - Themesong and Subsong

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BTW if anybody has the translations to either song, pls tell me :)  I love both songs very much!  I'm especially glad to hear Teresa's voice again. hehe I love her themesong for "Bottled Passion".  The song itself also brings back one of the oldies vibe and I love that!  As for Linda's "Sacrifice", I'm also loving it!  Love how the beginning started off with the chinese instrumentals. There's a lot of "love" in this paragraph haha

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Teresa Cheung's "Self Healing"

Linda Chung's "Sacrifice"

All That is Bitter is Sweet - Official Screencaptures and Synopsis

TO SUM (Du Yange), a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor in Foshan, has only one daughter TO KAI-KEI (Linda Chung), who is exceptionally intelligent and shows great enthusiasm for medical skills. However, her father never expects her to be his successor because of her gender. Just as KAI-KEI is going to marry the mayor's eldest son CHONG KAI-CHO (Raymond Wong), there is an outbreak of a pandemic, during which many patients including KAI-CHO suddenly die after taking medicine prescribed by TO SUM. Immediately, the mayor, CHONG TUN-YU (Poon Chi Man), orders to close down the pharmaceutical factory, leaving KAI-KEI helpless in such straitened circumstances.

In the meantime, a businessman with a terminal illness, TING YAT-YUEN (Ruco Chan), raises a hostile takeover bid to buy out the pharmaceutical factory, so KAI-KEI offers to treat YAT-YUEN, trying to defend themselves against the sell-off of their assets. Also due to YAT-YUEN, KAI-KEI gets to know the retired imperial physician, SHEUNG SIK-KANG (Choi Kwok Hing), who teaches her reclusive medical skills. On the other hand, KAI-CHO's twin brother CHONG KAI-CHUNG (Raymond Wong) just finished his study abroad and returns home. Though HUI KWAN-YEUK (Natalie Tong), a warlord's daughter, shows him affection, KAI-CHUNG secretly has a crush on his former sister-in-law. Having encountered untold hardships and difficulties, KAI-KEI and YAT-YUEN have fallen in love with each other. Unexpectedly, after the pharmaceutical factory opens for business again and everything seems to subside, YAT-YUEN's days are numbered...

Synopsis credit: FairchildTV