Happy New Year xD

2010 has finally arrived!!! I can't believe how everything is going by so fast! I only have 2 in a half more years of high school and should be getting a job soon xD I wish that this is going to be a good year for everybody! Happy New Year!

Nancy Wu Network

Vivien from TVB Elicit just launched a new fansite for NANCY WU!!!! Called Nancy Wu Network!!! Come there and take a look, it's fantastic xD

At the Edge of Tears - Carlo Ng in ACOTOB

!!!!!!!!!!!Spoilers for ACOTOB!!!!!!!!!!

I was really surprised when I cried in this series. It feels weird because I thought it was a comedy series but then I cried. I've watched up to ep.8 and it's the ep that I cried in.

Carlo Ng played as this spoiled rich boy. He used all the money his father left him (which is ALOT) and gambled with them. In the end, he lost all his money and ended up renting a room at the place where Sunny lives. Even though he lost all his money he still wouldn't give up his so called 'dignity,' he was disrespectful to everyone cause he thought his status was higher then them. When he was forced out of the house, there was this kind of raining storm. He stood there in the rain with his wives hiding behind a wheel barrow while Sunny and Ron walked by to look for them.

Ron didn't want to help Carlo, but Sunny said "It's true that Master Shap-yee (Carlo) doesn't deserve any sympathy but even though he's left completely desitute he still doesn't want to dump or leave his wives. This proves his affection and loyalty."

I was a little surprise when Sunny said that and that made me think. What he said was true. Usually I think the spoiled rich guys would actually 'dump' their wives and leave alone. There's also the part that his 2 wives decided to stay with him while all his other wives (has 10!!) packed up their suite cases and left him.

That was the touching part and now here's the teary one.

Carlo always think of his face (pride) but he went back to the house to beg the head lady if he could stay there. Because of his bad-mouth before, everybody there hates him and the landlady kept on insulting him.

Teary scene description
-Carlo took out a handkerchief
-Put it down on the ground
-And kneeled down right in front of the landlady!!!!! (This part really shook me because he acted so spoiled before but now he did that for his wives!)

Maybe it's just me though, I kinda have a feeling I was the only one who cried at this scene xD

2 Very Important People xD

Beside the 5 B-Days that I mentioned in this post for December --> HERE
I missed 2 really important people!!!!! Both are my fav. in their supporting roles xD Rain Lau!!! Mimi Lo!!! I'd like to wish them all the best and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! xD
Rain's B-Day was on Dec.11 Mimi's is on Dec.30

Another drawing xD

Here's my 2nd attempt on the tablet xD

This one looks much messier then the first one o.O Hopefully you guys can recognize who it is^^ I'm gonna cry if you guys don't :( Haha...


The Season of Fate (Five Flavours of Love) Synopsis

Picture: To be found (Will put it up later^^)

Poor LIN SHEUNG CHUN (Kwan Wing Ho, Esther) is sold to KWAN's family as a concubine but her husband passes away accidentally. Losing husband has caused the first wife WONG YEUK LAM (Michelle Yim) erratic behaviour. CHUN has no choice but to take up all family responsibilities including operation of the family's bistro. During the time, MA WING CHING (Kwok Chun On) and LEI SHI MUI (Regen Cheung) are swindling around, their schemes get unveiled by CHUN. However, LAM mistakenly recognizes CHING as her senior apprentice and she runs after him all the time. CHING seizes the chance to swindle money by working at the bistro. After a series of incidents, CHUN and CHING unexpectedly have crush on each other. CHUN feels caught in the middle between CHING and her childhood friend LEUNG GAU MUI (Kok Ching Hung). All of a sudden, LAM's second senior apprentice YAM FEI YEUNG (Ng Wai Kwok) returns home with his foster son YAM SHING TIN (Leung Lit Wai). YEUNG hopes to get LAM's heart back to him but CHUN believes that he has intentions behind it. Coming as a surprise, she discovers the secret of CHING...

Credits: AOD

After reading the synopsis, I'm quite looking forward to this^^ Mostly because of Roger trying to swindle money? xD I like roles like that for some reason, not to bad but not to good either. Just puts more depth into the character o.O Hmmm, wondering what's Ching's secret O.O


I hope every one's Christmas went well xD I myself don't celebrate Christmas though :( but this year I got something xD Haha, it is a tablet!!!!! I was so happy that my parents bought one for me. One of the best gift ever xD

Drawing on the tablet was harder than I thought though but it is worth it because the drawings.......especially the coloring turns out much better!!!! I wanted to show you guys the first pic I drew using the tablet xD It took 2 hrs!!!!! to complete because I wasn't use to the tablet but I was really happy how it turned out xD I just need more practice to do the details.


Please tell me what you guys think by commenting ^^

Btw HAPPY (ALMOST) NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

A Watchdog's Tale Synopsis


A rich woman TSEUNG TIN NGOR (Shiu Mei Ki, Maggie)'s beloved dog CANDY has got behaviour problems since NGOR is being kidnapped. After released, NGOR takes CANDY for various medical treatments but none of them is helpful to cure its illness. Desperate NGOR finally finds LAI TSUN SING (Cheng Jut Si), a retired police canine officer, who has just opened a kennel in the walled village. NGOR asks SING to give CANDY training but it creates discord between both of them. When CANDY's condition is getting better and better, NGOR is pleased and shows deference toward SING. NGOR feels obscured of the kidnapping and she misconceives that the landlord of the kennel, CHOW YUNG KUNG (Ma Steven), is one of the kidnappers. SING gets his trained dog BINGO carrying out an investigation. They finally prove that KUNG is innocent. KUNG appreciates Sing's efforts and he starts joining the course for learning how to be a dog lover. LAI SIN YUE (Chung Linda), SING's veterinarian daughter, is aware of her feeling towards him since then.

Credits: Tvb.com and AOD

Selena's Blog

"My “old man” look in the drama. You think I look funny? Wait until you see 阮兆祥’s look! haha

I will start filming my new drama in January! This will be a comedy, so it will be alot of fun. I will be paired up with 阮兆祥! This is my first time working with him and I am very excited because he is extremely talented and funny. I hope I will be able to learn alot from him.

ps. can someone translate for me again? thanks a million!!!"

Aww how cute is she??!?! I can't help but smile when she asked for the translation xD So adorable!!! Haha.....

A Watchdog's sTale Official Caps


Credits: TVB.com

For More please visit--> http://programme.tvb.com/drama/awatchdogstale/

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today is Christmas eve and I'd like to wish everyone a....
Enjoy your Holidays xD

And here's me present to you guys xD

Dayo and Charmaine from You're Hired
Lols, I'm still on a Dayo & Charmaine addict xD

Haha, this is a comic of Dayo and Charmaine during Christmas time xD Dayo got Charmaine a present but somehow he lost it :P In five minutes, he got another gift for her xD Haha, it is a ring made out of a piece of wire^^

Hope you guys like it. I'm not really that funny..haha..


Random Note :D

***Contains some Spoiler***

, I just put in the music xD The imeem somehow disappeared and I don't know what happened to the website :/ Haha, anyway that's the first thing I wanted to tell you guys^^

Second, please vote on the poll if you hadn't yet xD

3rd, I began watching Beauty of the Game, A Chip of the Old Block, Born Rich and re-watched A Smiling Ghost Story^^

Chip - 8 eps
I thought it started of pretty good^^ but it kinda dropped down for me after a bit. I can't remember when but I began to fast forward some of the parts.

BR - 2 eps
I dunno if I'm gonna continue :/ It is really good so far but I guess I really don't wanna watch all 40eps. Also, I'm more attracted to Beauty right now xD I'm getting bored of family dramas too.

A Smiling Ghost Story - finished
Haha, I remember seeing this series when I was small and loved it xD It's a cute little ghost story. I kinda miss the tvb series on ghosts :/ Haha, I just like ghost stories. My thoughts for it will come up later.

Beauty - 4 eps
Haha, the highlight for me is the storyline and Wong Cho Lam xD I thought he was the perfect person to play as a paparazzi!!! Lols when he fight with Kate xD A post of Beauty coming later too xD

Something all these series have in Common
It sounds kinda weird but I cried during one scene in each series xD Just to make it clear, I am kind of emotional so these parts that I cried in might not be as sad as you guys think^^

Beauty - This is the least I cried in out of the 4 series.
The part where Kingdom "said" she had cancer.

BR - Second least
The part where Nancy ran out of the house after a fight but then figured out it was Ray's B-day.

A Smiling Ghost Story
When the priest tried to capture Maggie but Monica went on her knees to beg him not too (she was pregnant at that time).

Chip - The one I cried most in.
...........Haha, post on that coming up later xD

Selena Back in HK!!!!!

This is what she wrote on her blog xD
"Hi Everyone, I just arrived in Hong Kong!!!!! Im so tired because of the time difference. I woke up at 4am this morning. Hong Kong is soooooo warm compared to Toronto. I just came home from my Salon “hAir” to dye my hair black for my next drama. Tomorrow I will go to TVB for my next drama costume fitting and will start filming soon. I will also be doing a count down show on new year’s eve! If you have no plans yet, come join us!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

THoughts: Omg, Selena is so sweet!!! Haha, I love how she always write on her blog even though she isn't in HK xD I'm wondering what the next drama is. Probably 'Here Comes the Princess though^^ I really want to see her costume xD

*credits: TVB.com

At the Edge of Tears - Leila and Stephen in The Legend of Love

Haha, I pretty sure everybody cried somewhere while watching a series right?? I'm gonna be writing about those 'times.' Stories I think are touching, scenes that made me cry or something along those lines will be put into this category^^ And here's the first post^^

Leila and Stephen in The Legend of Love
First of all, I'll explain who Stephen and Leila play as. Leila is a bird who still need to wait to qualify to go to heaven. Stephen is a money god and he technically lost his heart. At first, Stephen and Leila never got along which caused many fights. After though, they started to develop feelings for each other.

Stephen turning evil
Stephen turned evil because the fox demon tricked him by giving him another heart which did not belong to him. The 'dark' heart caused him to turn into this evil guy who schemed up everything to get his power.

The part where he was sucking the fox demon's power was so sad. Not because of the fox demon though, but actually about Leila. Leila was there and she told him to suck her power instead because he'll turn into a demon if he sucks the fox's. Leila sacrifices so much for him but now because of his stupid heart, he's hurting her!!!

Stephen finally reclaimed his normal personality in the end when.........Leila gave her heart to him!!!! You would hate his character for all the things he'd done but in this scene, I could only feel sorry for him. When I saw the tears starting to build up in Stephen's eye, I couldn't help it but also cry!! This scene is my favorite scene in the entire series!

Outline of the scene
-Stephen reclaimed his normal personality
-He went to see Leila
-Leila DOESN'T remember him at all!!!!!
-He took out the marble ( I think it's a symbol of their relationship or something)
-He asked her if she remembers anything but she said No!!
-He dropped the marble and she slowly picked it up.
-She looks at it and turned to him (you could see the hope in Stephen in the 2nd last pic hoping that she would remember him)
-She gave the marble back to him and said "You dropped it."

The moment she said that, I cried immediately!! Usually I think tvb would make her remember i in these kind of scenes but they didn't in here! You could see how hurt Stephen was and how much he regretted for hurting her! She totally forgot everything about them!

The music behind also effected me too. I think music is one of the key point to make someone cry during a scene^^ It just makes the scene more effective.
Haha, I've used this pic of Bosco and Linda a couple times already but it's just so cute!!!!! I couldn't resist but used it again xD Also the Tavia pic xD She looks beautiful in there and yet again I can't resist to use it again xD


Icons Practice - I really don't like making them cause they are so small and I'm bad at it too. That's why I decided to do these to practice^^ I think I like the Linda one the most^^ I love her pic in there, she just looks so cute xD Haha, most of my banners/icons are just Tavia or Linda :P

Watchdog's Tale pics.

2 trailers from tudou^^

Pics credits to dienanh.net

I was so happy to see the pictures xD I'm just wondering how they got them :/ Haha, anyway, Linda actually looks pretty good in the short hair xD First time seeing her in it. It reminds me of Tavia's hair and Myolie's too^^

The pis with Linda and Steven in the rain looks so cute somehow xD And also the one where he's holding her hand to run!!!! Hehe, I can't wait to see this xD