Ok, haven't been on for the last day(s)....Reason is because my interests in the series were turned off (sorry for not replying the tags :( ).....but now it's on again!!!! Mainly because of 'Beyond the Realm of Conscience'!!!!!! Haha, got so excited when I saw KristyKream's message of seeing Beyond's trailer on Hyn5's blog xD

My power is all charged up now that I saw the trailer xD Even though I didn't understand what they were saying....but still loved it!!! Just can't wait to see it xD *faints*

Haha, that also inspired me to look for more series trailers on Found 4 more.

These trailers are in Mandarin. (I think)

Born Rich ---->

Beyond the Realm of Conscience ---->

A Watchdog's Tale ---->

Beauty of the Game ---->

In the Chamber of Bliss ----> (think Chamber's is the same as the old one in the sales presentation, but can't remember.)

Credits Tudou, hyn5

1) Beyond look soooooo good xD
2) Why can't Watchdog's Tale air instead of Chamber?? I was really looking forward to this series!!! But not mainly because of Linda though, but actually Steven xD I really wanted to see his character in here!!! His character in here is going to be totally diff. from the others he did before (beside Better Halves)
3) Beauty of the Game actually looks pretty interesting...
4) Is really looking forward to Born Rich too xD


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