Awards Outfits

Here are the rest of the pics from the Gala xD Haha, I decided to put them together cause there were ay to many pics to upload if I do them all separately. I only did thoughts on the ladies cause there's not to write on the guys :/ Haha since they all wear suits xD

Myolie: I like her dress but not the bottom part to much. The patterns are ok, but I thought that the dress was a little to simple.

Bosco: Haha, he looks great there xD I really like his hat with the feathers for some reason lols

Sheren: I thought she would wear something 'more' for the awards since she did had a high chance of winning^^ Her dress is simple (kind of reminded me of one of Fala's dress) but she does look really nice in it^^ I like how she had her hair too, it somehow goes along with the dress^

Charmaine: There's something about all her dresses that make them look the same. Haha, she still looks good in them though xD I just thought that her hairstyle could be different.

Tavia: Haha, I love her dress for some reason xD Maybe cause my fav. color is blue :P It looks really nice on her and the color makes her stand out.

Moses: I don't like the shirt he wore inside and not the scarf either.

Christine: I can only find a pic of her from the side view. She looks really nice in pink^^ Haha, I'm not a fan of pink but it is really pretty in there xD It kind of reminded to of one of Shirley's dress though :/

Susanna: I think she fits the red well^^ But I'm not a fan of furs :/ The pic of her with only the red dress looks really pretty though xD

Queenie: She looks good in the dress but it doesn't really fit the anniversary o.O

Koni: It seems like she like brown colored dresses^^ She looks pretty good in it.

Fala: The dress looks pretty simple but looks great on Fala. I like her earrings^^

Linda: Honestly, even though as a Linda fan, I think she looks really weird in there. I don't like the hair and the sweater is just really bad.

Catherine: So that's Catherine!! I barely remember her in any series. Weird how tvb nominated her in the Most Improve. I like her dress though cause the dark blue looks nice^^

Michelle: I really don't like her dress nor hair.

Sharon: I think her dress is pretty but I can't see the FRONT!! Anybody have pics?

Aimee: It's just a simple dress that only black and I find her dress to be too baggy.

Sonija: From the front, her dress looks great but from the side, it look sooo weird!! Maybe because of her hair, on the side the hair made her head look to small.

Maggie: Again, I really like the color blue xD I find her dress to only be ok. The thing I don't like is her hair :/

Liza: I have no idea why she wore that. It looks really bad in my opinion.

Susan: First thing that caught my eye.....the necklace! Doesn't it look like the necklace that Susanna wore last time (Gala)? Hers has the black ruby though while Susan's have greens.

Kara: Looks ok.
Mary: I don;t like her hair :/


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