Big Eunuch Praying Ceremony

TVB series, Big Eunuch, is produced by Law Wing Yin (羅永賢). Additional cast members include: Elliot Ngok (嶽華), Power Chan (陳國邦), Raymond Cho (曹永廉), Chung King Fai (鍾景輝), Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Helen Ma ( 馬海倫), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), Jimmy Au (歐瑞偉), Lo Chun Shun (魯振順), Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) and many other artists.

TV King, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Maggie Shiu (邵美琪), Michelle Yim (米雪), Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) attended the prayer ceremony for new TVB series, Big Eunuch (大太監). Originally, Michelle Yim had to pass the opportunity to portray the role of Empress Dowager Cixi due to her work schedule, in which Maggie Cheung (張可頤) had been announced to take the role instead. As a result of delayed filming, the casting reverted back to its original plan and Michelle was excited to partake in Big Eunuch.

Michelle Yim Looks Forward to New Challenges

Michelle Yim noted, “Fortunately, the filming for Big Eunuch was delayed, thus I had a chance to join the cast! I had to refuse many other filming projects in order to take this role!” However, she did not mind losing out [on money] to take on a good script and the chance to work with good costars. Michelle revealed that the scriptwriters put a lot of effort into constructing the dialogue, which often contained rarely used phrases and will pose as a new challenge for Michelle.

Wayne Lai: “Li Lianying Is Not Evil!”

Wayne Lai indicated that no matter who his costar was, he was happy. He looked forward to collaborating with Michelle Yim, praising her for her extensive experience. During the filming process, they complemented each other. Big Eunuch has already completed 10 days of filming. Wayne joked that he was “completely castrated” to portray the eunuch character, Li Lianying. At the prayer ceremony, Wayne knelt before Michelle and escorted her hand as per palace formalities.

Wayne indicated that Big Eunuch did not resemble the typical palace fighting series. The drama will also explore the journey of Li Lianying rising from a low-level eunuch to become one of the Empress Dowager’s must trusted confidantes. Wayne revealed that he will portray Li Lianying as a 20-year-old to 40-year-old man.

The Li Lianying character gave the impression that it was an evil role. Wayne said that it was difficult to classify Li Lianying purely as a good or evil character. He explained that Li Lianying knew how to deal with interpersonal relationships extremely well. Historically, it was known that he had money-making mechanisms and knew how to establish harmony between his subordinates and superiors. Thus, it was difficult to say that he was an evil character. Wayne indicated his excitement and enthusiasm in taking the role.

In an earlier report, it was revealed that Nancy Wu and Wayne will portray the love relationship of a palace maid and eunuch.

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Thoughts: Definitely something to look forward to next year ;)

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Decided to feature Bottled Passion :) Great series so far!

Got the post for episode 1 and another for episode 2 up :D

Bottled Passion Thoughts Episode 2

Great...even though I know that Raymond is a "bad" guy...I can't help but fall for him in the beginning of the episode! He's so sweet to Niki!! He have such a way with I'm not surprise so many girls will fall for him later on :)

OMG!! From episode 1, I thought Raymond was the reason for Yoyo Chen's death....but it turned out to be Joel Chan instead!! Raymond actually tried to save Yoyo...but sadly she still died. So instead, he secretly gave Yoyo's suicide letter to Niki, whom revealed out the whole back story to the media! whoo! That was good! I never expected that Joel was the guy that Yoyo died for since episode 1 made it seem like Raymond, whom I'm really glad isn't. After this, Raymond's character just get more and more interesting to watch. He's such a sweet guy! I want to see more Raymond!!! haha...

btw Joel's character is such a JERK!! How long have Yoyo died? and he is already chasing after another girl! Just want to strangle him! Since I've just watch Joel Chan in Curse of the Royal Harem as nice and faithful (not to his wife...but to Myolie) guy, this is a big change of character. I think Joel is becoming a real dependable supporting actor, but please do not typecast him into these bad roles.

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