Tavia's Cameo Roles

Was actually suppose to post this a few days ago, but was quite....well..lazy. Yup, that was the reason....*cough* A-hem, annyywayyy.....I've got some pics to show you guys^^ These are the screencaps which I've captured (beside one) when Tavia were cameos in different series. Of course I didn't got all of it, but only a few series.

Finding her in them was really tiring +_+ My eyes almost popped out when I was on the last one. If you guys are wondering if I just naturally saw her in the series or not........it would be a not. I actually went to wikipedia to see what kind of cameo she played in the series, and only chosed the ones I've seen before to search for her.

Tavia is in the white box:

The Dragon Sword and Heaven Sabre: Tavia plays as a nun in here. Ok, I hope you guys can recognize Tavia in there, since it's actually pretty hard to tell too. Anyway, this series was the one where I almost gave up to search for Tavia, since I only knew that she was a nun and there were way tooooo many scenes in here with nuns!!!! I was sooo happy when I found her, which I thought at first was impossible =__=

The Legend of Lady Yang: Tavia played as a maid in here. Actually, at TVB Musings, Metal had already had a post of Tavia being in here and that's why I kinda got the idea of which scene she was in.

The Legendary 4 Aces: Can't remember exactly what she played in here...ehh, my memories is going blurry now, but I think she wanted to be one of Nick's wives or something.

Gods of Honor: Sorry for the blurry picture. In here, Tavia plays as a concubine, who only has one line..... (this was actually the series that I naturally saw Tavia in wayyy before I started this blog. First time I saw her, I was confuse.....because I didn't know that she played cameos before. I kept on rewinding it until I was confinced that it was Tavia)

Pic. Credit: tavern.com
Street Fighters: Ok, don't know what Tavia lays as in here since I haven't watched the series. I actually found it at TAVERN.com


sugar said...

I remember Tav in The Legendary 4 aces, she was a cameo at the end (the ending scene, smiling at Nick) and she also played another character in the middle. But I can't remember what. :)

Lavendar_Bluez said...

haha...how young everyone looked...

i have screen caps of Tavia in AKS:


it is the second post..=] hopefully it'll help you more with your finds... :D

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