[News] Mandy Wong gets injured and bitten all over from a rape scene

Last night, Mandy Wong and Niki Chow were shooting for TVB new series A Good Heart Goes Haywire. In the series, Mandy plays a prostitute, but really sacrificed herself for the role! Dressed in a short skirt and a wig, she was shooting a scene outside of the nightclub, where she gets drugged with chloroform and then gets dragged to the dark alley to be raped. She was eventually rescued by Niki, who plays a policewoman. As the majority of the crew on the set were men, Mandy was worried of exposure and so she had shorts underneath her skirt.

For this rape scene, Mandy got actual injuries all over her and she had to shoot the scene in a dirty alley full of mosquitoes and bugs. When the actor who played the rapist dragged her to the alley and because she was struggling to escape, she got bruises on her thigh after completing the scene. Also, Mandy's whole body was itching from all the mosquito and bug bites.

However, this scene wasn't as annoying as her other slapping scene. In the slapping scene, the director initially said to fake the slap, but the result didn't turn out too good. In the end, Mandy bravely volunteered to get slapped for real. She told her 'rapist' to just slap her for real. Mandy said: "Slapping for real is much more realistic! But my face started swelling up! I need to get some ice on it when I get back." For this prostitute role, Mandy gave everything she got, she said watching many movies was part of her homework: "In the series, I always have to lie and I make up my own slang." As for Niki, she had a scene where she jumps off the bridge, but she's still recovering from a leg injury and had to get a stunts double to do the scene for her.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thoughts: Haha I was scared at first because of the title....but thank goodness Mandy's character will be rescued by Niki's. So once again Many is taking on a new role :) You can notice that her roles varies alot....which are all good experiences to enhance her acting abilities. I'll be looking out for her in here!


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