Fala Chen's Trip to Maui

On Fala's blog, she said she took a 8 days vacation on the island of Maui in Hawaii after the filming of Laughing Gor's. She stated some highlights of her trip there, which (so far) are fishing and the drive up the mountian.


Fala said that she caught a 343lb Pacific Blue Marlin. Above, there's a picture of her standing beside the caught fish. She said that it took her 1.5 hrs to wheel the fish in o.O that's a long time. Even though she caught this fish, she regretted it because it could of lived freely in the ocean if only she had released it. Next time, she said she would definitely do that.
She also went snorkeling and was bitten by a puffer fish o_o

Up the Mountian

It took Fala and her family around 2 hrs to reach the peak of Haleakala Crater (a volcano). During her drive, she stopped at Lavendar Garden. In her opinion, it is one of the most beautiful garden she had ever been to. Even though it was a tough drive, she said seeing Haleakala's sunset paid it off.

*To read her actual post (mine was just a short summary in my own words) go to --> http://blog.tvb.com/falachen/
*Pictures Credits: TVB.com

Thoughts: Fala caught a realllllyyyy BIG fish there o.O It kind of surprised me how she went fishing on her vacation, since she rarely gets off right??? Mostly though, she planned this trip for her parents, espeacially her dad because he love doing outdoors activities. I was like "awwww..." when I saw the sunset pictures she took. I really love it^^ I wish I can visit it one day ^^


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