Linda Chung supports Wong He, he's good to communicate with

Wong He often gets rumors with his other co-stars during filming, yesterday Linda Chung voiced out her support that he is sincere, hard working, competent and expressed that they discuss with each other, she does not feel that Wong He is annoying.

Yesterday Linda and Wong He were filming for their new series "Cross Boundary Exploration", Linda opened up and voiced out her support for Wong He, she said: "Changing the script, many people would do that. Sometimes changing just a little bit, I don't feel it's a problem otherwise we'll all be like robots. Our collaboration this time includes many discussions. He's always rumored to not get along with his co-stars, I feel bad for him. He is a very good person."

Wong He has not been affected by the negative news. Yesterday he was filming for a car explosion scene where he saves someone under the hot weather. Although the car was just as hot as the fire because the sun had been shining on it, but he still continue to bear with it to shoot the scene. During filming, there was the fake blood rolling into his eyes, but he still continued with it without complaints. Also part of the scene, Kingdom Yuen said: "Look at me, I invited you to have some ice cream to cool it off, don't you think it's nice?"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Thoughts: Wong He is very unfortunate with all those negative news, but I'm happy that he isn't affected by them. It's just like in high school, there are always rumors going around and getting affected by it isn't worth it. I see that Wong He is a very professional actor, since he puts in all his effort while filming.

To me, I think Wong He is just more of a straight forward person, and of course not everybody get along with each other, since everyone have their own flaws. Like me for example^^ ...hehe......Still, I also think he can be a sweet person and playful at the same time too from all the pics. from his blog xD ...... He also seem to like taking pictures alot xD

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----> My 2 Favs. xD


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