King of Gambler IV


When I first saw this clip.....I was totally confuse because I never heard of it before. Turns out to be it's an ATV series not tvb and is airing after The Gate of Justice. Name is King of Gambler IV.Beside a few favs. I don't really find an interest in atv series, but this series really does. Why? Chiliam Cheung! I wish that he'd return to tvb....but this is good too! And costarring him is Ada Choi! Gambling theme also somewhat interests me.....but when I saw the amount of episodes....I wasn't so sure anymore xD It is 30 eps long.

Ghost Writer Ep.2 Thoughts

Turns out Fala and her grandpa came to town because they wanted to see the one who saved Fala.....who is Steven's father.

I found Fala really cute in this scene. She acted like a fox by nudging at her grandpa xD Really cute how she whined at him trying to convince him to let her stay a little longer. Fala seems really innocent in here. She doesn't know much about the human world and her curiosity is really cute.

The guy who faked as the fox demon and killed people from the village in ep1 got into trouble. Fala wanted to teach him a lesson and so she seduced him and attacked him. He ran away from her.....which turned out to be a bad idea because he ran into Eric Li (the one who hired him to fake as the fox). Don't you feel sorry for that guy.....

This is probably my fav. scene (also the only I remember xP) of Sunny.

In this scene, Sunny testified against Eric Li. Sunny saw that Eric pushed the guy who faked as the fox down the mountain, thus destroying the last clue to the fox case. Sadly, Eric is the one who has power in here....Sunny is a righteous guy and because justice was not served in this case, he took of his official uniform and vowed not to be an official again.

I really admire Sunny's righteous attitude in here. Sadly most of the bureau is corrupted and even the magistrate is afraid of Eric Li.

Hmm, what can I say about Eric Li? I really enjoy watching him. His role in A Fistful of Stances grabbed my attention and even though this role might not be as evil, I still enjoyed it as well. I would be happy to see tvb promote him more =)

This scene was quite cute. Steven and Sunny were doing this puppet show when Steven's puppet slipped from his hands (landed in a bush). Fala picked up his puppet and kept it. When they began talking, Fala stumbled upon her words. Haha, it was cute when she messed up her words!

Really cute when she stumbled on her words while asking Steven for his name and he made fun of her my stumbling upon his name, saying 'I'm Chu....chung....chung...chung...ling'. lols so cute when Fala said 'Wow thats alot of Chungs'.

Linda finally appears at the end of the episode!!! She was trying to get a job at Steven's company, but came late. Steven was suppose to be at his company before his dad (but slept in) so he was also late. Both of them then climbed up a tree trying to get in. When they tried to get down, Steven slipped and landed on Linda.

Linda went and 'auditioned' for her job. Unfortunately, her righteous attitude offended Steven's uncle (who was in charge of hiring staffs). So in the end did Linda got her job or not?

First appearance showed that Linda knows kung-fu! Haha, I really liked how they did Linda's first appearance with Steven. i already loved them together in the first scene.

TaRo Fever =3

Why does Ron looks sad in the second drawing!?! I dunno why -.- I drew that last night....and I drew the other one in the morning =) I like the 2nd one more though, more chibi-ish.....the other one....Ron's head looks a bit crooked. The suppose to be his ear xD Haha, I had trouble doing Ron's hair.....I can't do spiky hair!! You guys like them?

Haha, 1 week till TaRo b-day party!!!! So much TaRo....but I haven't posting so much about them -.- Love TaRo!!!

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2 Wallpaper of Taro =3 And a set! Currently using it at Tavia Yeung Network forum right now =) ...Join if you haven't!! xD lols

Ghost Writer Ep.1 Thoughts

Episode 1 started of with Elliot Yue's family facing a problem due to a change of government. When he was walking in the streets, he saw a caught fox and bought it. He took it to a forest and released it there......He said that both are them are in a trap, the fox is in a cage, while he's stuck among the chaos of the new government. When he returned home, his son wasn't crying no matter how hard the nurse hit it. When they thought the baby would die, the fox was sitting on their ceiling and he made a crash noise, making the baby cry. Then right after this, Elliot got good news from the government and therefor his family passed there problems. Btw guess who the fox is? xD

When I saw the fox, first thought was that it was super cute! Such a beautiful thing it was! Though I do it a dog? Cause it looks so much like a dog! And I thought foxes were red xD At least those are the ones I see in books.....arctic foxes does not count xP

Do good deeds and they will be returned. That's what this scene reminded me off. Of course, there's the cruel part of reality....not every single good deed is returned, but that is not the point, the point is the fact that I think doing good deeds is just the sincerity in the heart and we shouldn't do it just to get something back.

During this scene, it also reminded me of animal cruelty. When I was on weibo, I saw some artistes commenting on it and there were pics of animals (that looked badly hurt). Then lately, I read on the newspaper about some one dumping kittens in a donation box! The kittens almost died but luckily they were saved just in time. My thoughts on these things can't really be expressed on here, but I have to say that the people who are abusing animals are heartless!!! Don't they feel anything?! But I'd really like to thanks the people who are helping them. You don't have do to big things to help, I think just simply trying your best to take care of your pet is as good. Nothing is perfect, but we can always try our best to make another step closer to it.

There are rumors going on around town about a fix demon killing people. Hmm, is that fox demon Fala?

Sunny Chan and Steven Ma are best friends and both of them hated corrupted offcials. Sunny Chan is an honest official and Steven Ma is the son of a rich merchant (Elliot Yue). When they heard the rumors of the fox demon, both of them were determined to find out the truth behind it..... While trying to catch the fox demon, Steven sensed someone following him and guess who it is? it was Fala Chen! When she appeared, she gave of this mysterious feeling and could barely talk. While Steven tried to chase after her......he slipped and fall. Fala magically caught him and when they looked each other in the eye....they saw their memories 20 yrs ago when Steven was still a baby. In the end, was Fala the demon who killed people in the town? Of course not! It was actually someone who faked as a demon instead.

I loved this part very much. It's so cool how they did they spinned in the circle. Fala's introduction was a good one. It gave a mysterious feeling and I really liked that. Steven's intro on the other hand gave of this really playful character^^

I'm going to be doing this for each episode of Ghost Writer. It was a bit late, but at least I won't spoil anything for anyone....since I think mostly everybody are finished with this series xD This is just a something I wanted to do to keep a record of my thoughts on Ghost Writer. After I'm done with all the eps, I'll have the final review. In each eps though, I'm only going to have specific scenes I'm going to explain....mainly either Fala/Steven or Linda/Steven xD I'm not into the business parts....cause I don't like them xP

Polls are over!

ALL the polls have ended!!! Haha, some of you guys will probably say 'FINALLY!!'. lols cause that is what I'm saying! Been quite sometime now! I've saved other pics of the other polls and will be posting them up later! Now this poll...

Officially announce that Linda and Raymond had won the votes!!! At first it as Fala and Kenneth but then there was a tight tie between the 2 couples.....and this was the end! Haha, thanks for voting guys! The chibis will be up soon, probably around half-way of Can't Buy Me love., or near the ending (since I want to get to know the couple more first). Thanks again =)

New Poll is up for Can't Buy Me Love!!! But voting doesn't start till around 2nd week of Sept. b/c I want to give people more time to compare. Poll is on.....'Which one is better?" Beyond or Can't Buy Me Love?
EDIT - Decided not to do this poll anymore, since the 2 series have diff. genre. So really no comparison can be made? Just depend if you prefer drama or comedy^^

2nd Poll
How it Growing Through Life?
I really want some opinions on this series. I've heard both negative and is now confuse xD Would you guys recommend it or not?

Can't Buy Me Love Themesong

I love the themesong very much and even love Susanna Kwan more! This theme sounds really heart-warming and happy xD More and more, this series keeps on reminding me of VOH! Such a great cast, so hopefully the story won't let us down =)

I love the part where Linda hugs Raymond!!! Hehe, they look so cute together in there! Also the part where Moses splashed water onto Elaine's face xP lols Elaine's expression was so funny! Can't wait to get a start on this!! Sad how it has to be on when school is about to start though...but I'm excited for school anyways! Haha, first week of school is always the best...and also the last week xP

btw I won't be hosting my pics on photobucket anymore....b/c I'm afraid when I stop using it, after awhile the pics will be gone. So now I'm just using blogger again. I'll be trying to edit the older posts to by re-uploading the pics back onto blogger again.