My Fav. TVB Child Actors

hmm....I have seen many child actors, but I don't know most of their names :( .......but my favourites would be Maggie Wong, Tiffany Tse and definitely cute JACKY WONG!!! ...haha..I think I love him the best out of all 3^^

Tiffany Tse - Isn't she just adorable?? haha..but honestly, I really can't remember how I began to like her......I remember seeing her in series, but can't remember which ones :( ...When I was trying to find more about the child stars, I found out another child actor that I think looked alot like her.... the other child is Jenny Shing. I was wondering if I mixed them up, but I checked on dramawiki and found out that I didn't watched any of Jenny Shing's series beside "Under the Canopy of Love" ........ Anyway, I still love Tiffany^^

Jacky Wong - Okay.....who wouldn't like this little guy??? He is just so cute!!!!! hehe...and I have seen him in alot of series too....I think I liked him the best in Fathers and Sons^^ His relationship with Bobby in there was really cute^^ Recently though, he's the only child actor I've seen......not many other child actor.....but I'm happy to see him though^^ Love him so MUCH!!! ...hehe..

Maggie Wong - I haven't seen Maggie in any series for a long...time. Is she going to be filming anymore???? ...uh, I guess not because I just figured out her birthdate...and she is 20 right now o_O .....time fly by so quickly doesn't it? Well, anyway...I've only have memories of her from 2 series, 1 is Police Station No.7 and 2 is Perish in the Name of Love. I remember she was really sweet in Police Station No.7, but it wasn't until Perish that I really liked her. She was really cute in there with the other child actor..guy (don't know his name)


Nida said...

I thought that Maggie Wong was Linda Chung during she was a child

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