Calling for Gigi fans!!!!!

Gigi Lai

Are any of you guys fans of Gigi??? If not, it's ok too xD You can also participate!

Blossom from Glamorous Gigi is gonna be doing something this Christmas for Gigi! You can write a note for Gigi and Blossom's going to be sending it to her! I know that Gigi is going to be really happy to see it^^
For for information -->
Glamorous Gigi

I was really happy to see Blossom doing this for Gigi^^ Even though Gigi isn't here (tvb) anymore, she will still know that there will always be her fans here! Haha, I heard that her brother is getting better too. Hope that Gigi is gonna be able to receive the present ;)

The Due Date is 20th of December


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