Our Wonderful Affiliates^^

A Fairytale World - Somewhere you can read a mixture of HK dramas, K-drama, Japanese Dramas, Chinese dramas and Taiwanese dramas!

AE-Experience - AE stands for 'Asian Experience'.  Created by Iris and Niki, the blog also has a couple of guest writers and thus, gives us a great variety of posts to read from: drama reviews, music reviews, fanfictions etc.  Gotta check it out!

Casual TVB - If you're into history, Miriamfanz's historical posts are something not to be missed!  Along them are some other very interesting posts that's gotta be checked out.

CeeJay's Entertainment - Thoughts and opinions from Cee and Jay :D

Dreams Link - Everything 'Dreams Link'!

Eternity BT - You may wonder what 'BT' stands for?  Created by foreverlovetvb, Eternity BT is where you'll find updates on the two beautiful actresses: Bernice Liu and Tavia Yeung.

Foreverlove TVB - A long-running tvb blog that you cannot miss out on!

Forever TVB Celeb - An enthusiastic on fashion, check out Sharlin's blog for the news and pictures updates of different artistes.

Glamorous Gigi - Though retired, the actress Gigi Lai is still not forgotten.

HKorean Drama Island - Want to read episodic recaps of not only TVB series but also Korean dramas?  Jac here offers the most up to date episodic recaps of the new releases!

hyn5@幸而城 Fortunate City - A long time running blog that offers the most up to date information on tvb!

Justvb Forum - Are you looking for a place that provides tvb synopsis, themesongs, wallpapers etc?  Well, be sure to check out this forum created by Justvb!

Just TVB Artist - Summer offers a lot of pictures for her blog viewers!  So don't miss out on all the screencaps she takes for different series.

K for TVB - Sure we all know who KTVB is :)

Linda Chung Thoughts - Tvb Horizon's sister site!

Midway Rendezvous - Want to read fanfictions?

My Favourite TVB - Stay up to date with Tvb's releases!

Nancy Sit Fan Site - An informtive fansite dedicated to Nancy Sit by a loyal fan, Jing Mui.

No Regrets - A blog entirely dedicated to the hit series, No Regrets!

Over the Rainbow - A personal blog with graphics :)

Phim88 - A site for Vietnamese fans to watch their dramas online.

Sehseh's Blog - An informative blog dedicated to Charmaine Sheh.

Selena Li Official Fansource - A website dedicated to actress, Selena Li.

Simply TVB - Sharon's thoughts and views on tvb!

Steven Ma Fan Blog - The place where all Steven Ma fans should visit!

Therearethreehahahas - The place to stroll by for tvb reviews!

Totally Very Best TVB - Want to see some beautiful pictures? Check this blog out!

Triumph in the Skies 2 - A fansite dedicated to the sequel of Triumph in the Skies.

TVB: A Way of Thinking - An informative site that offers all the latest news on the upcoming and released tvb series!

TVB and Thai Lakorns  -  This is love_of_tvb's blog where you can find recaps on both TVB and Thai series!

TVB Cafe - TBU

TVB Corner - The place where tvb fan, Scalae3, shares all her thoughts of tvb!

TVB Drama Online - A site where fans can watch tvb dramas online!

TVB Interaction - The place where Iris' does her reviews and chat about tvb!

TVB Lovers - A fanblog that will keep you updated with the ongoing tvb events with pictures and such!  Not only that, Nicole here also sells stickers, posters etc.

TVB Perspective - A fanblog created by Ginny, where she shares her thoughts on tvb with us!

TVB Starlight - Another fanblog where you can read Starlight's thoughts on tvb!

Yue Mei's HQ - A personal fanblog of Yue_Mei, where she talks about tvb!


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