In this scene, a rabbit was stuck in this stone that was build as a memorial for something. Basically saying, that stone is very important. Selena insisted to Charmaine to break the stone to rescue the rabbit. Charmaine knew how important the stone was and told her they can't.

You can still see that Selena is quite childish in here. She doesn't know what the result of her actions could cause. At the same time though, you can see her kind side. I just don't like how she just wouldn't be kind to Tavia :(

In the previous Beyond post, I mentioned about Tavia's miscarriage. She got the miscarriage because she tripped over a painting. She then 'thought' and 'framed' Selena's mom. Selena's mom was then executed :(

I feel so sorry for Selena. When all that happened, her father and godfather wasn't even there and she was all alone trying to beg Moses to not kill her mom. She kept on pleading Moses but he wouldn't even see her! She banged her head onto the ground repeatedly and that's why you could see her forehead covered with blood.

By the time her mom was about to be executed, it was to late for Selena to help her. She ran and ran but then trip and her mother was killed.


An Pham said...

i love the way they shot the scene above. it was one of my favorite. i just think it gives off a unique feel i never see tvb does before. which is always good. and yes so touching!!

LynneD. said...

Yes!! This indeed was a really touching scene in Beyond. I actually thought it would turn out different and only thought Moses wasn't actually going to kill her. I wished that Selena didn't turn nice either. I liked her fights with Tavia xD

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